10 Best AI-Powered Tools for Small Business Owners

9 Best AI-Powered Tools for Small Business Owners | The Enterprise World

Streamlining the workflow of online businesses can be achieved by leveraging AI-fueled online tools. These tools simplify a number of different business-related tasks. Both big companies and small-scale businesses use such tools.

However, in this post, we will be discussing the ones that specifically benefit small business owners. These tools can prove to be extremely efficient in multiple cases. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the list.

Best AI-powered tools For Small Businesses:

In this list, we are going to explain a few hand-picked AI-powered tools that are extremely advantageous in what they do. 

1. Chat GPT

Chat GPT might sound like a familiar term as it is being talked about all over the internet these days. Basically, it is a Chabot that is able to communicate in a way that resembles that of a human conversation. This is not all. You can ask this bot to perform any task that can be fulfilled with the help of text, and it will fulfill it. 

Moving on to its applications for businesses. This AI-powered tools can be used for online content creation and optimization,

  • Brainstorming content ideas
  • Creating product descriptions
  • Generating email template
  • Getting lengthy codes for web development

These are just a few examples. The list of tasks this tool can perform are endless. For example, here is a passage Chat GPT generated as a result of a command that we gave it,


  • Easy setup
  • Accessible for free
  • Accurate solutions
  • Swift Results


The free version has no cost. However, the Plus version is billed monthly.

2. Grammarcheck.ai

Small business owners use many strategies for promoting their business online. One of the most common ones among them includes content marketing. Content marketing is usually done with the help of articles or blog posts. 

9 Best AI-Powered Tools for Small Business Owners | The Enterprise World

Creating such posts can be a strenuous task because things like grammar and other errors are very common. Grammarcheck.ai can be used in this regard. This online tool is able to recognize grammatical issues in a piece of writing and also provides fixing options.

Given below is an example of this, 

This AI-powered tools can save startup businesses a lot of effort. Also, it allows them to worry about the more important aspects of their marketing strategies.

  • Understandable UI
  • Instant reporting
  • Efficient error detection
  • Ample uploading and downloading options

This tool is available to use for free.

3. Jasper

Jasper is an AI-enabled writing assistant that can perform outstanding tasks. It can scan your writing style and then automate writing tasks for you. Similarly, this tool offers a massive number of templates to use for various instances.

For example, if you want to send out professional emails to your regular customers, you can search for such a template and use it. With just a few minimal changes, you will be left with an email exactly according to your needs.

Such task automation AI-powered tools are very beneficial for new businesses as they can’t spend too much on hiring a huge workforce. 97% of businesses feel that automation is important to the future success of their businesses. So, AI-powered tools like Jasper can be a great alternative to manual processes.

  • Human-like responses
  • Original content generation
  • Available in over 25+ languages
  • Idea generator

Here are the details of all the plans that Jasper offers:

4. Imagetotext.io

Imagetotext.io is an online image to text converter that can be used by startup businesses to digitalize their physical documents. All the successful businesses are making efforts to go completely paperless. Some of them have even been successful in this regard. 

9 Best AI-Powered Tools for Small Business Owners | The Enterprise World

New businesses should also opt for such paperless documentation to be more efficient and productive. The process is pretty simple. All they have to do is enter the PDF or image files of their documents into this tool. After that, they will get results in the form of editable and searchable documents.

  • Bulk image uploading options
  • Several file formats supported
  • Short processing time 
  • Mathematical syntax detection
  • Low-resolution images supported

This tool doesn’t come with any pricing and is available for free. 

5. Buffer

Buffer is an audience-gathering tool for small businesses. In other words, it can be said that it is a marketing tool. It is able to analyze your content and your audience. After that, it shows you suggestions about the type of content that resonates well with your audience.

A mind blowing online statistic says that, 68% of small businesses don’t have a structured conversion rate optimization strategy at all. This is a common rookie mistake. You can avoid this by using online AI-powered tools such as Buffer.

With the help of this tool, you can determine whether or not your marketing strategy is effective. In other words, this tool lets you create a flawless marketing plan. However, this plan is not a one-time thing. Instead, it is continuously updated according to the latest trends in the marketing world.

  • Social media support
  • Consistent optimization
  • Content tracking options
  • Accurate statistics

Here is the pricing information of all the plans offered by buffer:

6. Mid Journey 

Mid Journey is an AI-influenced image generator. This definition might make you think that it has no relation to the businesses. However, it is not true. According to an online study, 55% of first impressions of a business are visual. This means that one of the most important factors to consider when creating a brand identity for your business is visuals or images.

9 Best AI-Powered Tools for Small Business Owners | The Enterprise World

Mid Journey is one of the AI-powered tools, that can generate images based on what you tell them. You can tell this tool to,

  • Create a logo for your business
  • Create social media posters
  • Create marketing banners

In this way, this tool allows you to make a consistent visual identity for your business so that it becomes unique and distinctive.

  • Aesthetically pleasing images
  • Process tracking
  • High quality pictures

The tool comes with 4 different plans, including a free one:

7. WellSaid Labs 

WellSaid Labs is a text to speech online converter that uses AI technology to showcase the most accurate results. The applications of this tool in business are in creating interactive content. Interactive content is a type of content that encourages users to not only consume the content but also engage with it. 

This type of content has proved to be a great utility for marketers to improve their website and business performance. 

Other than its use in interactive content, this tool can be utilized to assist your visually impaired customers. There are very low chances that someone with such a disability might be your customer, but if they are, you should be ready to help them.

  • Excellent demo version
  • Human-like voice
  • Fast working
  • Effective for conveying a message

All the pricing details of this tool are given:

8. Stripo

Stripo email is an email template generator. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of gathering an audience for startup businesses. An online source claims that 81% of small businesses rely on emails as their primary source of customer acquisition.

However, it is not an easy task to write compelling emails right from the get go. 

Taking assistance from email templates such as the ones provided by Stripo is an efficient way of saving time and being more productive. 

This tool provides tons of optimization options, such as image addition and other features. Here is a list of all such amazing properties of the tool.

  • Option to export emails to multiple ESPs at once
  • Stunning templates
  • Easy to use for new users
  • Element saving options

all the details regarding the pricing of the Stripo tool are displayed:

9. Browse AI

Browse AI is an intelligent bot that can extract the whole data from a website after just a few minutes of analyzing. The results are shown in the form of spreadsheets. This can give you a good idea of how your website is performing. 

There are also a few pre-built bots that are designed to perform specific tasks. These bots can perform their task without the analyzing process.

No matter the type of bot that you use, the process is pretty straightforward. Moreover, no technical jargon, such as coding and programming, comes in your way. 

  • Simple working 
  • Content segmentation ability
  • Easily automates processes
  • Customized results

Browse.ai is priced as shown:

10. Flick AI Caption Generator

Social media content can bring in lots of engagement and customers to your brand. But the key here is to ensure you post relevant content regularly on your social accounts. Cue in Flick AI Caption Generator

It’s a powerful tool that uses AI to write social media captions in seconds. This way, you only need to prepare the media for your post. The caption will be ready for you to publish. But captions are just the beginning. It also helps you create other social media marketing materials.


  • Can create threads, video scripts, and carousels
  • Brainstorm content ideas for social media
  • Speedy repurposing of content
  • Caption tone control


Free to use with a weekly usage quota. 


Artificial Intelligence technology is being incorporated in all sorts of things. One of the most effective use of this technology is being done in online tools. The business-related AI-powered tools in this regard are exceptional. Especially for businesses that are just starting out. Their price friendliness and task-performing efficiency solve a number of problems that new businesses face.

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