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You might be mistaken if you thought the B2B digital marketing space was constrained. The reality is that without innovative approaches and vision, any sphere, whether B2B or otherwise, could feel restrictive and idle. Scaling your business and extracting its maximum potential in the B2B digital space requires a strategic approach.

The pandemic played a massive role in shaping the modern digital space. In the last few years, digital sales have soared, and projections have hinted it will remain that way. Businesses that pivoted and adapted well to the digital space were at a massive advantage during and after the pandemic. Admittedly, not every business knows how to reach the forefront or sustain its lead.

For such businesses, Markivis has been a blessing in the agency form. Amit Khanduja is the Founder and CEO of Markiviswho started it with the idea to pre-empt and precisely understand the client needs with minimal guidance. Amassing more than 18 years of experience in B2B Marketing, Amit has held several senior-level positions in IT and ITeS organizations.

The road to success for Amit Khanduja was not smooth sailing. Like most visionary leaders, he faced some challenges. The following is a fascinating story of how he overcame them through dedication, determination, and grit to become one of the most successful leaders to watch in 2024.

A Spark of inspiration from Amit Khanduja

The incredibly dedicated team and their passion at Markivis drive Amit Khanduja and his vision. His ultimate goal is to shape Markivis into an organization that fulfills the personal and professional goals of the teams and their passion.

According to Amit Khanduja, the biggest challenge in leading Markivis to its current position was navigating the competitive landscape. Establishing a unique identity and value proposition within a crowded market required strategic planning, innovative approaches, and persistent efforts to stand out among the competitors. 

All of this tested the ability of Markivis to differentiate itself and showcase its unique strengths to demonstrate the importance of resilience, strategic positioning, and continuous innovation in the face of fierce competition.

Embracing Risks

The entrepreneurial journey inherently involves embracing risks and uncertainties. For Amit Khanduja, leaving the safety of a stable job and venturing into uncharted territory required a high level of personal and professional risk tolerance. Building a business from zero comes with resource limitations, including financial constraints and a limited team. As a result, Amit Khanduja required careful allocation of resources to ensure efficient business operations.

The marketing industry is fiercely competitive, with numerous established players and upcoming startups. Standing out and carving a niche for Markivis in this landscape was a tough challenge. Markivis needed to adapt to shifts in market conditions and customer needs for survival and growth.

Achieving More Together

Amit Khanduja employs a leadership philosophy revolving around innovation, client-centricity, and collaboration. These principles have been instrumental in shaping his career, and he ensures they get woven into the culture and operations at Markivis.

As an agency with a Client-Centric Approach, its clients are at the heart of everything it does. Markivis functions as an extension of its marketing teams.

Together, we achieve more,” says Amit Khanduja. As a result, he places a significant emphasis on collaboration, both internally within his team and externally with the clients. The teams at Markivis work hand in hand with the clients to define strategies, plan and execute campaigns, and leverage various marketing channels effectively. 

Growth-Triggering Point

The pivotal point that triggered the significant growth of Markivis was when the company secured its first retainer deal with one of the top 10 global software companies. It quickly took the agency from its initial days as a solopreneur operation to a growing marketing consulting firm with over 20 young professionals operating from a dedicated head office.

The deal financially boosted Markivis and validated its capabilities and services in the competitive market. In addition, it positioned Markivis as a trusted player in the marketing consulting arena.

Current Graphs

During the COVID-19 crisis, Markivis displayed resilience, pivoting strategies, and focusing on up-skilling. The team of over 25 professionals, handpicked and mentored by Amit Khanduja, ensures quality and client satisfaction. Markivis differentiates itself through a commitment to value addition, industry knowledge, and a five-year journey marked by significant achievements.

In the first two years, Markivis grew 100% before COVID-19 impacted and slowed down its growth. This year, Markivis is looking to register 75% growth. Interestingly, 75% of the revenues are from existing accounts that the agency has been able to mine by offering more services to them.

Factors behind success

The long-standing success is a result of the factors that have remained integral to Markivis operations: 

  • Client-Centric Approach:  The commitment to putting the clients first has fostered strong yet enduring relationships built on trust and mutual success. 
  • Continuous Innovation: Markivis has embraced innovation, keeping pace with industry advancements and evolving technologies. Staying at the forefront of digital marketing trends and implementing cutting-edge strategies, Markivis has remained relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape. 
  • Exceptional Team: Markivis’ success is also a result of its dedicated and talented team. It has fostered a culture that values collaboration, creativity, and professional development, enabling us to attract and retain top talents. Its expertise and passion have been instrumental in delivering high-quality services and solutions to its clients. 
  • Adaptability: Flexibility and adaptability have been crucial in navigating various challenges and changes in the market. Markivis has consistently adapted its strategies and operations to remain resilient and relevant. 
  • Strong Ethical Values: Upholding high ethics and maintaining integrity in all business operations has been fundamental to its success. Markivis prioritizes transparency, honesty, and accountability, which has helped us build a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable partner in the digital marketing sphere. 

Balancing Innovation and Risks

Markivis believes in striking a balance between innovation and stability to ensure both profitability and success for its clients.

