Samer Gharaibeh: Pioneering the Path as a Visionary Logistics Leader

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In today’s business landscape, visionary business leaders play a crucial role in driving innovation, spearheading growth, and creating a positive impact. These leaders can anticipate market trends, envision new possibilities, and inspire their teams to achieve extraordinary results. Their forward-thinking mindset and strategic approach enable them to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and shape the future of their industries. One such visionary business leader to watch is Samer Gharaibeh, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Mylerz. With his extensive experience in the logistics and transportation industry, academic achievements, and notable contributions to the success of Mylerz, Samer has emerged as a prominent figure in the field. 

Professional Experience 

Samer Gharaibeh is a seasoned professional with an impressive background in the logistics and transportation industry. He has led the company to notable success. Samer’s experience includes serving as Aramex’s former Chief Executive Officer in Africa, expanding operations, and contributing to the company’s global management team. His extensive industry knowledge, academic achievements, and executive development position him as a leading figure in the logistics sector. Additionally, Samer is actively involved in community and NGO work, holding significant board memberships and advisory roles.

Responsibilities as an Entrepreneur

Samer Gharaibeh exemplifies the essence of entrepreneurship. Following are some of his key responsibilities and unique approach.

  • Calculated Risk-Taking: He takes calculated risks, weighing potential rewards against pitfalls. This mindset drives innovation and propels his venture forward.
  • Active Listening: Samer Gharaibeh attentively listens to his team, market demands, and customer feedback. This allows him to adapt his strategies to meet evolving needs effectively.
  • Effective Cash Flow Management: He carefully manages runway and cash flow, optimizing resources for sustainable growth and adeptly navigating financial challenges.
  • Capacity Management: Samer balances resources with demand, avoiding overextension and maintaining operational efficiency.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: His astute decision-making skills guide him in identifying strategic opportunities while avoiding unnecessary diversions.
  • Social Responsibility: Samer Gharaibeh contributes to his community, fostering entrepreneurship among employees and positively impacting society.
  • Environmental Consciousness: He promotes ecological sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices within Mylerz.

Revolutionizing Last Mile Technology

Mylerz is a groundbreaking last-mile technology company transforming the logistics world in Egypt. With its state-of-the-art platform, dedicated Fleet and Fulfillment Centers, and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, Mylerz is redefining the delivery experience. The company aims to bring the offline shopping experience to customers’ doorsteps, offering narrow delivery windows and unparalleled service. 

What sets Mylerz apart is its exceptional delivery success rates, consistently outperforming the industry average. While others struggle to achieve an 80% success rate, Mylerz achieves rates ranging from 91% to 99%. Additionally, Mylerz provides an impressive range of services, including next-day delivery, guaranteed same-day delivery within 2 to 8 hours, Try and Buy, Return and Exchange, and Immediate Cash Refund services. Multiple payment methods, such as cash on delivery, credit card on delivery, and mobile wallets on delivery to ensure a seamless and convenient transaction process.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Mylerz refuses to conform and strives to create and deliver exceptional experiences. The company aims to improve the country’s delivery service and stimulate the market by challenging the status quo. Mylerz establishes fulfillment centers strategically located across Cairo, allowing for efficient storage and quick delivery of highly demanded eCommerce products. 

Mylerz brings together partners with diverse expertise and credibility, united in their mission to revolutionize an industry with significant room for improvement and development. The company cultivates a community beyond its employees, encompassing consumers and businesses. With a relentless commitment to exceptional service, Mylerz is reshaping the parcel delivery landscape and creating a thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Reshaping the Landscape

Mylerz experienced rapid growth by addressing a critical market challenge. Traditional courier services lacked the expertise and technology to effectively handle the last mile of deliveries, resulting in delayed shipments, poor customer experiences, and organizational difficulties for online merchants. Additionally, consumers faced limited visibility and encountered issues with delivery agents. Recognizing these pain points, Mylerz emerged as a game-changer, providing innovative solutions and optimizing delivery. 

