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Jump to Health- Changing Lives Audrey Sommerfeld

The challenge of good health has been by far the toughest challenges in the world. With many people suffering from obesity to a lack of nutrition in their diets has made health one of the most necessary aspects. Healthy eating and a diet has always been a tough choice for people around, mostly because it came with its myths. 

A healthy diet has a direct impact on your productivity and energy levels throughout the day. So why not begin today? Right now?

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s this issue of Most Trusted Nutritional Supplement Providers in 2022 is Jump to Health, asking people the same questions. 

The Company- A Healthy Start

Jump To Health™ is a company that is on a mission to help health challenges with good nutrition with our innovative New You In 22 program. On this program the company has helped people in 22 day increments to gain control over their health. In the first 22 days they help detox from sugars and chemicals hidden in foods – yet without hunger or cravings. Then as you move into Phase 2, and Phase 3 where the company moves people up in eating healthier with meals the entire family can enjoy. 

Concerns about digestive health, immune health, blood sugar, weight, energy and fitness – all can be helped with education, support, and healthy nutrition products. This is where Jump to Health helps people get “Inner Fit” and help their insides look and feel amazing, while they begin to see changes on the outside too. 

“We provide more than products – we provide tools and information to help people live better lives.”

Today, consumers learn about  nutrition in their schools and even  health care workers and physicians on average get only about 8 hours of training. The food industry is a giant monster, where their main job is making money only, and not help solve the world health issues. This is why Jump to Health’s products and programs were created by PhD nutritionists who have global experience helping people live better. And with the company’s New You In 22 program – they help people get Fast, Healthy results. 

Sailing Through the Challenges-

One of the most difficult things for Jump to Health was breaking the hype and clutter of diet programs, and turning people towards real nutrition-science based products and programs. There are several products in the market with a claim that they are healthy, but if you look closely at their ingredients, you can find that their quality of protein, or their type of fibre or even the sweeteners used in it as not as good as what Jump to Health provides. 

Be it a New Year resolution, or self-love, many people have fallen prey to so many diet programs and have failed. It is not because of the amount of food they eat, but the kind of food they consume during the course. 

So the question arises, is there even a diet that can be followed religiously and easily? 

The answer is Jump to Health! 

With their new launch of New You In 2022, Jump to Health, with the help of a board of nutritionists has curated a plan that provides you 22 days of recipes. These recipes are easy to make, and make you feel full and satisfied, without giving you any kinds of foods that turn into sugar in the body. 

 “New You In 22 has helped us see double digit growth and has created excitement on social media, as people get fast, healthy results.”

When the project was launched, and a beta pilot group was tested with it, the results were amazing. The team saw that people had lost 6.8 pounds of weight in the first week, and with the collected efforts, their team helped people lose anywhere from 8 to 19.6 pounds in 22 days. 

It did not just stop there, at losing weight. A greater impact was that all the people had then started working with their doctors to improve their blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol. 

And with their “Cake and Shake” recipes – one can lose weight eating their proprietary protein cakes – from cherry cheesecake mug cake, to lemon blueberry, to Cinnabon, even pizza cake. 

Does diet still sound wrong? Trust Jump to Health to help make protein shakes fun! 

Jumping to Growth Year over Year-

“We are excited to be helping so many people get on the road to better health.”

Jump to Health is just 3 years old, and is growing with its every step. The company was launched in November 2018 and started seeing growth in 2019. There was a surge of growth in 2020, but the sudden pandemic of COVID 19 slowed them down and stayed steady, because during this time, the main concern of consumers remained jobs, finances and health. 

Despite the COVID restrictions in 2021, the company began to grow again! And with New You In 22 – the sales are growing double digit. 

The reason for company’s long-standing success is that they sell more than just products, they alleviate people’s lifestyles and help them towards a stronger and a healthier future. The company stands strong on four pillars of Health, Wealth, Living and Giving! 

For Health, they promote better quality products, that are natural, and at better prices. 

For Wealth, the company offers more ways to get your product ‘free’ with their 3 for Free program, Customer loyalty, and Give $10 Get $10 programs. And in addition, for referring others to the program you can earn income too. 

For Living – they have their “Savings Portal” that is free for members of Jump To Health™. You get private access to savings on hotels (deeper discounts than other sites), entertainment (like them parks like Disney, Sesame Street, concerts, movies), shopping (Old Navy, Walmart, Walgreens, Macy’s, and more). This savings portal can help you enjoy your life. 

And then in their Giving platform – With their Walk To Give program, by simply walking and being a member of Jump To Health, your steps can add up to helping others with donations from the company to Feeding America. 

“Our products, programs, perks all help provide more value.”

Their Products and Services- Your Healthy Future Starts Here-

“We offer products and programs to help with common health challenges.”

Jump to Health offer you product kits that save you money vs. buying each item separately and are designed to help fight common health challenges. Today in America, 1 in 3 people are diabetic or prediabetic – and nutrition can help so they have a kit, and a recipe and information book on eating healthy to help blood sugar. 

Today over 70 million people in the USA suffer gut issues, 76% of people are tired and turn to poor quality energy drinks to help, and that 3 out of 4 people are overweight leading to health issues, inflammation and pain. Jump to Health’s products are natural, taste good, and more importantly – they work. Every product helps support gut health, and helps fight inflammation. Many people report feeling better in as little as 3 days. And with their focus on health, not hype, and their community that supports each other, the company is more consumer focused than just any other hype diets. 

“We are constantly looking to add more value and more help.”

When you join the Health Journey – you will get 2 emails a week, for 12 weeks on information about eating right, the importance of key nutrients, and recipes. The team is expanding this to include 12 weeks of information on financial health, and then personal development too. 

Audrey Sommerfeld (Founder and CEO)- Guiding you to a Healthy Journey-

“I think it is of utmost importance to be there for your customers and your team, and leading the way to better living.”

No matter what the product or service is – she believes that everything should be driven by innovation, the only way one can move forward. Each day it is about inspiring others to believe in themselves, and that they are capable of living their dreams. 

Audrey herself is a dreamer and big-time achiever. From growing up in a small town in Minnesota, today she has come far as an entrepreneur of several successful ventures.

Throughout her journey, she believes that her mentors have played an important role in crafting her path, “And if it were not for the support and encouragement of high school teachers, I would never have found a way to put myself through college or graduate school, in pursuit of my dreams,” she said.

Audrey is a product expert in nutrition and skincare, with a history of about three decades of helping people look and feel good. She is passionate about nutrition and realized that there was no nutrition education in the schools, and even the physicians received only 8 hours of training in nutrition.

Thus, through Jump To Health, Audrey is aiming to provide meal plans and education on eating healthy for different lifestyles and health concerns.

“It is not just running a business – it is building a future.”

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