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Amantya Technologies: Software Development Anuradha Gupta

Amongst companies known for their competence in next-gen wireless technologies like 5G is Amantya Technologies, Inc.  In addition, the product engineering and systems integration company has an established presence in AI ML, IoT, cloud, MEC, custom software development, software testing, and data annotation & labeling domains. 

The Enterprise World caught up with Anuradha Gupta, the CEO and force behind Amantya Technologies rapid rise in such a short span since its inception in 2018. Here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with Anuradha where she talks about Amantya Technologies, its driving force, core competencies, and future plans.

1. Tell us about Amantya Technologies. What was the defining factor that inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Amantya Technologies, Inc. is a product engineering and systems integration company with sales and engineering centers in the USA and India. Wireless (4G/5G), IoT, AI ML, Cloud, MEC, V2X, and Robotics form our core areas of expertise, and we provide a complete suite of solutions in these domains. As a product engineering company, Amantya Technologies has proven mettle in development and integration across hardware, firmware, and embedded applications, ably partnered by ODM/SOC vendors to support any device manufacturing requirements.

Amantya Technologies specialized 5G based solutions and services portfolio span RAN, Core, Management & Orchestration to simplify functions across hybrid and multivendor environments. We leverage our unique in-house Accelerators (software modules that can be integrated into customer solutions), coupled with partner solutions, an agile delivery process, and deep domain expertise to address client-specific needs efficiently and effectively, with a commitment to quality and a reduced time-to-market.

Amantya Technologies was born so that I could work the job of my dreams, and it has led me to build a team whose passion resonates with mine. Exploring new technologies and doing work that changes the world is something that drives me daily. With many years of corporate experience in global MNCs, I have garnered practical skills to do disparate work, integrate with different types of teams, and manage relationships with customers across the globe.

During my corporate tenure, irrespective of whom I worked for, I always felt empowered when I solved the problems and implemented new ideas. However, with time, investing all that energy to fulfill someone else’s dreams felt like pouring it into a void. I had enough confidence to break out on my own, and the timing was right. So, I decided to channelize my energy to fuel my own goals and dreams. In 2018, I laid the foundation of my think tank, focused on niche technologies and cutting-edge solutions development – Amantya Technologies, Inc.

2. What has been your biggest challenge and learning from growing the company?

Driving change is not easy and takes consistent efforts to build trust with employees, partners, and customers. Added to that, it’s an entirely different and complex ballgame if you are a new kid on the block. As a start-up, you have to adapt hard and fast. Many things have to be done from scratch – setting up teams, scouting for opportunities and new projects, sharing new ideas, building credibility. Depending on how you look at it, some may think these are challenges. I saw them as opportunities to turn my vision and capabilities into reality and create an entity that stays relevant and distinct in this competitive world.

My biggest takeaway and learning while growing Amantya Technologies would be to keep moving up the value chain and not become complacent and stagnate. Continue to evolve with the changing market conditions. One must leverage the benefits of open innovation, as these will help organizations keep pace with change and stay on top of their game. Covid-19 would be the perfect case in point that reiterates that the business models that worked earlier may not work anymore, and the need to periodically review, adapt, reconfigure, and build contingency plans.

3. Tell us about Amantya Technologies flagship products and solutions. 

One of our latest flagship solutions is Amantya Technologies 5G Network-in-a-box, a plug & play solution, Amantya Technologies Network-in-a-box comes in a portable box built using Intel chip solutions, with the 3GPP standards-compliant 5G Core, and Radio Access Network. A robust solution, our network-in-a-box has an intuitive GUI-based interface and can support multiple bands using software-defined radio. Its standards interface enables easy integration with commercial UEs. Positioned for testing & simulation use cases, it is also ideal for deployment in small private networks as the out-of-box solution ensures all data stays on-premise, keeping it secure.

Apart from this, Amantya Technologies 5G SA core is one of our key solutions.

Standards compliant, it helps create highly scalable networks that can run on any cloud environment – public, private, or hybrid. Containerized, virtualized, and optimized for plug-n-play installation, our 5G Core is ideal for private 5G deployments and can also be enabled for ‘pay-as-you-go’ use.

Together with Amantya Technologies 5G SA Core, we address end-to-end requirements in the RAN and MANO domains as well. Our 5G portfolio helps develop customized standards-based RAN solutions. We also offer ORAN-based solutions for E2E cross-domain integration and accelerating O-RAN deployment and create a live test environment where our customers can validate and integrate 5G network solutions while also enabling interoperability across vendors. Our solutions also enable use cases on 5G MEC infrastructure, including AR/VR, V2X, robotics, CDN, etc.

On the IoT front, we have a proven presence in both industrial and consumer IoT segments, and irrespective of the industry, we provide complete Product Lifecycle Management – from ideation, road map, to development and launch, and help build a secure and dynamic IoT ecosystem for our clients. Versatile and technically compliant across domains and technologies, our solutions are customizable to business need(s) and business models. Also, our ready-to-deploy ‘IoT Accelerators’ are powered by technologies like 4G, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, BLE and reduce time-to-market while improving cost and process efficiencies.

