Where Your Brand Needs to Be This Summer: How to Connect with Customers Live?

Brand Activation: Connect With Customers Live in Summer 2023 | The Enterprise World

Summer is the season for brand activations. With the warm weather, people packing the streets and parks, and all kinds of festivals, street parties, and events going on, now is the perfect time for brands to get out there and make connections with their customers in the real world. People are out and in public, and it’s the perfect opportunity to surprise and delight with a fun and exciting brand activation.

Whether you’re planning a classic giveaway or an interactive experience that’s bound to turn heads,

These are some of the best events for you to enhance brand activation:

#1 Music Festivals

It’s music festival season, and these are one of the best events for brands looking to create an immersive marketing experience and generate brand loyalty through brand activations. Music festivals bring thousands of people together in one place. Sponsors can capitalize on the festive atmosphere and deliver a fun and unique experience to build better relationships with their consumers and foster brand loyalty.

Brand Activation: Connect With Customers Live in Summer 2023 | The Enterprise World

One of the biggest challenges facing sponsors at music festivals is getting noticed. There’s a ton going on, and the competition for attention is fierce. In addition to creating a notable experience, brands can also leverage digital billboard solutions to make sure they get noticed.

Outdoor digital billboards help you reach audiences wherever you need to go. If you work with the right digital billboard partner, you no longer have to worry about cords, complicated installations, or indemnity.

#2 Pop Up Events

You don’t have to wait for someone else to organize an event that you can hitch your wagon to. It’s the summer, and on weekends, the streets are packed with people. Find a neighborhood that regularly becomes a local destination on warm-weather weekends and plan a pop-up event that will get you noticed.

Brand Activation: Connect With Customers Live in Summer 2023 | The Enterprise World

There are tons of things you can do with a pop-up event. Branded food trucks have become a staple of experiential marketing and for good reason. People are hungry for novel experiences, and brands that can draw a crowd through awesome food and beverages set themselves out in a crowded field.

Pop up events can also take up storefronts or public space with the right permits. Summer is the season for adventure, and you’ll find consumers are always looking for new experiences.

#3 Trade Shows and Conferences

Make a splash at events where major players in your industry are gathered. Trade show brand activations are best tailored to industry professionals and an environment where you’re competing for attention with a lot of brands in your sector.

Brand Activation: Connect With Customers Live in Summer 2023 | The Enterprise World

You need to do something big and something different to get noticed at a trade show. There are a few simple strategies to a successful trade show activation, such as sending attendees notice about the nature of your brand activation beforehand, planning a giveaway that will get noticed, and being proactive about approaching people at the show.

This summer, get out into the world and get noticed!

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