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Technology is moving at a rapid pace today, and to be in this field and to constantly disrupt the space with new ideas is a challenge in itself. Disrupting technology with new innovations is Andy Khawaja, an AI technology genius making things possible in the best way. 

The Enterprise World is proud to feature Andy Khawaja, CEO of AIDP in this issue of Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022. 

Andy’s Exceptional Journey-

“I’ve always strived to make a difference – to help others – because this is how I envisioned success.”

Over the years, as he progressed in his field, it remained important for him to help others grow and become just as successful. That was his definition of making a difference. In his entire journey, Andy Khawaja has been able to create countless products and solutions and innovated technology that would help others to reach their goals and achieve success on new levels. As the founder of AIDP, he feels immensely proud of the solutions they are creating, solutions that will foster change in the world. 

The Founding of AIDP-

“From the moment I founded AIDP to present time, innovation has not stopped, and it never will.”

AIDP is continually creating new departments to innovate different aspects of life and society, integrating new technological advancements into every industry. They have many departments in-house focusing on AI advancement in several sectors. For example, AIDP has a department with a focus on AI technology for child advancement. 

The youth is the future, and being a visionary company, AIDP wants to devote their efforts not only in the advancement of mankind, but also to the advancement of the future of the country, the children. AIDP’s efforts to achieve this are all encompassing, making sure that they tap every department with their best efforts. Taking a step ahead in this direction, the company also has a department focused on developing sustainable life on Mars. Another of their department is working to revolutionize the workplace, with a focus on health and morale. 

Another department is utilizing AI technology for psychological advancements. AIDP is creating software and machines that enable humans and machines to collaborate to more accurately diagnose illnesses, physical and mental. 

“We can save lives with more accurate physical diagnoses. But also, we can save lives by better diagnosing and treating mental illness.”

Around 2.6 million years ago, during the stone age, the first ever step taken by mankind to advance into the future was that of creating the stone tools. In 4000 BC, the wheel was invented. In the 19th century, the lightbulb was invented and then in the 20th century, there was the creation of vehicles, nuclear technology, and the internet. In the 21st century, mankind took yet another step forward with biotech, nanotech and fusion technology. 

With the AI technology, it is just another step into the future. AI has the potential to save the future of mankind. For AIDP, this means of finding new ways to improve living conditions for mankind. 

The Road Ahead-

“Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform (AIDP) was an idea that was forming for many years. I established AIDP officially in 2020. We’re building the future and changing the way tasks are performed.”

Throughout his career, Andy Khawaja has managed to invent and innovate solutions that have enabled people to trade online safely and securely. They could transact digitally with confidence in more currencies and payment methods – creating a more connected global economy. This was a giant step for mankind. It was such a giant step that, more recently, it saved lives. Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, people relied on this. 

The ability to buy important goods and services with their computer or mobile device has undoubtedly saved lives and provided an important tool as people quarantined and sheltered in place. It also provided a means of income as people began to grow online businesses to provide products and solutions for others, creating a new livelihood and income for entrepreneurs. 

Artificial Intelligence Defense Platform is developing ISABELLA and its compatible machines to help mankind and protect the world’s population. ISABELLA will keep us safe and functional when conditions are difficult or even impossible. 

We plan to launch ISABELLA in 2025.”

The open-source, Wi-Fi connected technology within ISABELLA will be connected to the internet and able to observe, learn, and act. ISABELLA will read and retain information. AIDP is creating new technology and machines that will use ISABELLA’s processing mind to perform labour and even offer military functionality.  

The human mind can only process so much. Mankind can only endure a certain amount of pressure and perform a finite amount of labour before it must rest. ISABELLA’s artificial intelligence technology will have access to unlimited information with the ability to learn and process multi-lingual data from the internet, encyclopaedias, and even intelligence resources.  

“ISABELLA is limitless.”

Dr. Andy Khawaja- The Leading Force-

Dr. Andy Khawaja is a highly publicized philanthropist and world-renowned entrepreneur who has been featured in over 100 publications for his contributions to technology, society, and economic growth. He’s participated in dozens of live interviews with thought leaders such as Larry King and received accolades for his achievements from leaders, politicians, and public figures globally. 