4. How does the company plan on making a difference in the increasingly complex and evolving digital landscape?

Change is the only constant. Every day we go the extra mile to achieve excellence through next-gen technologies, collaborations, and teamwork to maximize the business success of Amantya Technologies customers. We continually innovate to deliver best-in-class services and solutions that are scalable and aligned with the company’s vision. Our customers’ growth is our mission, and we stand distinct not only for the solutions and services we offer but also for the breadth of engagement with the customer. We are not merely in it to sell and move on. We are invested throughout the product’s lifecycle and see the project to the very end by deploying the solution and giving after support.

Amantya Technologies is also focusing on building and strengthening its robust partner ecosystem. It will enable us to seamlessly and successfully integrate customized solutions for our clients, building a relationship of trust and shared value. Amantya Technologies don’t shy away from investing in emerging technologies. They might not work every time, but that doesn’t deter us from Amantya Technologies vision of contributing to the advancement of the technological landscape.

Amantians will continue to push the needle on technological advancements, practicing, imbibing, and honing them at a faster rate to meet client expectations, and enhance customer ROI.

5. The global epidemic has highlighted the need for modern technology, how a business ignoring the adoption of 5G, IoT, AI ML Cloud, etc., might be holding back its growth. Your views.

Technology was never a barrier, but the human psyche was. We either plan the change, or it’s thrust upon us. Covid-19 has been that game-changer across industries, countries, and economies. In the current era, organizations have witnessed more digital transformation than ever before. Business strategies are being reimagined, realigned, and rewritten as new technologies emerge and customer expectations evolve, as a domino effect of the pandemic. To thrive and not simply survive, all businesses must focus on becoming more tech-savvy and explore new ways to provide innovative, relevant, and hybrid solutions.

The future is digital, and I firmly believe that enterprises must use this disruption as an opportunity to adapt and transform with technology. With unprecedented capabilities and opportunities being unlocked by technology, the question no longer is whether we should embrace next-gen technologies like 5G, IoT, AI/ML, Cloud, etc. The more relevant question here is, can we afford not to?

6. The future lies in the hands of wireless technology. How do you envision the development of 5G? Will it hugely transform our lives? Any vital innovation being rolled out by Amantya Technologies to foster the growth of 5G?

5G isn’t just the next generation of mobile communications. It’s a complete ecosystem that is evolving holistically, transforming all industry verticals. In my view, forging new alliances and collaborating to build and scale technological competencies is the way forward to stay relevant in this disruptive and fast-evolving landscape.

A few trends that symbolize 5G are:

• Open and digitized networks will break vendor lock-in and promote interoperability

• Disaggregation will offer higher flexibility by enabling operators to build networks on-the- go-like model by aligning with multiple vendors instead of relying on one big vendor for end-to-end solutions

• An increasing focus on virtualization to run network components as software components on generic hardware

• Future RAN will be more cognitive and intelligent, allowing for greater responsiveness and higher capacity

Amantya Technologies has a slew of differentiated hardware and software solutions for 5G. Indigenously developed, they are market-ready or in various stages of build-out. I already spoke about the key offerings of our 5G portfolio and how it adds value to our customers. We are also enhancing and deploying some of our existing solutions for different verticals and use cases.

Core as a Service – We have enabled our 5G Core on the public cloud to offer SaaS-based Core to our customers. This will allow the usage of the Core for pay-as-you-go use cases. It will be best suited for customers that want to use it for simulation test cases to determine the interoperability of their network products and have sporadic and non-voluminous usage patterns.

iCell – our portfolio of accelerators, ably supported by our professional services in integration, stack porting, and testing, help build end-to-end RAN solutions for customers in the enterprise segment, primarily for private network deployments. These, coupled with our core network, place us uniquely to offer building blocks for enterprise private network deployments.

7. What is it like being a woman leader in a tech company? Your thoughts as global companies move towards gender equality.

Being a woman leader in a tech company in some ways is no different from being one in any other domain. I did not deliberate my career path to reach the position of CEO. It was never about becoming a manager, chief, or boss. Rather, it was about building knowledge and capability, which I have gained and also shared. Having spent more than two decades in technology, innovation, and engineered solutions, I have created a credible brand with sheer passion and determination.

Women in tech are making a lot of news and disrupting many age-old role models. They are coming together boldly to shape the future, bringing positive changes not only in their lives but also in their communities, societies, and the world as well. Being a part of this energetic, progressive, and driven tribe has seen me strategically coach myself, also groom and guide capabilities within the company. Be agile, creative, and take calculated risks. Also, make sure we ride innovation to serve customers and put Amantya Technologies on the map as a trusted and distinct player for the services and solutions we offer.

