Your Best Guide to Decorating Your Event – and How to Do it Right

Best Guide to Decorating Your Event-How to Do it Right?

If you are planning an event and couldn’t seem to get past the décor, you’re not alone. This is the best guide to Decorating your event. Many people find that the decorative elements are more challenging to do and decide on than the menu – and in a way, they’re right! The décor or Decorating Your Event is complicated if you don’t have a theme; for one, it can be downright stressful to include it in your budget when you’ve got so many other things and elements that need a budget – from the drinks and food to the venue and entertainment and more. But there is a way around it, and you need to see it in a different light.

So without further ado, here’s your best guide to decorating your event – and how to do it right.

What is décor at an event – and why is it important?

If you want your event to have that extra oomph and flair, you have got to have décor. It’s the little things that count – and the décor is the element that sets the tone and mood and creates the ambience and atmosphere at any event.

But the décor can be easy or hard to make, depending on your theme. For example, you could be hosting a sit-down dinner, and the event already has its décor. Or you could have a funfair theme, where it’s easy to decide on the décor based on the theme – and working with a funfair hire company can help you set the décor, from the rides to the stalls and food booths! If you want something further, you could go with colourful bunting, balloons, and quirky photo booths.

All in all, you and your team would have to decide on the elements, which include banners, centrepieces, displays, colours, fabrics, lights, flowers, tableware, and the like.

The kind of event

Of course, the type of décor you have will be based on the kind of event you are having. For example, if you are organising a pub crawl, a cooking class, or a yoga class, these events don’t require any décor. On the other hand, a dinner, a party, a conference or fundraiser, and a wedding usually need decorative elements. The same is true with events centred around the holidays, such as Christmas and Halloween.

Your options

You have three basic options for Decorating Your Event – you can either buy, rent, or outsource. When you buy, you want to find a means to store it, and you would have to maintain and replace it (much like Christmas décor). When you rent your décor, it is a cheaper option – and it works for one-off events, so you don’t need the décor in the future. Finally, when you outsource your décor, it could be a better option because you have an event decorator who will work with you, but keep in mind that you have to pay for both the rental of the décor and labour – but it could be worth it if you have the budget.

When decorating your event, it is always better to have a theme – it makes it easier to centre your decorations around your theme. But, again, think of the venue – and make sure the decorative elements you have chosen complement the venue’s aesthetics.

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