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Ajayya Kumar is a name that resonates across various domains, showcasing his incredible versatility as a multifaceted leader. As a Management Thinker, Art Curator, Author, and speaker, he effortlessly navigates the realms of business, creativity, and intellectual discourse. His TEDx Talk has been one of the most inspiring, with more than 1 million views. 

With his captivating words and unique perspectives, he has emerged as a prominent voice in the world of literature. The Enterprise World is proud to introduce him as one of the Most Influential Authors to Watch Out For – 2023, celebrating his exceptional contributions and undeniable impact on the global stage.

While his prowess as an author shines brightly, it is equally important to recognize his remarkable achievements as a leader, guiding and inspiring individuals to reach their full potential. His leadership prowess extends as the COO of Emircom, an information communication technology company. He leaves an indelible mark on the company’s growth and success. 

Ajayya Kumar has demonstrated unparalleled vision, strategic thinking, and a relentless commitment to excellence. Under his guidance, the company has flourished, embracing innovation and pushing boundaries to stay at the forefront of its industry. His exceptional organizational skills and ability to inspire and motivate teams have resulted in streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and a thriving work culture. 

His hands-on approach and attention to detail have allowed Emircom to navigate challenges effectively while capitalizing on emerging opportunities. With his unwavering dedication and forward-thinking mindset, Ajayya continues to propel Emircom to new heights, solidifying his reputation as a dynamic and influential leader in the business world.

Leadership Outlook

“I believe in the power of art to inspire me as an entrepreneur.”

Importance of Solitude in Entrepreneurship, Mr. Ajayya Kumar’s famous TEDx Talk, he further explores this concept of the correlation between art and entrepreneurship.

He adds, “Art helps one to go in search of themselves. It is a pilgrimage to solitude, an aspect common in both art and entrepreneurship. It is the perception of a person that brings to him uniqueness. Two people may be looking at the same art piece, but how they perceive it can be poles apart. This sense of solitude proves to be fruitful in one’s entrepreneurial journey.”

Ajayya Kumar, embodies a leadership philosophy centered on authenticity, humility, and a perpetual thirst for knowledge. He adds, “I believe in creating an environment where individuals feel empowered to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and grow both personally and professionally.”

Leading by example, he openly acknowledges his own fallibility, inspiring others to do the same. He champions a culture of continuous learning, providing ample opportunities for individual development. 

Moreover, he emphasizes the values of empathy, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration, encouraging diverse perspectives and ideas to shape the organization’s trajectory. Ajayya Kumar’s leadership style epitomizes his commitment to nurturing a vibrant and forward-thinking workplace.

Striking A Balance

Balancing his responsibilities as an Author with his duties as a leader of his organization can be both challenging and rewarding for Ajayya Kumar. Embracing the art of writing enables him to delve into diverse dimensions of creativity and share insightful perspectives with a broader audience. 

To achieve a harmonious equilibrium, he says, “I prioritize my organizational responsibilities and allocate dedicated time for my writing pursuits.” By delegating tasks, empowering his team members, and establishing clear communication channels, he successfully manages to navigate his dual roles as a leader and writer. 

Furthermore, he finds that his experiences as a writer consistently enriches his leadership approach, fostering a symbiotic relationship between his literary endeavours and his ability to inspire and guide others.

From Inspiration to Passion

Ajayya Kumar’s journey as a writer was inspired by a profound fascination for the power of storytelling and the written word. Hailing from the culturally rich region of Kerala and his village, Peruvanam, he was surrounded by a vibrant literary landscape, brimming with tales, writers, and books. 

Being an avid reader, he was captivated by the ability of stories to transport readers to different realms and evoke deep emotions. This immersion in literature ignited a longing within him to create his own narratives and share them with others. 

It was during his teenage years that Ajayya Kumar realized writing was not merely a hobby but a genuine passion he yearned to pursue professionally. However, he acknowledges that the path to fully embracing his passion took time, as all good things often do.

Writing to Make an Impact

Embracing passion one step at a time, Ajayya Kumar’s writing breaks the norms and limits. Along with winning the Guinness World Record’s Lifology campaign, his film ‘Rescue Code’ for children who are a victim of domestic abuse, has won laurels at the prestigious Cannes Lions.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France is the most respected global space for celebrating creative communications. Since its inception in 1954, it is considered the Mecca of the Creative Communication Industry. The initiative ‘Rescue code’ points out the painful ground reality, well documented by official government statistics and points that 1 out of 7 children are victims of domestic abuse by their parents and have nowhere to go and seek help. The creative pursuit inspires the good-hearted parents themselves to address and tackle this problem and create awareness against those who poison the noblest of human relationships.

The collective opinion of the Jury was that being a very sensitive topic, the civil society usually adopts a conspicuous silence. It is a bold & much-needed initiative that Ajayya Kumar’s Sarvamangala and Lifology took to shed light on.

