Are we just changing the voice of energy consumption?

Electric cars

In the coming times, more and more electric cars will be seen on the roads of the country. Many electric cars will be presented in the Auto Expo to be held in the country and some have already happened. Electric cars are said to be very luxurious in terms of the environment. These cars are carbon-free. The batteries of these cars are equipped with Lithium-Ion. Here it is important to know whether electric cars and the battery used in them protect the environment? In many ways, the batteries of EVs are not environmentally sound. To charge these batteries, electricity is needed, which is made from coal-burning and nuclear power stations.

India’s installed power capacity by fuel, June 2020

Electric Cars – The Future!

In India, the most amount of power is generated through coal burning, which is about 55%. The high product and installation cost of renewable energy generating systems like solar are one of the major barriers to their usage by individual families or societies. Even if societies plan to provide E Charging stations to residents, they are most likely dependent on their electricity provider board. 

In India, no Industry completely depended on the renewable source of power due to variability in nature. either they procure the power from a Third-party power producer through open access or some other mode of power procurement or reduce the energy bills through the installation of a Solar rooftop /ground mount project within the premises up to maximum extent if possible. So even if huge corporates decide to use EVs for their logistics needs or daily workspace commutes, they won’t be saving a huge amount of electricity generated through coal burning.

Many Colors, Really Green?

Electric Vehicles do not have an ‘internal combustion engine’ like petrol and diesel cars. These cars run on fuel cells, which generate electricity from hydrogen and lithium ions. Each cell has positive electrodes, which are high in lithium and cobalt. In addition, these cells also have negative electrodes, in which the amount of graphite is high. Atoms process occurs between the electrodes of these cells, which give power to the motor. Explain that electric cars make less noise. This also reduces the risk of pollution. Also, these cars do not require repairs from time to time like cars running on petrol, diesel, or CNG engines.

The mining of chemicals for batteries also has a major impact on the environment, as the water that seeps onto the roads while driving a car contains toxic substances. These are not good for the environment. The cobalt fuel used in the battery comes from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where children, both big and small, work as laborers. These workers risk their lives for mining work and human rights organizations like Amnesty have considered this mining process against the child labor law.

Recycling of batteries used in electric cars is also a big problem. At the same time, some industries say that the global supply of cobalt is already at a low level and its demand may decrease in the future also. It is being told that a lot still needs to be developed in battery cars. Because it takes a lot of time to charge and you cannot travel long distances at a time.

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