Apple to pay $113 million fine for the settlement of #batterygate case

apple batterygate settlement

The US Company Apple is known to protect the rights of users. But many times the company has proved that the company works only for its profit. Batterygate is one of these matters. Apple has announced that it will pay a fine of 113 million for the settlement of the batterygate case. Approximately 34 US states were investigating Apple on the same. Even before this, the company has given a penalty of 500 million dollars in this case.

This means Apple has to pay the sum of $ 613 (500 + 113) million dollars for slowing down the old iPhones of its users.

In 2017, the company released an update that slowed down the old iPhone. The company did not inform the users about this before releasing the update. By providing the company update, the users’ old iPhone was slowed down. Later, when people came to know about this, Apple made a plea. The company argued that the old phone is being slowed down because of the old battery, the phone does not shut down by itself or there are other problems on the phone.

This plea of the company did not appeal to the people and about 34 states of America decided to start an investigation against Apple and go to court. States said that Apple is forcing people to buy new and expensive iPhones. The old phone is slowed down through updates so that people can buy new and expensive iPhone models of the company.

Arizona’s Attorney Journal Mark Brnovich stated, “Large companies should not manipulate users and tell them the whole truth about their products practices”. He added, “If the big technology companies hide the truth from their users, then I am empowered to make companies responsible for their adventures”

Apple may have agreed to pay the fine, but the company refused to accept that they had made a mistake. The company also agreed that the old iPhones were slowed down through the update, but also said that this was done so the battery could be kept safe and the phone could be saved from unwanted shutdowns.

After much criticism and penalty, Apple provided an update with a battery-linked feature. After this, the battery health feature was introduced which enabled users to check the maximum capacity of the battery.

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