  • Continuous Learning: The company fosters innovation by staying updated with industry trends and cutting-edge strategies, ensuring it remains at the forefront of digital marketing developments. This proactive approach helps it take calculated risks while staying relevant. 
  • Research and Analysis: Commitment to stability involves diligent market research to identify emerging opportunities and challenges. It enables Markivis to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively. 
  • Technology Integration: Markivis invests in innovative marketing technologies and tools that enhance stability by increasing efficiency and improving the overall client experience. 
  • Experimentation: While Markivis is open to trying new strategies and A/B testing, it does so within a framework that ensures minimal disruption to stability. This approach allows it to achieve consistent results with minimum risk. 

An Eye for Talent

Talent identification and development are integral to organizational culture. Amit Khanduja believes that by investing in talented people, Markivis secures its future and contributes to their personal and professional growth. 

Markivis seeks individuals whose values align with the agency’s core principles and holistic approach, while regular evaluations help it spot high achievers and those with growth potential. Leadership qualities and a commitment to personal and professional development are primary criteria. For talent development, mentorship programs are central to its strategy and guide individuals to navigate the complexities of business and life management.

A-Z Digital Marketing

While Markivis specializes in providing end-to-end Digital Marketing Services to IT & ITes, products, and service organizations globally, it also offers the following exclusive services that differentiate the organization agency:

  • Employer Branding Services

Few organizations understand the difference between an organization and the Employer Brand. A strong employer brand helps you retain and attract the right talent while giving you a competitive edge in the long run.

Markivis is one of the few organizations that understand Employer Branding inside out. The agency is a premier Employer Branding solutions provider that takes a complete 360-degree approach to managing the entire digital spectrum of its clients. 

Its precisely crafted approach encompasses all the touch points potential candidates can have with an organization, from employee feedback management and building the careers page to leadership branding and internal communication with clients.

  • Corporate Video Production Services 

Studies show that the human brain interprets information more easily through a video than a static image or a page full of words. However, creating impactful videos that justify new product or service offerings is complex. 

Experienced in creating 30+ corporate videos for B2B brands, product companies, and services companies, Markivis specializes in delivering stunning videos that communicate the right message to the right audience within the required time frame.

The agency focuses on understanding the intent and trying to develop a story through its lens of creativity. Its video production services range from basic 2D/3D and whiteboard animation to product demos and professional brand videos.

Adding Value to Customers

In the coming years, Amit Khanduja sees Markivis at a significant scale. Its strength lies in its ability to add value to its customers, especially in the B2B, IT, and ITeS sectors. Markivis plans to expand its offerings, especially by developing products tailored to the marketing domain to address the unsolved business challenges. Adapting to modern tech to extract growth, the agency also wants to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

To expand its product line, Markivis aims to build products specific to the marketing domain and leverage these products to help businesses.

Tech-Driven Seamless Experiences

Technology is at the backbone of services at Markivis. Its digital marketing expertise enables it to leverage cutting-edge technologies and provide products and services to global organizations. It also makes it easier for clients to stay at the forefront of the digital landscape, effectively reach their target audience, and optimize their online presence.

Technology also drives exclusive services such as Employer Branding and Corporate Video production. In Employer Branding, Markivis opts for a 360-degree approach to manage all digital points. It enables the clients to attract and retain top talent to enhance their competitive advantage.

With corporate video production, technology plays a vital role in creating impact. Markivis utilizes advanced 2D/3D and whiteboard animation techniques to convey the message of its clients.

Challenging Traditional Ways

Markivis encourages users to identify their core values and priorities. To maintain the Work-Life balancethe agency establishes clear boundaries between work and personal life by setting strict working hours and resisting the temptation to bring work home. 

Furthermore, Markivis promotes self-care as non-negotiable, advocating for regular exercise, a balanced diet, and practices like meditation to maintain overall well-being.

Competitive through Innovation

Markivis employs several strategies to stay innovative and competitive while adapting to market conditions and customer needs. The agency places a strong emphasis on continuous learning and research. It ensures that Markivis stays at the forefront of industry developments and is aware of emerging opportunities and challenges. 

Carefully Minimizing Risks

Markivis approaches risk-taking and decision-making with careful consideration.

  • Balancing Innovation and Stability: Markivis understands the challenges of balancing the demands of a thriving business, societal expectations, and the fast pace of daily life. It makes decisions with a clear vision of long-term goals, ensuring that innovation aligns with its core values and client needs.
  • Open Communication: It nurtures understanding, support, and shared decision-making essential for mitigating risks. 
  • Prioritization: Identifying core values and priorities helps Markivis make informed decisions about where to direct its energy and time, reducing the risk of drifting from its mission.
  • Mentorship and Collaboration: Mentorship and collaboration play a significant role at Markivis. It relies on the guidance and support of experienced mentors and collaborates with the team to share insights and ideas to avoid making uninformed decisions.

A Recent Success

Markivis recently achieved a triumphant product launch by introducing a cutting-edge digital marketing solution tailored for IT & ITes companies. Fuelled by extensive market research, the product integrates Machine Learning and Al to address industry-specific challenges. Moreover, the agency also received the recognition of Employer Branding Company of the Year by Silicon India in 2019.

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