SRC Cyber Solutions: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with Astute Solutions

SRC Cyber Solutions: Revolutionizing Cybersecurity with Astute Solutions | The Enterprise World

Technological innovations have revolutionized the way we use Software Applications, Computer Hardware, Cloud Computing, and the Internet today. With the increasing dependency, the number of cyber threats has also increased exponentially. The demand for high-quality cybersecurity solutions, thus, has been constantly on the rise for the past few years.

SRC Cyber Solutions LLP is recognized for its exclusive distribution of cutting-edge Cybersecurity solutions across India, GCC, APAC, and Africa. With the rapid change in the field of technological innovations, we continue to add leading technologies to our existing portfolio to stay ahead of the curve and are ready for unique cybersecurity complexities and future threats to ensure our clients remain protected and compliant.

SRC Cyber Solutions LLP primarily offers four robust Cybersecurity solutions: Comprehensive Email Security, Automated Patching and Endpoint Management, Asset Visibility and Risk Management, and Third-Party Data Flow security services. 

The company’s commitment extends beyond merely Cyber security services, it is more about solving problems. Its automated solutions transcend traditional defense systems, setting a new standard in the Cybersecurity landscape. At SRC Cyber Solutions LLP, trust, innovation, and security together pave the way for a new era of digital defense and resilience. “We are not safeguarding; we are revolutionizing Cybersecurity,” says Rohit Khandelwal (Managing Partner). 

In an exclusive conversation with The Enterprise World, Rohit shed light upon the journey of the company, the services it provides, as well as its USPs. Here are some insights from our fascinating conversation:

1. What inspired you to start SRC Cyber Solutions, and what has been your biggest challenge in leading it to where it is today?

The inspiration behind SRC Cyber Solutions was twofold: firstly, my network in Israel exposed untapped potential in technological ventures. Secondly, recognizing the stark differences between outdated legacy systems and cutting-edge next-gen and automated technology ignited the vision for a bridge, emphasizing top-notch offerings. The greatest challenge in steering the company’s growth has been harmonizing innovation with reliability, and navigating the shifting technology landscape while consistently delivering high-quality solutions.

Initially, coming from a non-IT background presented some obstacles. We were not well-versed in cybersecurity’s technical facets, and the lack of industry connections was a challenge as well. Absence within the cybersecurity space demanded strategic networking for visibility. Adapting, we navigated uncharted territories, learning to bridge gaps between technical expertise, and developed relationships. Embracing the unfamiliar, we transformed challenges into opportunities, paving our path in cybersecurity with patience, determination, perseverance, and resilience.

2. What was the point that triggered the growth of the SRC Cyber Solutions?

The turning point in our company’s trajectory was the strategic alignment with renowned entities like the Big 4 cyber advisories and dedicated channel partners who shared our vision- offering a quality technology to resolve the Client’s “pain points” at a realistic price. Collaborating with these influential industry leaders amplified our visibility and credibility within the cybersecurity industry. This association not only validated our expertise but also opened doors to expansive networks and opportunities previously inaccessible. Our dedicated channel partners further expanded our market reach which propelled exponential growth. 

3. What are the products and services that your company specializes in?

We are providers of next-generation, highly automated, capable, user-friendly, and cost-effective technologies in the Cybersecurity and infrastructure domain. Our focus remains to look at technologies that address future challenges.

We offer 4 robust Cybersecurity solutions:

Comprehensive Email Security: 

Our email security services use next-gen technology, combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Human Intelligence (HI), to combat phishing threats thereby drastically reducing the time to detect and remediate suspicious emails to less than a second. From combating malware and ransomware to addressing credential theft and business email compromise (BEC), and complex impersonations, our highly automated, next-gen solution ensures organizations stay ahead of known and unknown cyber threats. 

Automated Patching and Endpoint Management:

Our endpoint management solution offers unparalleled control and visibility for Windows, macOS, and Linux systems, along with 380+ third-party applications, catering to all scales of operations. What truly distinguishes us, is our script-based adaptability, providing a customized approach to endpoint management. This unique flexibility guarantees uniform patching, and updates to ensure organization compliance and protection from critical vulnerabilities.

Our Automated Patching streamlines your IT and delivers actionable data insights, lets you automate virtually any IT workflow, and provides better cybersecurity outcomes by minimizing your risk exposure. Our solution’s intuitive interface makes it not just powerful but also incredibly easy to use, ensuring it’s both capable and user-friendly for seamless endpoint management across diverse systems and applications. It also reduces the risk of potential replay or man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.

Asset Visibility and Risk Management:

Our hybrid SaaS/on-premise solution is enriched with cutting-edge Asset DNA technology. This innovation guarantees real-time, all-encompassing asset visibility and proactive risk mitigation, ensuring swift protection within decentralized ecosystems. What sets us apart is our independence from traditional reliance on traffic analysis or behavioral assumptions.

With our solution, one can navigate the complexities of modern IT landscapes confidently to ensure Zero Trust Access to all the Hardware Assets in an environment. Our Asset Visibility & Risk Management Platform unleashes the power of the entire asset security ecosystem with agnostic, actionable visibility that is critical to asset risk management.

