AUGUST | 2022

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 - Vol. 5

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 features,

Andy Khawaja has an exceptional journey throughout the previous initial years. Talking about his work as a CEO is commendable not only for his patience and hard work but for the spirit and enthusiasm he shows at the workplace and motivates all the staff.

Over the years, as he progressed in his field, it remained important for him to help others grow and become just as successful. That was his definition of making a difference. 

David Suk had just an idea of a drink namely Saint Luna in back 2017. The basic aim for this project was to pay a sincere homage to the first ever American Spirit Moonshine. Making the project would make the aura of moonshine more elevated and premium experience was the idea of David and in almost 2019 it was a dream come true. Saint Luna is smooth, delicate and incredibly complex. One can easily sip it neat or on ice, and mixes beautifully in a wide range of cocktails.  

Luciana Rodrigues aims to coverup the gap between companies and audience, companies and objectives or companies and causes to unite people with similar goals. Grey Advertising Group is part of WPP company, the world’s biggest advertising company, which has been embracing transformation since 1917. At Grey Advertising they build brands and ideas that drive business and the other way around too. 

Christopher Carter with a love for technology, began his journey when he attended the Georgia Institute of Technology. In college he began working with SAP and realized how much he enjoyed working with innovative solutions. 

Eventually he went on to own his own business which was later sold. He was in retirement for a very short period when he heard about SAP’s announcement of SAP HANA. He saw great potential for this solution and decided to jump back into the SAP space, thus creating Approyo. 

Ulrish Walder After a successful career as an IT entrepreneur, Division Commander of the Swiss Armed Forces and Professor of Building Informatics at the Technical University of Graz (Austria), Ulrish founded AIONAV Systems AG as a pure technology development company.

AIONAV Systems purpose is to put the results of university-driven research into practice. Two technologies are in the foreground. On the one hand a fully autonomous indoor positioning system for First Responders based on inertial MEMS and on the other hand a new technology for mobile applications without programming and with the possibility to publish content independently. 

Leadership Talks

David Suk

Revolutionizing the Rebel Spirit

David Suk | Saint Luna - Revolutionizing the Rebel Spirit | The Enterprise World

Ulrich Walder

Accelerating Growth with Technology

AIONAV Systems-Accelerating Growth with Technology Ulrich Walder

Christopher Carter

Assisting Companies in Using the Big Data

Approyo- Assisting Companies in Using the Big Data Christopher Carter

Luciana Rodrigues

Solving Business Problems Creatively

Grey Advertising-Solving Business Problems Luciana Rodrigues