The discussion forum noted that this is one of the first initiatives of such kind to address this seriousness in a secretive way that will protect anonymity and identity of the child”.

As a cultural activist, Ajayya Kumar is associated with a number of organizations that promote Indian art and culture. Since he holds a special affinity for Indian culture and arts, he also serves as the Founder and Chief Curator of Sarvamangala Arts Initiatives. The company has produced more than 10 short films, among which Burning and Dammy have been featured and recognized at many international film festivals, such as Indian Panorama, Madrid International Film Festival 2019, South Asian Film Festival of America 2019, and San Diego International Film Festival. The short film ‘Burning’ has so far been screened at 40 film festivals across the globe. Eventually, the Production House plans to start producing full-length features.

Fusion of Writing and Leadership

Ajayya Kumar has gleaned invaluable leadership lessons from his experience as an author, which he seamlessly integrates into his work within his organization. 

He says, “Writing has taught me the power of effective communication, storytelling, and connecting with others through shared experiences. These skills have translated into my leadership style, where I strive to communicate clearly, inspire others through compelling narratives, and create a sense of shared purpose.”

Furthermore, the act of writing has reinforced his belief in the importance of continuous learning and personal growth, principles that he actively promotes within his organization. Ajayya Kumar recognises the individual talents and perspectives that each team member brings to the table. Hence, he fosters an environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and innovation, harnessing the power of diverse perspectives for collective success.

Approach to Writing

Ajayya Kumar’s writing process embodies a harmonious blend of structured planning and spontaneous creativity, with each book presenting unique challenges and demands. For instance, crafting ‘Business Gita involved distilling extensive reading materials, while ‘Mindful Parenting: The Art of Guiding Children to Success’ and ‘Formula-G: Scale Your Startup to a Growth Machine’ required distinct approaches. 

In the case of ‘Lessons from 21 Films for the 21st Century Entrepreneurs,’ it entailed a multi-media effort that involved immersing himself in a plethora of movies. Typically, his process commences with brainstorming ideas and themes that resonate with him, followed by outlining the plot and developing well-rounded characters. 

“Research assumes a pivotal role, particularly when crafting management books, as it allows for the integration of practical insights and real-world examples.”

Once the groundwork is laid, Ajayya Kumar immerses himself in the writing process, allowing his imagination to flow freely and the story to unfurl. Upon completing the initial draft, he engages in rigorous revisions and edits, refining the narrative for enhanced clarity and coherence.

Synchronizing Themes

The work encompasses specific themes and messages that he actively seeks to convey to his readers. In his management books, he aims to provide practical guidance and insights to entrepreneurs, delving into subjects like leadership, innovation, and organizational strategies. 

Through his fiction works, he delves into themes such as personal growth, cultural heritage, and the intricacies of the human experience. His intention is to impart messages that inspire readers, foster self-reflection, and cultivate empathy towards others.

Interestingly, there is a natural overlap between the themes and messages in Ajayya Kumar’s writing and the values and mission of his organization. Both emphasize the significance of continuous learning, empathy, collaboration, and creating value for others. To integrate these shared themes, he incorporates them into the core values, mission statements, and strategic objectives of the organization. 

Through the power of storytelling and internal communications, he reinforces these shared values and demonstrates their practical applications in the day-to-day work of the organization. He encourages his team members to draw inspiration from his writing, incorporating the lessons learned into their own projects and interactions. He ensures a harmonious integration of the themes and messages from his writing into the fabric of the organization.

Catalyst for Innovation

“Fostering creativity and innovation within my organization is a priority for me.”

Ajayya Kumar firmly believes that an environment conducive to creative thinking thrives on experimentation, open-mindedness, and the freedom to take risks. To nurture creativity, he encourages his team members to step outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom and explore new ideas.

Cross-functional collaboration is also integral to cultivating creativity within the organization. Moreover, he establishes platforms for sharing and celebrating innovative initiatives, creating a sense of recognition and encouragement. 

As for his own writing, Ajayya Kumar sees it as a powerful catalyst for creativity within the organization. By sharing his insights and experiences through his written work, he aims to inspire others to think creatively and embrace innovative problem-solving approaches. 

Through his writing, he instills a sense of curiosity and encourages his team members to explore new possibilities. Ultimately, his writing serves as a valuable resource that ignites the creative spirit and fosters a culture of innovation within the organization.

Triumph Over Challenges

Throughout his writing journey, Mr Ajayya Kumar has encountered a diverse array of challenges, each book presenting its own unique set of obstacles to overcome. He says, “In fact, every book comes with its own set of challenges. Business Gita required me to listen to people, events and problems in a different way. Mindful Parenting made me introspect as a parent and a man. Formula-G gave me an opportunity to look at entrepreneurship from a starter, and Lessons from 21 Films for the 21st Century Entrepreneurs gave me the chance to revisit films from an angle not many have done so far.”

