The Best Places to Spend Christmas in the USA

The 8 Best Places to Spend Christmas in the USA

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! 

The most awaited and the best time of the year is here! The one most important holiday you have all been waiting for, Christmas. Houses decked up with the spirit of the festival, a widespread of presents under the Christmas tree, maybe even loving moments under the mistletoe, isn’t there some magic in the air? 

The pandemic has had us all sit inside for quite a long time, and it might just be the right time to get out of our nests and celebrate this lovely festival with your friends and family. Wondering where to spend this holiday? Looking for the Best Places to Spend Christmas that get you mesmerized by the sheer beauty of Christmas? Well, worry not, we have got you covered! Here are some of the best places to spend Christmas in the USA.

1. New York City, New York

With innumerable movies and sitcoms shot in this beautiful city, New York has to be the number one on this list of best places to spend Christmas in the USA. Weren’t we all just awe-struck when Kevin got lost in this huge New York City and when his mom roamed all over the city, in deep snow to find him, and where they meet! Oh, a dream come true. New York is the place for your Christmas getaway! 

New York City, New York Best Places to Spend Christmas

Gaze at all the beautiful decorations, the lights, and ice skate at the Rockefeller Center or Central Park. Or simply enjoy the laser light show at Grand Central Station. But while doing all this, don’t forget to check out the Christmas villages and markets. 

2. Christmas Town USA, North Carolina

Christmas Town USA, North Carolina Best Places to Spend Christmas

McAdenville, also famously known as the Christmas Town USA, is a small town in Gaston County in North Carolina. All-year-round it is called McAdenville, and then just around Christmas, they change the name to Christmas Town. Why? Because the entire town is decorated with Christmas lights. With around 375 lit trees and 200 wreaths attached to the city poles, it is simply a magical night not to be missed! McAdenville has to be number two on this list of best places to spend Christmas.

3. Washington DC

Washington DC

You are looking for the best Christmas getaways in the USA, and you just can’t miss the capital city of the USA, Washington DC! The city gives you a never-ending list of things to do there during Christmas time! What could be a better way to celebrate Christmas, than with the National Christmas Tree in Washington DC? The tree is located just to the south of the White House and has been lit since 1923. Around the tree are 56 other trees that represent 50 states, 5 territories, and the District of Columbia. Wouldn’t it be a magnificent sight to see? Washington DC has to be number three on this list of best places to spend Christmas.

4. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

No best time like Christmas in Chicago! Not just saying, but you can see it for yourself. From bustling excitement and seasonal celebrations from The Magnificent Mile to Millennium Park, the enjoyment of Christmas in Chicago is unmatched. You can admire the twinkling light displays at the zoo at night or just put on those skates and go roller skating in this magical weather. Or better, cozy up with your loved ones and catch a holiday show in the downtown theatre, or simply sip on some hot cocoa as you go around in the city! Pack your bags for the Best Places to Spend Christmas experience in Chicago!

5. Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida

How can you miss Orlando from the list of the best places for Christmas in the USA? Step into one of the most magical cities in the USA at Orlando. Spread smiles and love as you walk along with the dazzling cheer of Orlando’s most famous theme parks and resorts. With a holiday spirit and jubilant celebrations, Orlando transforms into one of the most magical lands, perfect for your Christmas celebrations. 

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada

The city of dreams, the city of fun, and around Christmas time, the best city to be in! A unique experience you can have nowhere else but Vegas is the experience of Christmas! With a glittery wonderland of shows, shops, and entertainment, being in Vegas during Christmas is like being in a candy store. With undeniable magic and cheer in the air, Vegas has a lot to offer for all of its tourists. You can visit Santa, or go ice-skating or visit the Bellagio Conservatory, all decorated with the spirit of the holidays. Las Vegas is on this list of the best places to spend Christmas.

7. Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

Formerly known as the ski town, Park City starts its celebrations late in November, when it is the time of the Electric Parade, and the entire city is lit up for the celebrations ahead! You can enjoy long walks with your loved ones on the slopes, and walk through the town and get mesmerized by its beautiful celebrations. If you are still around for Christmas Eve, keep your eye out on the streets for Santa, for your wishes might just come true! Park City is on this list of the best places to spend Christmas.

8. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you want to have an authentic Christmas wonderland experience, Jackson Hole is the place you are looking for. With Horse-drawn Sleigh rides, Santa sightings, and Hanukkah happenings, Jackson Hole gives you the entire package of a Christmas in just a few moments! Get all your entertainment at one stop, at the Jackson Hole Playhouse, also named as one of the Top Attractions in Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole is on this list of the best places to spend Christmas.

These are The 8 Best Places to spend Christmas in the USA listed by The Enterprise World.

So have you decided on a place yet? With a myriad of places to visit around during the holidays, start planning your perfect holiday today!

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