As organizations are striving to become global, digital, and transparent, they cannot overlook diversity, inclusion, and gender equality as these help them become more efficient, innovative, and productive. We (organizations and women leaders) must create an environment that encourages and fosters progressive conversations on gender equality and the importance of cultivating diversity within an organization to drive growth. It is not only a goal but a business imperative.

Encouraging gender equality is vital for any country’s economic growth as it has a direct impact on job creation, improving per capita income, and drive better outcomes at the community level. Women in leading positions give hope and set a momentum for others to follow.

8. How are you shaping the workplace and company culture at Amantya Technologies?

We are one team. When it comes to Amantya Technologies most valued asset, it is Amantians and our valued customers. Amantya features a strong culture of innovation, collaboration, and a sense of ownership. Employee talent and efficiency determine the pace and growth of an organization. To enable that, we foster an environment of constant stimulation, encouraging and providing our team with opportunities to build and hone their capabilities. We promote cultural diversity, gender equality, employee safety, and also have policies like flexible working hours and rewarding top performers as part of HR initiatives.

We have recently rolled out Amantya Technologies yearly ESOP, an inclusive option plan to ensure that selected employees at all levels are recognized for their contributions and made active stakeholders in the growth and success of the company. I am proud of the team we have built and confident, that irrespective of any challenges, they will perform brilliantly and always rise to the occasion.

9· What are the key achievements of your business journey?

Certainly, the biggest achievements so far are our highly able and committed team, rapidly growing clientele, and the support of a strong industry-leading partner ecosystem. To add to that, among the key achievements during my entrepreneurial journey so far would be:

• Co-founded and headed 3+ startups

• In a short span of three years, starting from scratch Amantya Technolgies, Inc. has demonstrated 100% year-on-year revenue growth and reached an employee strength of 400+. We target to reach 500+ headcount by the end of the current financial year.

• Creating employment opportunities in technology and telecom space

• Strong focus on diversity and inclusion in company workforce at all levels

• Focus on developing niche technologies-based solutions is our differentiator and USP

• Among the front-runners in boutique companies to bring 5G and cloud-based solutions to India

• Amantya Technologies 5G accelerators, around Core Network, Network-in-a-box, and other Radio Access Network Solutions, are ideal for future private 5G deployments enabling both on-prem and SaaS-based offerings

• Empaneled vendors with Fortune 500 companies delivering projects and solutions for our esteemed customers. Work extensively with Number 1 Telecom Operator in the USA in 5G wireless domain

• Building an inclusive and transparent company culture that fuels employees and company growth

• Staying a keen learner through every stage of growing Amantya Technologies

Last, but not least, a huge achievement is also that together with my team, we managed to steer our way through the storm of Covid-19. We managed to stay safe and also reach the financial targets that we had set for ourselves even before the pandemic hit the world. Not only that, but we also grew and expanded during this time, taking advantage of opportunities that came our way.

“I am also proud of the fact that we have increased our presence in three cities in India (Gurugram, Bangalore, Nagpur) in a very short span. We have also shifted to a state-of-the-art 500+ seater office in Gurugram that also houses next-gen 5G and IoT labs.” 

10· What is Amantya Technologies roadmap for future success?

Organizations that have successfully chartered through the most challenging times and continually evolved to stand distinct from the competition have one thing in common – ‘Innovation.’ As we look ahead, Amantya Technologiesroadmap for future success would include the following:

• Position ourselves as game-changers in the 5G and wireless space

• Add more industries to our success stories

• In the recent past, we have partnered with some of the leading names in the technology domain, and are exploring more as we speak. These affiliations speak volumes of Amantya Technologies readiness for the technologies of tomorrow.

• We clearly understand that IP-based solutions deliver tremendous value to the customers. To add to our existing portfolio, we will continue investing in R&D to develop more IPs in Digital, 5G, and Wireless Communication domains

• For geo expansion, we already have a demonstrated presence in India and the USA. We plan to capitalize on that and explore newer vistas in our journey to become a leading solutions provider in countries across the globe.

• From a revenue standpoint, we plan to keep up with our 100% year-on-year growth so far and scale it further

With an eye on the future, we are ready to ride the next wave of transformation by embracing new technologies and enhancing the value proposition for the customer business. The future sure looks exciting!

11· Any advice for budding women entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is no mean feat. It takes a lot of courage, sacrifice, passion, and skill to build a business from the ground up. Therefore, first and foremost, anyone, man or woman, who takes this plunge should be proud of their accomplishments.

Most importantly, always keep an eye on the big picture. Be confident of your ability and quick to learn from others, respecting and learning from differences in opinions. Success cannot be achieved overnight. So, stay Passionate, Patient, and Perseverant. Have faith in your journey, and never forget to celebrate the small wins and learn from failures and challenges. March onwards with conviction and stick to your values. Build a team and support system that echoes your passion and commitment, and there will be no looking back.

Quote: “Build a team and support system that echoes your passion and commitment, and there will be no looking back.” – Anuradha Gupta

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