How Much Money Can an Auto Mechanic Make Per Hour in 2023?

Salary of Auto Mechanics: How Much Money They Make Per Hour in 2023? | The Enterprise World

It’s just common sense to check the average salary of auto mechanics before you enter the industry. The demand for automotive mechanics has been rising because of the increase in vehicles. However, that alone is not a good enough indicator of how feasible the role is.

You should know how much mechanics earn and check if that amount is something you’re willing to work for. To guide you in analyzing the feasibility of pursuing the role of an automotive technician, we have put together a list of key statistics.

Basically, we will explore how much does a mechanic make an hour and work upward to other statistics.

What Do Automotive Service Technicians Do?

Vehicles, including automobiles and light trucks, are inspected, maintained, and repaired by automotive service professionals and mechanics.

The majority of automobile service experts and mechanics are employed in repair facilities that are both well-ventilated and well-lit. Despite the fact that computers are frequently used to diagnose and solve issues with automobiles, technicians frequently deal with greasy parts and tools while working in positions that are sometimes awkward.

Employers would prefer it if automobile service technicians and mechanics had some tertiary education under their belts. After being hired, a person is typically needed to obtain certification in their field.

How Much salary of auto mechanics make in an hour?

Salary of Auto Mechanics: How Much Money They Make Per Hour in 2023? | The Enterprise World

Now that we understand the role, let’s look at how much salary of auto mechanics make in an hour.

When it comes to deciding on a profession, having an idea of the salary range for various jobs, such as automotive mechanic, is one of the most crucial considerations to make. In May of 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the median salary of auto mechanics and technicians in the United States was $46,880. 25 This indicates that the national average earnings of half of the automotive mechanics increased, while the earnings of the other half decreased.

But you should also keep in mind that your average annual salary of auto mechanics is dependent on a number of things, such as your level of expertise, the employer you work for, the demand for your services, and the cost of living in the area.

The annual mechanic salary is higher for mechanics who have a more polished skillset and are generally more experienced. Mechanic salary also varies with the pay model that the employer is using. For example, flat rate pay is different from hourly pay and can affect the average salary of auto mechanics. 

Although the figure provided above represents an average of the earnings of all automotive technicians in the United States, it can be beneficial to look at the median income of technicians in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, as recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

You can use this information to better plan the next step in your professional life by gaining a better understanding of how earnings differ around the country.

Top Median Average salary of auto mechanics

Salary of Auto Mechanics: How Much Money They Make Per Hour in 2023? | The Enterprise World

Whether or not mechanics get benefits like overtime pay, we have put together a list of the highest salaries as per districts in the US. This will help you analyze if the repair and auto tech sector is feasible enough for you.

However, you should note that these figures vary vastly with companies and the experience level of employees.

1. $60,000.590 for the District of Columbia

The city of Washington, District of Columbia, is well-known for its rich history as well as its dynamic culture. Living here puts you in close proximity to a number of the nation’s most acclaimed cultural institutions, including museums, monuments, major league sports teams, and restaurants.

Automotive technicians can find a diverse range of one-of-a-kind employment options in this city, including duties with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Capitol Police, in addition to positions with service dealerships and repair shops, just as they can in other states.

In addition to the fact that working in this city can be very exciting, it is also now recognized as having the highest yearly median wage for automotive technicians. The role also offers much more learning than just mundane repair tasks like engine repair.

Learning is another factor that you should account for, in addition to the average salary of auto mechanics.

2. Alaska: $60,020

If you have a passion for the great outdoors and getting away from civilization, Alaska might be the perfect place for you to call home. The economy of this state is driven by a diverse range of businesses, including mining, agriculture, fishing, and lumber production, as well as oil and gas.

Employment opportunities with good salary of auto mechanics are plentiful in Alaska and may be found in a wide variety of businesses, including dealerships, repair shops, and even insurance firms. Some even go on to find success as agricultural mechanics, which is one of the most important sectors in Alaska. Agricultural mechanics are responsible for maintaining and repairing farm equipment.

3. $50,740 for the state of California

Because it is the third largest state in the country, California has a significant number of automobiles that are operating on the roads and require maintenance.

There are a lot of people who commute to work and a lot of visitors who prefer to take advantage of the many miles of the Pacific Ocean shoreline, and this might lead to a lot of chances for people who work in the automobile industry.

4. The amount is $48,370 for Washington

According to the most recent rankings by U.S. News & World Report, Washington is the best state in the US overall, and it is also among the top five states in terms of health care, education, the economy, and infrastructure.

Salary of Auto Mechanics: How Much Money They Make Per Hour in 2023? | The Enterprise World

The state of Washington is a paradise for people who enjoy being outdoors, as there are many mountains and woods to discover. Entertainment-wise, there is always something entertaining going on in Seattle, which is always bustling with activity.

It is possible to get employment in the state as an automotive mechanic at any level of expertise, ranging from entry-level to master-certified specialists. This is an excellent location to launch a career as a technician because there are possibilities available across a wide range of sectors. The auto repair shops in this district offer both, flat rate pay and hourly wages.

5. Hawaii: $48,320

Hawaii is a great area to live and work thanks to its laid-back island vibes and numerous options to participate in watersports. The state’s economy is supported by a diverse range of businesses, including tourism, defense, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, and power.

Aloha State may be a good spot to launch your career, whether you want to work in a dealership, maintain fleet vehicles, or even open a shop of your own. All of these options are available in the state.

Auto technicians are in high demand in this area since both private individuals and commercial enterprises rely on them to ensure that their vehicles continue to function properly.

How To Get Started As A Mechanic or Technician?

Jobs as auto mechanics are available in a wide variety of settings all around the United States. You should be able to discover employment prospects in the location of your choice.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), completing an automotive technician training program at a postsecondary institution is an excellent method to prepare for entry-level work. In approximately 51 weeks, the Automotive Technology program at UTI is designed to provide students with the knowledge and abilities that are in high demand among businesses in today’s market.

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