Inspiration & Challenges 

The rising demand for specialized e-commerce logistics services in Africa inspired Samer Gharaibeh to start the company. Recognizing the growth of online shopping and customers’ high expectations, he saw an opportunity to provide seamless, tech-enabled last-mile delivery experiences. The biggest challenge in leading Mylerz to its current position has been overcoming scaling and growth obstacles. Managing increased demand, optimizing logistical processes, and adapting to market dynamics required strategic planning and resource management. Samer’s leadership was tested in ensuring Mylerz remained agile, customer-centric, and capable of delivering on promises in a rapidly evolving industry.

Comprehensive Services

Mylerz provides a comprehensive range of products and services:

Delivery Services:

  • Last Mile Delivery: The company offers reliable and efficient delivery services, ensuring that parcels are promptly transported from the seller to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Same-Day Delivery: It delivers parcels within a few hours, providing swift and convenient service for urgent orders.
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment: The company provides comprehensive warehousing and fulfillment services, allowing businesses to store their products and deliver them swiftly and cost-effectively when orders are received.
  • Instant Cash Refund: It offers an instant cash refund service, ensuring prompt and convenient returns for customers who prefer a refund in cash.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: It accepts various payment methods, including cash on delivery, wallet on delivery, and credit card on delivery, providing customers with convenient options to complete their purchases.

Convenient Pickup Options:

  • Door to Counter: Customers can send their parcels to the nearest Mylerz hub for convenient pickup by the intended recipient, offering a cost-effective and convenient solution.
  • Counter to Counter: The company provides a budget-friendly service where e-commerce businesses can drop off parcels at the nearest Mylerz hub, allowing customers to collect their packages conveniently.
  • Counter to Door: It offers reliable delivery services from the hub to the desired address, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery experience.

Key Features:

  • Fast Delivery Service: Mylerz prides itself on its quick delivery, offering parcel delivery within 2-6 hours. This service is not only faster than competitors but also more cost-effective.
  • Control: Customers have complete control over the delivery process, allowing them to choose the delivery time and location. They can also easily communicate with Mylerz to make necessary changes or track their parcels.
  • Try & Buy: The company caters to last-minute buyers by offering complimentary products along with their orders, ensuring convenience and a satisfying shopping experience.
  • Fulfillment Centers: It maintains well-stocked fulfillment centers to efficiently handle essential and high-demand products, ensuring fast and cost-effective delivery.
  • Elite Service: It offers a premium niche service for customers seeking a luxurious experience. This higher-cost option is designed for premium parcels and significant gift sending, providing an exclusive and exceptional level of service.

Values Driving Long-standing Success

Mylerz’s long-standing success is attributed to core values guiding every endeavor.

  • Passion: At the heart of Mylerz is a deep passion for technology and delivering a service that approaches perfection. The company’s relentless pursuit of excellence drives continuous development and innovation, ensuring it stays at the forefront of the industry.
  • Consumer-Centric: Mylerz recognizes that its consumers are the foundation of its success and treats them as valued members of the Mylerz community. The company’s unwavering dedication to providing the most convenient and reliable service demonstrates its commitment to meeting consumer needs.
  • Community: Mylerz embraces its responsibility to give back and support the community. By actively engaging in youth empowerment initiatives and maintaining social responsibility, the company utilizes its resources to impact the communities it serves positively.
  • Empowerment: As a flat organization, Mylerz fosters a culture of empowerment, enabling employees to grow and excel. By creating a positive work environment and supporting the development of its teams, Mylerz harnesses the collective strength of its employees to drive success.

Proactive Approach

Mylerz adopts a proactive approach to handling customer inquiries and concerns throughout the logistics. The company assigns dedicated contact persons responsible for addressing customer inquiries, identifying and resolving concerns to prevent future occurrences, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, Mylerz provides real-time tracking capabilities, allowing customers to stay informed about the status and location of their shipments, reducing anxiety, and providing transparency. 

The company’s commitment to timely responsiveness assures customers of high-quality customer service. Furthermore, Mylerz continuously strives to improve its logistics process by actively seeking customer feedback, analyzing experiences, and refining its operations to enhance the overall customer experience.

Keeping the Word

By leveraging its proprietary state-of-the-art technology supported by AI and chatbots, Mylerz achieves high efficiency and accuracy in its delivery service. This technology enables fast and accurate deliveries and enhances the overall customer experience by providing engaging and personalized interactions throughout delivery.

