How Italian Investor Visa Sets You Up For Family Immigration

Best 4 Tips For Hoe Italian Investor visa Sets Up For Family Immigration

The Italian investor visa is a two-year, renewable visa for foreign nationals intending to make a large investment or donation in Italy.

Family immigration sounds exciting and overwhelming, as moving with your loved ones to another country is a new beginning. You may feel good about the fresh start, but it can be scary too. Choosing the right destination is crucial as you must pick a family-friendly one that provides a mix of the best lifestyle, education, healthcare, and financial opportunities. Italy wins on all fronts and also offers easy immigration through the investor visa route. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend it for family relocation due to several reasons. Let us explain why it makes an ideal choice for people looking to move with their loved ones.

1. A single investment gets everyone in

Since the investor visa depends on your capacity to bring funds into the country, moving with a family of four or five sounds painfully expensive. But the truth is absolutely different because a single investment gets everyone in. Only the primary applicant needs to bring the funds, and the remaining dependents can join without paying more. You only have to show your capacity to support your dependents in Italy to get them along. All you need is proof of income to show your financial readiness for the move.

2. Multiple funding options make it affordable

Even if you can bring your clan with a single investment, the funding may sound too big to an aspiring immigrant. After all, the golden visa route applies to wealthy people, so you may consider it out of your reach. You may have funding constraints when relocating with your family to another country. The multiple funding options you get with the Italian investor visa make it affordable. You need not spend millions as only an investment of €250,000 can get you in.

Multiple funding

3. Residence benefits your loved ones

The Italian investor visa process is quick, and you can expect to land in Italy within months instead of years. The best part is that you can obtain a residence permit right after landing. It empowers you to live and work in Italy, travel visa-free to the EU region, and access the healthcare and education benefits provided for residents. Your loved ones get the same benefits even without extra investment. Starting a life is a breeze when you and your family members are legal residents of the country.

4. Citizenship for everyone in your clan

Like the residence benefits, everyone in your clan becomes an Italian citizen eventually through the investor visa route. The process takes a decade, but it is the best bet for family citizenship when you do not qualify through ancestral connections, marriage, or naturalization. You only need to retain your original investment in the country and complete the immigration formalities to reach citizenship status. Hiring an expert is a great idea because they can ease the journey for your family.

An Italian investor visa is definitely an ideal option for people planning to start a new life in Italy. You can make your family move easy by collaborating with professionals who know the nitty-gritty of the process.

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