However, one of the common struggles he faces is the daunting writer’s block, where ideas may seem elusive and words fail to flow effortlessly. To conquer this challenge, Ajayya Kumar employs various strategies such as taking breaks, engaging in activities that inspire him, and exploring alternative creative outlets.

Finding the right balance between writing and other responsibilities has also proven to be a challenge for him. To overcome this, he has embraced the principles of time management and discipline, ensuring dedicated time for his writing amidst his other commitments. 

Furthermore, the journey of getting published can be arduous, particularly for new authors. In the face of this challenge, he has sought guidance from mentors, actively participated in writing workshops, and persevered through the submission process, determined to see his works come to fruition. Despite these challenges, his passion for writing enables him to overcome obstacles and share his stories and insights with the world.

Sustaining Motivation

When working on long-term writing projects, such as novels or series,  Ajayya Kumar maintains his motivation and productivity through a variety of strategies. To stay focused and inspired, he sets clear goals for the project and breaks them down into smaller, achievable tasks. By establishing a structured writing routine, he dedicates specific times each day to devote to the project, ensuring consistent progress.

Drawing inspiration from various sources is another key aspect of his motivation. He finds inspiration in the works of other authors, exploring different genres and styles to broaden his creative perspective. By connecting with like-minded individuals, he finds encouragement, feedback, and accountability. 

Real-life experiences also play a significant role in fueling his motivation. He draws upon personal encounters and observations to infuse authenticity and depth into his writing.

Moreover, he believes in the continuous evolution of his writing. For instance, in the case of ‘Business Gita,’ he views it as an ongoing series with multiple volumes. He constantly updates and refines his work, allowing the story to unfold and develop organically. This mindset of embracing the long-term nature of his projects sustains his motivation, as he sees each installment as a stepping stone on an ongoing journey.

Creating an Impact

There have been several remarkable moments in Ajayya Kumar’s writing career. The first profound moment came when he held his published book in his hands, a deeply fulfilling experience that validated his dedication and hard work. However, the true joy for him lies in the positive feedback received from readers who have found value and inspiration in his work.

Participating in literary events has also created cherished memories for Ajayya Kumar. Notably, Sarvamangala Trust , where Ajayya is the managing trustee ,organized the Peruvanam International Village Festival (PIVF), a pioneering literary festival held in his village of Peruvanam, Kerala. This unique event aimed to empower and uplift villagers, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and stories. 

PIVF gathered more than 30 dignitaries from across India and the world, creating an enriching environment for villagers to connect, learn, and grow. Ajayya Kumar firmly believes that each village has a unique story to tell, and through his efforts, he aims to bring those stories to the world stage. By fostering exposure to the outside world and facilitating cultural exchange, PIVF has become a transformative experience for both the villagers and Ajayya himself.

These moments, from the thrill of book publication to the profound impact of literary events like PIVF, have shaped his journey as a writer. They have not only affirmed his commitment to storytelling but have also reinforced his belief in the power of literature to connect people, inspire change, and create opportunities for growth and understanding.

A Stable Guidance 

Ajayya Kumar offers valuable advice to fellow leaders who are pursuing their passions outside of work. He emphasises the importance of finding a harmonious balance between creative pursuits and leadership responsibilities. 

He says, “It starts with effective time management and prioritization. Identify the key areas where your leadership is most needed and allocate time and energy accordingly. Delegate tasks to capable team members and empower them to take on additional responsibilities.”

Furthermore, he encourages leaders to integrate their passions into their leadership roles. They can leverage their creative skills and insights into problem-solving, and communication, and foster innovation within their organization. Sharing experiences and lessons learned from their creative pursuits with team members can inspire them to tap into their own creativity and contribute to the organization’s growth.

He also emphasizes the significance of self-care and personal fulfillment. Pursuing passions outside of work contributes to overall well-being and makes leaders more fulfilled and effective. “It brings fresh perspectives, inspiration, and a sense of purpose to their leadership journey. By embracing the synergy between their passions and leadership role, leaders can experience the mutual benefits and allow them to fuel and complement each other,” he adds.

Word of The Wise

To aspiring writers, I would offer the following advice: Read extensively across various genres to expand your knowledge and writing skills. Write consistently, even if it’s just a few minutes each day. Regular practice is crucial for honing your craft.

Embrace the revision process. Writing is rewriting, and editing is an integral part of creating polished work. Seek feedback from trusted peers, writing groups, or beta readers. Constructive criticism can help you improve and see your work from different perspectives. Develop resilience and perseverance. Rejections are part of the writing journey, but don’t let them discourage you. 

Keep submitting your work and believe in your talent. Stay open to learning and growing. Attend writing workshops, and conferences, or join writing communities to connect with fellow writers and learn from their experiences. Trust your voice and authenticity. 

Write stories that resonate with you and stay true to your unique perspective. Finally, remember that writing is a journey, and success comes with time and dedication. Enjoy the process, embrace the challenges, and never stop pursuing your passion for storytelling. 

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