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It is the 21st century, and everything is going under a tremendous transformation. Digitalization is the new tradition. This new age has made the companies ever more efficient. With the high quality of work and better results, it has surely become a win-win for all. The same is true for the CRM. Ditching the traditional ways, and implementing a CRM software that is quite thorough has made customer relationships stronger and better.

Co-founded by Alain Attias, BayBridge Digital is an innovative global software company. Headquartered in New York with offices in Paris, London and its technology Hub in Tel Aviv. The company was founded by cloud pioneers on a simple but disruptive idea- a new approach to connect people and technology: Imagine-Innovate-Transform-Succeed.

We help create new growth and business value faster.

While the benefits of becoming a digital business are clear, the recent crisis aims to show how it is important for many players to really start or accelerate their digital transformation. The opportunity for businesses moving to a digital way of working is undeniable. Implementing any new digital technologies into a business often has some element of investment.  Businesses need to think about the return on investment that follows digital technology implementation.

Designated as the biggest barrier to digital transformation, legacy systems are holding businesses back as many are reluctant to adopt new technologies over old systems, methods and computing programs. Some companies will find that digital change has led to the creation of specialist roles that weren’t needed before, such as Salesforce, big data analysts. Businesses need to thoroughly understand what skills they are lacking, and then recruit to plug the gap.

Implementation in one department or silos across a business won’t work – change needs to reflect the entire organization.

BayBridge Digital helps companies in diverse industries on what they do best through an ever-evolving suite of digital transformation services including e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile solutions, business insights and analytics, artificial intelligence.

The company stands for a pioneer when it comes to address this new and fast growing category of cloud software, called “industry-cloud”.

Our value proposition is simple: “Provide the best customer experiences thru industry specific.

With Bayretail, BayBridge Digital is a retail-specific cloud pure-player specialized on Salesforce, the world’s number one CRM provider. It’s a set of capabilities that customers find compelling because it accelerates the time to market of solutions.

The Products and Services-

BayBridge Digital prides itself on being an innovative and customer-centric company.

The company provides a suite of digital transformation services including e-commerce, digital marketing, mobile solutions, business insights and analytics, artificial intelligence and is building digital products to accelerate digital transformation for the customers.

Their “Pay as you Go” business model makes them unique in the market. This billing model enables SMEs but also big companies to quickly start or accelerate their digital transformation thanks to an all in one Solution package and fast implementation.

“Our aim is to deliver the best additive value to our partners through our technology-driven solutions.”

Salesforce has proven time and again to be the best platform to deliver an optimal experience for their collaborators. Throughout the company’s partnership with Salesforce, they have unlocked their customers’ growth potential by designing an action plan based on their business goals, and have accompanied their customers’ through their transformation journey so that both can succeed together in achieving the objectives.

The collaboration with Salesforce has been fruitful, allowing BayBridge to capitalize on their expertise in software development and customer experience. Utilizing the Appexchange platform, they have created Bayretail that empowers retail actors by giving them a customized omnichannel solution so that they can provide a seamless experience for their customers. Innovation at BayBridge Digital is key, and Salesforce enables them to reach new grounds in digital innovation.

Our Digital Factory is dedicated to helping our customers’ employee and customer engagement for an exponential business growth.

The Team-

BayBridge Digital is built on four core values that inspires the team to work together every day toward improving their industry and the community:

  • CUSTOMER: BayBridge Digital is definitively Customer Centric, Business Result oriented, Time to value-driven and customer success-obsessed.
  • INNOVATION: Innovation is key and BayBridge Digital innovative by design. Design thinking is their everyday tool. IP’s are the wealth. Salesforce platform and ecosystem are their playground.
  • EMPLOYEE: Employees’ enthusiasm and long-term engagement are BayBridge Digital’s best assets. They only hire A-Players with deep and combined Digital-Technical -Industry expertise and experience.
  • GIVE BACK: Sharing & give back are Baybridge’s proudness. 1% of their profit and 1% of their employee time will be dedicated to nonprofit causes and humanitarian engagements.

Their strong company culture is at the center of the strategic vision and echoes to their open leadership style. “We foster collaboration, creativity with our employees – trust and transparency are our DNA.”

A New Era: The Road Ahead-

As retailers around the globe have been working diligently on digital transformation recent global turmoil has created a new situation where digital engagement with customers and online commerce are now an emergency solution.

The current crisis will show the evidence of the focus Retailers should have on their capacity to deliver a scalable business online and develop a one-to-one conversation with their customers. With Retail Accelerated Commerce, powered by BayBridge Digital learn how leading retailers are adopting strategies that are proving to be successful in uncertain times.

Retail Accelerated Commerce © is a package crafted for retailers based on Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C, Service Cloud Digital Engagement and Bayretail 360.

This new situation demands us to simplify the way our customers plan and manage their appointments.

Bayretail Smart Queuing is a simple appointment scheduling and virtual queuing solution that allows you to comply with distance rules for a quick return of your customers to the store and create a new shopping experience. Bayretail Smart Queueing is a simple and quick answer to efficiently manage, in the context of Covid-19, the physical flows in store.

Waiting flows are reduced; transmission risks are minimized for your customers and employees. You have at your disposal an interface that allows you to control the available appointment slots as well as the number of customers per appointment. Five years from now, all software will be in the cloud, and the vast majority of that will be industry-specific. With Bayretail, BayBridge Digital is in the right place at the right time. The industry cloud is a certainty, the retail and consumer goods are evolving.

As the company continues to grow, it will be focusing on bringing more and more innovation to their clients, leveraging AI, embedding live commerce into Bayretail, to make their application smarter.

Bottom line, Bayretail is faster to deploy, far better, and costs less money than traditional solutions. Why wouldn’t any company want that? That’s why BayBridge Digital will be successful over the long term.

Our mission is to lead with best-in-class cloud software and deep industry domain expertise to help companies transform for the digital age.

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