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Healthy, healthier, healthiest, some of the things we strive to achieve every day of our lives. The medical field has seen a lot of transformation over the decade. With technology meddling in the traditional medical services, it has for sure become even more efficient. Some of the common disorders that have troubled people are cancer and diabetes.

Diabetes is quite personal. What is important is to monitor the blood glucose levels in diabetes, and before that, knowing it. Founded by Marc. E Rippen, Alertgy is a startup medical device company that has developed ground-breaking technology to non-invasively detect glucose within the body. Founded in 2016 by Marc Rippen, Alertgy uses dielectric methods to give real-time glucose measurements for people with diabetes or those who are pre-diabetic and monitoring their blood sugar.

The Company –

Alertgy has recently been founded by a small team of innovators that have collaborated on challenging technical programs over the years, specifically to address the highly desired ability to measure blood sugar levels with an external wearable sensor device. The team has demonstrated taking technical laboratory concepts to proof of principle demonstrations, and scaling to global commercialization in several industries.

They have also undertaken and completed an exhaustive review of the literature from the perspective of biology, analytical chemistry, physics, and engineering, and have determined that it is possible to develop a non-intrusive blood sugar alert system, using existing technologies and manufacturing methods.

To achieve an accurate measurement of blood sugar in a non-intrusive mode we must realize the complexity of the problem from an analytical perspective.

Innovating in the medical services vertical is not as easy as it seems, because people generally tend to trust the traditional services more than anything else. Throughout the initial three years of development, there have been a few challenges Altergy has faced and had to overcome. Initially, they had to determine the correct placement of their device to maximize the accuracy and reliability over a long-term period.

After this was established, they have focused on sensor development to get the highest quality data and stability within the device. This is an ever-evolving process inside their research and development team, and Alertgy will continue to tweak their device so they can deliver the highest quality product to customers when they begin manufacturing.

Products and Services –

Alertgy addresses the real issues that diabetic patients face daily.

The number one reason given by patients for not monitoring their blood glucose level is the finger stick. The Alertgy Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (NICGM) addresses this major barrier. But it does much more; for patients the Alertgy NICGM is:

  • Lancet free and pain free
  • Patients will no longer have to draw any blood to measure your blood sugar.
  • Convenient and discreet.
  • Patients will no longer need to carry lancets, alcohol wipes, strips and a glucometer.
  • Patients can get a blood sugar reading, on demand, through their smart phone.
  • No one has to know if the patient is diabetic when they are checking their blood sugar.
  • No mess! No blood and used supplies to dispose of.
  • Cost-effective
  • No supplies and strips to pay for, just the device.
  • Enabling health
  • Allows patients to track how they are doing with their blood sugar.
  • The patient will be better able to understand their patterns and use that information to better control their blood sugar.
  • Patients can share this data with their healthcare provider.
  • Safe and giving loved ones a peace of mind
  • Alerts the patient, their loved one, or potentially their healthcare provider if their blood sugar drops too low or goes too high.

The Alertgy NICGM is a device that measures blood sugar without the need of drawing blood like the traditional glucose measuring devices. Through their revolutionary technology, they have developed a platform and sensor that is unlike anything currently available on the consumer market. Most all devices today rely on physical blood measurements collected through direct blood measurements requiring needles and other painful processes. The Alertgy NICGM gets rid of these arduous methods and gives people the ability to accurately measure their blood glucose in real-time.

The Alertgy NICGM is a band that you wear around your wrist that works with an app on your smartphone to measure your blood sugar.

Through the Alertgy NICGM, you will be able to get a blood sugar reading on-demand, see how your blood sugar levels change over time and allow you to set alerts to notify you, loved ones, or others if your blood sugar level goes too low or too high.

The band will be waterproof, hypo-allergenic, and is worn 24 hours a day.

Diabetes is one of the top health issues facing the world today. 422 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide (8.5% of the world population) of which an estimated 29 million are in the US. Of the three types of diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, and gestational), Type 2 accounts for over 90% of the total cases of diabetes. The increased prevalence of diabetes and obesity (a risk factor for Type 2 diabetes) has increased dramatically from 1994 to 2014 and is expected to grow. There are 86 million Americans with pre-diabetes (1/3rd of the population) of which 15% to 30% will develop type 2 diabetes in five years.

Alertgy provides a way to enable better blood glucose management.

Rather than limiting their technology to one sector of the healthcare industry, diabetes monitoring, Altergy aims to see the possibility of rapidly expanding into multiple regions of this space, with possible applications throughout a plethora of preventative and diagnostic healthcare. Not only is their sensor capable of accurately detecting glucose molecules in the blood but is also able to detect other types of molecules, giving us the possibility to detect and inform users of other diseases and conditions within the body.

Marc. E Rippen – Transforming Health through Innovation

Marc is the former Director of Engineering of the Marine and Space Division of SRI International St. Petersburg, as well as a prominent program manager and a top gun in business development for multiple fortune 500 companies, and defense contractors supporting DOD organizations such as DARPA and SOCOM for advanced Applied Research and Development Projects.

After graduating with multiple degrees with course work in wide-ranging disciplines such as Microbiological Science, Biophysics, Aeronautics, and Management of Engineering and Technology, he has spent his career providing technology-based solutions to solve difficult problems for his customers. He is also an adjunct Professor of Engineering Management at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he enjoys teaching young engineers how to manage applied research and development programs. 

Some of the key achievements during this journey building Alertgy have been watching the team grow as well as seeing the hard work pay off in the achievements of company goals. As they have grown as a company, almost all of the team members have stayed with Alertgy. During this process, it has been great to watch different team members develop and harness new skills, grow as leaders, and expand their professional abilities. All of these things will make a profound positive impact on their future lives, and the company is proud to be able to provide these things within the company.

“Throughout the journey, there have been multiple obstacles trying to block our path and limit our opportunities, and seeing these overcome is always a great achievement for our team.”

He likes to call his team the A-Team because they are a dedicated group who work together and always have each other’s backs. Though they are all a small group, the passion and desire every one of them possesses has made them capable of generating success that even a team much larger couldn’t accomplish.

Being the CEO, Marc is constantly on the road building relationships and getting our name out, which means he cannot be a 24/7 presence at the lab in Melbourne. “For this reason,”, Marc says, “it is all the more important that I have a strong team who can accomplish our goals through a fundamental and strong communication network we have fostered throughout the entire company”

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