Electric vehicle – The Future

Electric vehicle the future

The world of automobiles is progressing fast and the possibilities it unfolds are equally unique and exciting. The fans and motorheads are always looking towards the next model of cars, the next design, the next leap or the next revolution, etc., and the good news is that the wait is finally over. In comes the era of electric vehicles.

The name might not sound that interesting and you all must have a ton of questions already but that does not keep the fact away that electric vehicles are rolling out already and changing the face of the Automobile industry as a whole and bringing a revolution that will not only bring innovations and possibilities but also thrill and excitement that motor enthusiasts are always looking for.

The electric vehicle is changing the way one looks at cars and also the face of motor vehicles, making the Automobile industry leap into the future.

Electric power or Horsepower?

The most asked question regarding electric vehicles is the efficiency, the safety and most important of all whether it will be able to deliver the same or better performance and engagement as the petrol or diesel-run engines provide.

Electric vehicles are not efficient as they use batteries which provide a good range, making them more efficient than regular engines but also the maintenance is cheaper as batteries need to be replaced after few years which also costs cheaper than maintaining regular cars which require time to time service and other maintenance costs involved.

Electric vehicles also perform better as compared to regular cars as electric cars have better torque and power output and that too in a linear fashion which not only replicates a much better performance but also is packed with a host of features which keeps the drivers engaged and tension-free, such as park assist, self-driving feature, lane assist, etc. 

Electric vehicles are being promoted by the governments of many countries due to their impact on the environment which is far less than the pollution emitted by regular cars, also electric cars produce less to no sound which affects the noise pollution and brings down the level of pollutants in the respective cities, etc.

Also, the price of electric vehicles is competitively placed with the regular cars to attract more customers also there are subsidies provided on electric vehicles by many governments across the world due to their added social benefits, etc. Thus, electric vehicles are shaping the future of the Automobile industry and their success throughout the world is encouraging more push towards electric-run vehicles and also using its applications in producing other transport vehicles such as busses, trucks, heavy machinery, etc. to shift to a more efficient and much powerful electric engine.

Full charge or surcharge?

The dawn of electric vehicles has started and the results so far look promising and also deliver more than the calculated social benefits. Electric vehicles have received a lot of views from both the positive and the negative sides.

Electric vehicles are a lot more efficient and have better performance than regular engines but it cannot be commented that regular engines have their advantages too. In developing countries, the lack of charging stations, etc. is an important factor for these electric vehicles to run and sustain, and thus, it becomes a greater challenge for the countries and their governments to look out for the same and install or make plans to achieve this goal.

The future of the Automobile industry looks promising and exciting but will the electric vehicle lead the flag of this vast and important industry is the answer everyone is looking forward to unveiling.

“You have to have a better car. It’s not just the ideological decision of buying an EV. It’s about buying a better car.”

 Daniel Kirchert

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