Social Media, Use it Wisely!

use social media wisely

Have you ever imagined what if our favorite social media platforms get permanently closed?  

While we wake up early in the morning, instead of checking beautiful sun rays and fresh breeze from the window, we are now habitual to check out birthdays on Facebook. Is it so if we don’t check out the phone in the morning, the actual day will not start? 

The human being now comes a long way after getting the easiest solutions for basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter. Whatever nature provides us we use it in a way that the source gets polluted and then we start thinking about the ways to purify it. The human being, the most beautiful creation by God never thinks about the limits. 

Use social media wisely Because Everything we want to use is in excess. Whatever it may be, the technology or anything else. We never think about the after-effects.  The wise use of social media is beneficial for everyone, everyone gets addicted to it people are crazy about it. Have you ever thought if your next-generation messages you from his or her room about their lunch or dinner plans?

Digitization made the world closer and communication easier but it doesn’t mean that you should rely on it only.

Social Media Platforms are made to communicate, to use freedom of speech in a good way, to make your business area wider, and to reach out to more people. The use of social media technology by human beings has gone too far that we cannot come back to a place where we actually belong. 

Technology made everything look polished and creamy. Aren’t we ignoring natural raw beauty?  

It’s not like that we shouldn’t use social media platforms, it’s all about how and how much we should use them.

The bad habit we are in love with converts into addiction and no addiction is good for health. In the context of social media, nothing is different so use Social Media Wisely. Bots are rife in the world of Instagram. Be sure to read about the 30 Best Instagram Bots of 2021.

Social media platforms are made by humans for humans. They are helping people to open up, appreciate and learn. Important is we should know where to take a pause.  

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