Casino Bonuses: What Is The Right Way To Use Them

Casino Bonuses - Right Way To Use Them

Visitors to the Bluechip casino are offered casino bonuses that are provided for performing certain actions. Getting them is quite simple but it is necessary to use the presents in an appropriate and timely manner. For example, gamblers can play at Bluechip casino by betting with bonus funds. This will help to get acquainted with the features of the establishment, and withdraw the money to a real account provided the applicable conditions are met.

What Do You Get Bonuses For at

Casino Bonuses at the online casino are available for registration and deposit. As soon as you create an account, you can expect the following rewards:

  • 150% for the first installment;
  • 50% for the second transfer of funds;
  • 75% for the third deposit;
  • 125% for the fourth deposit.

As a rule, users are allowed to have only one account. Re-registration for additional gifts or for other purposes is strictly prohibited. If it is found that one gamer has several accounts, the administration will block all of them without the right to restore them.

In addition to the welcome package, the website offers timed bonuses that are active for a certain period of time. In order to take advantage of them, regularly check the “Promotions” section. Here you’ll find information about active promotions, as well as the terms and conditions for their provision and wagering.

Casino Bonuses - Right Way To Use Them

Basic Rules for Wagering Bonuses

Bonus funds granted by Bluechip online casino cannot be immediately withdrawn to a real account. They are provided exclusively for playing at the online establishment. Keep in mind that some offers are valid for specific slots specified in the rules. You will not be able to use the prize if you run other slot machines.

Take into account the following information:

  • Read the rules for bonus accrual before you activate them;
  • Study the features of the wagering and the period of validity of the offers;
  • Take into account the existing prohibitions on the use of the gift from the administration.

To wager a bonus at the online establishment, you need to make a certain number of bets. If you meet the deadline, you will get both the prize money and the money won with it.

Amount of Bets and the Amount Taken into Account When Wagering

When wagering, you can bet up to a certain amount. The maximum size is always specified in the rules. If the administration has set a bet of no more than $5 per spin, then higher investments will not be taken into account under the applicable conditions. Accordingly, you will waste effort and time. Restrictions are set to level the playing field. In the absence of limits, especially lucky casino visitors would be able to meet the conditions for a single spin.

The bonus wagering procedure may count only a part of the entire amount, that is a certain percentage of it. This information is always provided in the rules. For example, when selecting slots, 100% is taken into account, 50% is counted from table entertainments, and 5% from live versions.

Bonus Wagering Time

The time offered for wagering the bonus is strictly limited. If you don’t meet the deadline, the bonus and the money you earned with it will be canceled. You need to be very active for a week or a month to meet the conditions. For example, the welcome package in Bluechip casino India must be wagered within 7 days. As a rule, the more substantial the bonus is, the less time you are given. This motivates you to be as active as possible on the portal.

Wagering Expenditures

When wagering the bonus, real funds are initially spent. As soon as they finish, the bonus credits will be written off. If you are not confident in your abilities, you can refuse the gift. The main thing is not to try to cheat the casino. Otherwise, your actions will result in the blocking of your account and adding your data to the blacklist. Any fraud attempts are immediately stopped by the administration, and in the future, you will not be able to restore your profile.

Wager and Its Features

Every bonus received at is subject to a wager. It is a multiplier indicating the amount of bets for wagering. In other words, with the help of the wager, you can determine how many times you need to play with the active bonus.

Basically, the multiplier is denoted as x2, x5, x20, etc. Its value depends on the conditions of wagering a specific bonus. For example, when you receive a welcome package, there is a wager of x50. If you have made the first deposit of $50, then under the terms of the current program you will be credited with 150% of it. Accordingly, the bonus amount is equal to $75.

The gift must be wagered taking into account the wager x50. For this purpose, it is necessary to wager $3,750 ($75 x 50). As soon as you fulfill the wagering requirements, the bonus amount and the funds received with its help will be transferred to the real account.

In some cases, the winnings for withdrawal are limited. For example, the rules may state that once the wager conditions are met, no more than $200 will be transferred to the real account. Even if you win more, the remainder will stay in the casino fund.

Fulfillment of the Wagering Conditions and Withdrawal of Money

Gambling is an immersion into the world of gambling and the extravagance of emotions. And sometimes, you can forget about the current conditions because of the rush of feelings. Keep yourself in control, otherwise, you can lose the bonus amount. The point is that during the wagering of the gift, you can not withdraw money. Otherwise, your bonus will be canceled, as well as the funds received with its help. This is stated in the rules.

If you apply for withdrawal, you should not have any active bonuses. Watch out for this, otherwise, the support service will not be able to solve the problem with the recovery of the amount. There is no point in complaining about writing off a bonus if you yourself have violated the terms. And if you haven’t read the rules that are in force in the casino online, it does not exempt you from responsibility.

Casino Bonuses - Right Way To Use Them

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