Third-party Data flow:

And finally, here we analyze and secure data flows from within an enterprise to outside 3rd parties. 99% of enterprises today do not have any real-time catalog to see which homegrown software products running in the cloud and data centers are connecting to which 3rd party services, and why. We combine shift left, and network traffic shaping to create a real-time catalogue of 3rd party integrations, analyze what data elements are being passed, slice traffic to redact, and replace data elements as needed so privacy, compliance guidelines are not violated.

This is significant from a cloud perspective – who are your cloud apps talking to, what data are they passing over to 3rd parties, and how can you prevent accidents from happening in the first place before data leaves your perimeter and ends up in the wrong hands, in the wrong geographical jurisdiction.

4. How have the SRC Cyber Solutions graphs changed since the foundation? Can you share a few statistics? (You can share the charts/graphs here).

We have experienced exponential growth, with an impressive surge ranging between 200% to 300% year by year. These figures represent a remarkable trajectory, showcasing the dynamic evolution and expansion of our operations. Our consistent and substantial growth stands as a testament to our commitment, innovation, market responsiveness, service, and support, driving us toward remarkable milestones and accomplishments. We take immense pride in our track record; we have a 100% success rate in renewals and client retention. This achievement fosters loyalty within our expanding clientele. It’s a testament to the trust and value we consistently deliver, fortifying our position as a reliable partner in their success.

5. What is the reason behind your company’s long-standing success?

The enduring success of our company is rooted in multifaceted pillars. Collaborations with cutting-edge technology partners along with their support have empowered us to innovate and deliver top-tier solutions. However, it’s the unwavering dedication of our partners that fuels our growth, their commitment aligning seamlessly with our vision. Moreover, our relentless focus on customer service and support has cultivated enduring relationships. This combined synergy of robust technological alliances, partner dedication, and unwavering customer-centricity forms the bedrock of our long-standing commitment to innovation and excellence in our industry.

6. How has your platform been able to disrupt the traditional way of working?

Our platform revolutionizes traditional workflows by offering a paradigm shift in service delivery. Unlike legacy systems, our next-gen solutions redefine efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and software advancement. By prioritizing time-saving measures and upgrading software seamlessly, we ensure a compelling value proposition including saving scarce IT Resources, complex threat detection, and mitigation providing significant return on investment (ROI). In the cybersecurity and infrastructure domain, we stand out as providers of highly automated, user-friendly, and cost-effective technologies. With a vast clientele and partner base built on trust, we’re propelling forward at an impressive pace, ready to cater to diverse needs. 

7. How has technology helped your customers for a seamless experience? 

At SRC Cyber Security Solutions LLP, our dedication to clients drives our technological advancements, ensuring a seamless and unparalleled experience. Recognizing from the start that quality and service are of utmost importance in all our endeavors, we deliver solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards with full global compliance. Our offerings are truly “the best”, characterized by exceptional quality, technical proficiency, and the ability to effectively address next-generation challenges. This commitment underscores our dedication to providing top-tier solutions that meet and exceed industry benchmarks. The integration of cutting-edge, highly automated, and next-generation cybersecurity solutions empowers our clients with efficient and user-friendly Platforms. 

Our next-gen technology empowers top-tier services. Our email security is the world’s fastest-growing solution, which is highly automated, accurate, capable, and user-friendly. Unparalleled control is offered through automated patching and endpoint management, covering Windows, macOS, and Linux, plus 380+ third-party applications. Script-based adaptability ensures customized endpoint management.

Asset visibility and risk management provide real-time, all-encompassing visibility and protection. Our third-party data flow security platform enhances privacy compliance with data governance. Our expertise in threat detection and remediation is marked by an exceptional success rate and is a game-changer in the cybersecurity landscape

8. How do you stay innovative and competitive in your industry, and what strategies do you use to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs?

Remaining innovative and competitive in our industry involves leveraging several strategies. Our partners have award-winning status and are recognized by entities like Gartner and other industry rating agencies validating our commitment to excellence. Regularly soliciting and implementing customer feedback guides us to adapt swiftly to evolving market conditions and address customer needs effectively.

This dynamic approach ensures that our products and services align closely with market demands while staying ahead through innovation. By integrating customer insights with industry accolades, we continuously refine our offerings to stay not just competitive but at the forefront of our field.

9. How do you decide to take the SRC Cyber Solutions a step further in terms of your products/services?

To grow SRC Cyber Solutions forward in terms of products and services, we employ a multifaceted approach centered on innovation, automation, and top-tier security measures. We are continuously adding new next-gen, capable, and user-friendly technologies ensuring that we stay at the forefront of industry trends, offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Regularly upgrading our resources and skills is pivotal, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability among our Team members.

This not only enhances our service delivery but also positions us as experts in emerging technologies. Moreover, our unwavering focus on automation and next-gen threat detection optimizes efficiency, streamlining processes for maximum productivity. By weaving together these strategic elements, we not only meet current market demands but also proactively shape the future landscape of our industry.

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