Bangalore, The IT capital of India

vidhana soudha in Bangalore The IT capital of India

India is a nation where 179 languages are spoken in day-to-day conversations in 36 entities. In all these entities, many cities stand stronger on their feet with different cultures and businesses. Amongst these cities, Bangalore is dynamic, technologically forward, and famous for 24/7 traffic with its unique culture and rooted people. Bangalore is officially pronounced as Bengaluru. In a state called Karnataka, Bangalore is the IT capital of India with around 10 million population. This much population but the city is fully capable of providing bread and butter to every single human being.

A home to different industries

In the scenario of the Indian economy, this city plays an important role. It is said to be a silicon valley of India. Over 67000 registered IT companies are there in Bangalore IT corridor from which 12000 companies are full time working companies and remaining are shelf companies. 456 multinational IT companies have their centers in the city.

About 75% of IT professionals from total in India work in different Techno Parks of the city. Major IT companies like Infosys, Wipro started back in the ’90s in the city. Back in 1985, Texas Instruments became the first multinational company that formed its base in Bangalore. Well-known unicorns such as Ola Cabs, Myntra, Flipkart, Baiju’s and Quickr are originated at the city. 98% of software exports are from Bengaluru.

Bangalore is also called the aerospace capital of India. Aerospace companies like Boeing, Goodrich, Airbus Honeywell, and other companies have their R&D and engineering base in the city. More than 65% of the aerospace business in India is from Bangalore only. Over 9500 employees work in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which makes it one of the topmost employers.

Biotechnical industries are another biggest employer in the megacity. Biotechnology plays a significant role in the Indian Economy as well as the health sector. Bengaluru is considered the biggest biotech park in India. Biocon and Novozymes are some of the topmost biotech companies in the city.  Many lifesaving drugs are manufactured in the city.

 Apart from these, Heavy industries, telecommunications, and defense organizations are the major economic sectors in the city. Back in 1985, Texas instruments an electronics company became the first multinational company that formed its base in the city. Later on, many big ventures started in the city which made the city the 4th most populous city in India.  

Tesla India has set up its assembling plant in Karnataka. Tesla has effectively enlisted itself by the name ‘Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd’ with the Registrar of Companies, Bengaluru

A city with a big history

A city with a lot of historical importance has seen many rulers. In 1537, Kempe Gowda a feudatory of the Vijaynagara Empire constructed a mud fort in the city. Shahajiraje Bhosle took over Bangalore while working for Adil Shah. After winning Bijapur Sultanate (Empire) sold Bangalore to Mysore Kingdom’s ruler Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar. Wodeyar gave Bangalore to his Dalvoy which means Commander in chief Hyder Ali. After the death of Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan proclaimed himself as a sultan by taking over the empire of weak Wodeyar.

British Army captured the Bangalore fort and made it center for British resistance and Tipu got killed in the fourth Anglo Mysore War. India became an independent country and Bangalore became the capital of Mysore state which is now Karnataka.

The monuments are the stamps of history. A city that takes care of its monuments saves its history. History is a thing from which we inspire, learn and see the future while looking back on the past. The city has preserved all its monuments very well.

A Laalbagh Garden is one of the most tourist attractions in Bangalore. Its construction and planning started back in the era of Hyder Ali and later completed with plantation of different species of plants by his son Tipu Sultan. Before India’s independence, it was managed by Britishers. The Bangalore fort, Kempe Gowda constructed the mud fort in Bangalore; Later on, it was converted into a stone fort by Hyder Ali. Tipu Sultan, The son of Hyder Ali improved the Bangalore fort. The summer palace is another tourist attraction in the city. Tipu sultan developed it after Hyder Ali and he used to address his Durbar from balconies. 

Vidhan Soudha, which means Vidhan Sabha or Legislative Assembly of Karnataka, is based in the city. It is quite famous due to its architectural design. The design is inspired by the different architectures in Europe, Russia, and the United States. The construction was started back in 1951 and completed in 1956. Its credit goes to Kengal Hanumanthaiah, the second chief minister of Karnataka State.                                  

A vast culture that holds everyone together 

In a country like India where there are several different cultures followed by different entities, Bengaluru stands apart with its unique culture. Bangalorean people are rooted in their culture. The attire, food, music, and enthusiasm while celebrating festivals is the biggest reason for the liveliness of the Bangalorean culture. Bangaloreans celebrate the oldest festival ‘Bengaluru Karaga’, Dipawali, Dasra, Eid, and Christmas with unity and the same enthusiasm.   

It’s a home for the Kannada film industry which is also known as Sandalwood. The recent Kannada blockbuster KGF starring superstar Yash hits the box offices of Karnataka and India. Not for only actors and filmmakers, Bangalore, The IT capital of India is the origin of many talented musicians and singers.

Bangalore, has given many talents to the entire entertainment industry. Music is the thing that connects people from any origin without thinking of language as a barrier. India is gaining respect in the world due to its contribution to classical music. Carnatic classical music is an unbreakable part of music practiced and worshiped by Indians as well as musicians around the world. From the father of Carnatic classical music Purandara Das, Gangubai Hungal to Vijay Prakash, Raghu Dixit, and many more are from the city.

What makes a city? The answer is people, culture, monuments, and most importantly the food. If one visits a place he has never been, he remembers the place mostly by the dishes served there. Bangalore has a massive and diverse food culture.

Udupi restaurants are one of the popular places for pure vegetarian foodies. Crispy Dosas, hot and milky white idlis, soft wadas are the signature southern food of Bangalore. You can find a stall serving all these south Indian dishes at any corner, any time. Another favorite Carnatic food, the Bisibele Bath, a dish from a rice family is highly popular in the city.

It is considered a wholesome meal. Due to historical connections with the Mughals, Mughlai food is also one of the most served cuisines in Bangalore. The Mughlai cuisine includes dishes like Bangalorean Biryani, Sheek Kebabs, Sheek Rolls, Chicken Kebabs, Tandoori Chicken, etc. The city is quite rich in its food culture. When in Bangalore there’s no chance of being hungry or hangry. With a dynamic food culture, Bangalore has caught the eye of foodies all over! 

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