10 Thoughtful Amenities Your Vacation Rental Guests Will Love You For

Amenities for Your Vacation Rental Guests

Thoughtful Amenities for Your Vacation Rental Guests

As a vacation rental owner, your responsibility is to provide more than just a place for vacationers to crash after a long day of living it up. In order to provide the best experience possible, it is essential to make your occupants feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. While comfy couches, updated bathrooms, and soft beds are critical, oftentimes it is the little things that stand out the most. 

Anticipate Your Guests’ Needs

One of the best ways to make the most out of your real estate investment is to make our Vacation Rental Guests feel important and special. Anticipating our Vacation Rental Guests’ needs and providing essential amenities is a great way to not only make your guests feel welcomed but ensure that your vacation rental is left with a five-star review. 

So if you don’t have your property listed on a reliable real estate site and are looking for ways to improve guest satisfaction, list it, and consider adding these thoughtful amenities to your vacation home. 

Cell Phone Chargers

In today’s online-driven world, people cannot function without their cell phones. However, with everything people pack for vacation, forgetting cell phone chargers is not as uncommon as you think. In addition, cell phone chargers always seem to break at the worst possible moments. Therefore if your looking to be an unsung hero in the eyes of our Vacation Rental Guests, providing a variety of cell phone chargers is an inexpensive way to save the day. 

Bluetooth Speaker

It is no secret that music is essential to any memorable vacation. Investing in a top-quality Bluetooth speaker will allow your guests to easily sync up their phones to play any music they prefer. If you are really looking for bonus points, consider setting up speakers throughout the house, from the kitchen to the outside sitting area, in order to greatly enhance our Vacation Rental Guests’ experience. 

Local Menus, Guidebooks, and Recommendations

One way to show our Vacation Rental Guests your care about their vacation is by providing insightful information on the happening spots in your area. Your guest will most likely not know where to go or what to do, so providing them with the best restaurants, bars, and attractions can go a long way. 

Complimentary Tolietries

Another inexpensive way to make your guests feel at home is to provide various complimentary toiletries. From face masks to new toothbrushes, and toothpaste our Vacation Rental Guests will thank you for considering their needs. If you want to go the extra mile, provide your guests with bubble bath essentials in the bathroom, extra fluffy towels, baby wipes, and anything else you feel is necessary. 

Ear Plugs

Regardless of how deep of a sleeper someone is, sleeping in a new environment can be a daunting task. If your vacation rental is in the heart of a happening city with loud outside noises, consider leaving complimentary earplugs on each nightstand to help your guests get the best sleep possible. 


According to a 2015 Washington Post article, postcards are becoming obsolete. However, it is no secret that people have a soft spot for nostalgia. By offering unique postcards in your rental, your guests can send a memoir of their experience to their loved ones. This will not only get our Vacation Rental Guests engaged with your house but can be a great marketing strategy if you create postcards with a personalized logo. 

Slippers and Bathrobes 

Remember your guests are on vacation and offering them some vacation attire can make a positive impression. Not only will they be able to use your complimentary slippers and robes while on vacation, but they can take them home as a comfy memento of their trip. 

Disposable Cameras

The best part of vacation is making memories that last a lifetime. Providing your Vacation Rental Guests with a few disposable cameras is a unique way to encourage them to capture the moment and remember their trip. Not only are you providing them with a fun and engaging activity, but they will never forget the vacation home that gave them their own cameras. 

It’s The Little Things That Count

While home upgrades and renovations can help improve the appeal of your home, it is the small gestures like these that will make your rental stand out. These personal touches are a great way to show your guests that you care and value their business. 

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