Dr. Khawaja founded Allied Wallet in 2005 to connect global buyers and sellers. Fluent in five languages, he has been very active in delivering payment tools to people of many cultures and continents specializing in features such as cyber security, fraud prevention, and virtual wallets. 

Because of his accomplishments in the industry, Dr. Khawaja is often referred to as the “Messiah of Digital Payments” and in the last 10 years he led the expansion from its Los Angeles headquarters to additional operational centres in Germany, India, Macau, Hong Kong, and London. 

Dr. Khawaja has been featured in dozens of periodicals including: Forbes, Time Magazine, Bloomberg, Digital Transactions, Fortune, INC, LA Business Journal, Finance Monthly Global, Start Your Business, Lux, New Business, Sunday Telegraph, The Green Sheet, The Guardian, and Wired Magazine. 

For over a decade, Dr. Khawaja and Allied Wallet stood at the forefront of innovation  

His philanthropist ideals motivate his achievements and Dr. Khawaja continues to be a major contributor to charitable organizations including: UNICEF, Wounded Warrior Project, Eagle and Badge Foundation, After-School All-Stars, Star Team for the Children, Brent Shapiro Foundation, ASACP, Action Innocence, From the Heart Productions, LAPCA, United Service Organizations, Hope for Change International, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and more. 

Andy Khawaja is not only a successful leader, but a large contributor to global societies. He’s not only an innovator of technology, but a contributor to a better environment for future generations. 

“As a natural born entrepreneur, Dr. Khawaja’s objective is to build, innovate, succeed, and give back.”

His Entrepreneurial Achievements-

“All of our projects will benefit countless people for generations to come. We’ve seen unprecedented loss as a society in the past few years.”

COVID-19 devastated many global economies and left the world struggling to survive with minimal resources and basic needs. This will surely not be the last global crisis. If the world is faced with a virus a hundred times more powerful, how are we going to endure such a deadlier and a long lasting pandemic? 

AIDP is creating the AI technology that will drive the future. Artificial Intelligence personnel will be able to drive, pick up waste, deliver necessities, and do the work when humans cannot. The company has been developing ISABELLA and compatible machines to help mankind and protect the world’s population. ISABELLA will keep us safe and functional when conditions are very poor. 

“We are contributing to the competitive global platform by changing the world. We are creating a better future.”

The team is pushing technological and societal advancement. They are not only bringing new ideas and products to the world, but are also heavily influencing change and innovation. The world will be a different place, a better place because of AIDP. 

“As the founder of AIDP, I am proud of what we are creating, and I believe we will change the world.”

 Andy Khawaja has spent a lot of time of his life mentoring young entrepreneurs, guiding them towards success. It is his belief that it’s important to share knowledge and be a beacon of hope for others. He has spoken at countless universities and seminars all over the world to do my part so that he could stimulate innovation and progress. 

“I believe I’ve been able to make a difference globally because entrepreneurs of all ages thank me for my contributions.”

Andy’s Message to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“As a CEO, you will face many new challenges. You should be not only smart, but strategic. You should be confident and a good listener. You need to be a team player and communicate with your team. Communication is very important. Most of all, you should be driven and relentless. Don’t give up, even when it seems like all odds are against you. Work harder. Work smarter. You must have passion for what you do and believe in what you do. 

Others will see that and if they share the same passion, you can accomplish your goals together. The most difficult tasks in any company can be the most important, but also the smallest tasks can make or break a company. In this day and age, communication is very important. It’s important to understand team requests and leadership requests. It’s important that a team works side by side, offering each other support, understanding, and communication. Everyone must focus on solutions rather than obstacles. I’ve learned that you can’t teach dedication, devotion, and persistence. I look for these qualities in others and represent them with my work. 

I remind them to be mindful of technological advancements and how they play a part in the products and services they are currently designing. I also have been introducing entrepreneurs to the benefits of AI technology. AI technology is being implemented in every industry now, and it is important to provision for automation and new capabilities so that your product or service is at the forefront of advancement. It’s important not only to keep up, but to create solutions that innovate your industry.”

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