One key aspect of Mylerz’s operating model is its decentralized approach, which involves having 41 strategically located hubs across North Africa. This decentralized setup significantly reduces the risk of failure as any potential issues are limited to the capacity of individual hubs rather than affecting the entire operation. Furthermore, this model allows Mylerz to easily scale its operations to meet increasing demands, with each hub currently handling over 500 daily shipments and the capacity to grow up to five times with minimal investment. The flexibility to add more hubs based on demand ensures efficient and scalable operations.

Mylerz hubs’ proximity to the recipients is crucial in ensuring timely deliveries. With an average delivery radius of 5km per package, Mylerz can commute efficiently using low-cost and limited-capacity equipment like motorbikes. This setup enables same-day delivery and reduces the risk of potential damages during transit. Additionally, the proximity of hubs to recipients facilitates rescheduling, reduces handling, and enhances overall convenience for e-commerce retailers, particularly those with multiple pickups, through the intra-zone same-day delivery setup.

Transforming Customer Experience

Mylerz leverages innovative technology to provide its customers with a seamless and personalized experience. By utilizing advanced technology, Mylerz gathers insights on each package, ensuring that customers feel valued and receive the highest level of service that meets and exceeds their expectations. Automated customer service tools, such as live chat and chatbots, enable customers to obtain instant responses to their queries, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

The AI-supported technology employed by Mylerz plays a crucial role in monitoring deliveries in real-time and predicting potential delays caused by factors like traffic or other issues. This proactive approach allows Mylerz to promptly address any challenges and provide customers with a seamless experience. Furthermore, Mylerz offers multiple payment solutions, enabling faster and more convenient delivery experiences for customers.

Mylerz has digitized its operations, providing APIs to connect with customers and merchants’ dashboards to monitor delivery performance. Combining intelligence with data analytics allows Mylerz to effectively capture location information, resulting in a higher success rate and reduced delivery times.

In pursuit of bringing the offline shopping experience to customers’ doorsteps, Mylerz takes proactive steps to stay close to its customers and continually develops its technology and processes. As a market and customer-driven company, Mylerz focuses on understanding and meeting the evolving needs of its customers. 

Key Achievements

Samer Gharaibeh has achieved notable milestones in his entrepreneurial journey. Leaving behind a successful corporate career of 22 years, he took the bold step of starting a workforce from scratch, showcasing his willingness to take risks and embrace new challenges. His active involvement in communities and NGO work in Egypt and African countries highlights his dedication to making a positive impact beyond business.

One of Samer’s key achievements is the establishment of Mylerz as a green last-mile courier company. From day one, he prioritized sustainability by using biodegradable bags and packaging materials and operating a fleet of vehicles powered by Compressed Natural Gas.

Employee Centric

Mylerz places utmost importance on its employees, recognizing them as the company’s greatest asset. Under the leadership of Samer Gharaibeh, Mylerz ensures a healthy work environment, fosters a performance-based culture, and offers continuous training and development opportunities. The team is empowered and trusted, and the company maintains a team-based organizational structure with an open-door policy, encouraging knowledge sharing and alignment. This employee-centric approach sets Mylerz apart, creating a unique team dynamic that effectively contributes to its ability to provide exceptional services that address market needs.

Identifying and Developing Talent 

Samer Gharaibeh adopts a leadership style focused on working with individuals as businessmen and businesswomen rather than employees, emphasizing leadership over management. He believes in allowing the team the freedom to pursue their work and trusts them to accomplish tasks aligned with company objectives. Samer values creativity and innovation and avoids imposing rigid policies or procedures that may limit them. Instead, he empowers and trusts his team to complete their work while he focuses on running the business.

In terms of talent development, Samer Gharaibeh fosters an environment that encourages personal growth and provides opportunities for learning and career development. He promotes quick decision-making and acknowledges the importance of making mistakes in learning. The company culture at Mylerz reflects this approach, with an open-door policy and a flat organizational structure that fosters a team-based environment. The direct layers between Samer and the delivery staff are kept to a minimum, promoting efficient communication and collaboration.

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Samer Gharaibeh advises budding entrepreneurs to take risks, step out of their comfort zones, and manage cash flow wisely. He encourages them to embrace failure as a learning experience and remain resilient. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of realistic optimism and the ability to bounce back from setbacks.

“Mylerz aims to improve the country’s delivery service and stimulate the market by challenging the status quo.”

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