Five Design Tips for Your Company Logo

Five Design Tips for Your Company Logo

Whether you are building up a brand-new business, growing your business, or looking to refresh your business, advertising and putting your best foot forward is key to gaining and retaining clients. A Company Logo is the primary step. Think about all the brands you know. You can probably see in your mind’s eye what their logos are or the colours the brand uses in their products. Memory and colour are powerful marketing tools, and your logo is often the first impression anyone has of your business.

When you’re shopping for custom signs to display at your business or around your community, the most important part is to have an eye-catching and memorable logo.

Here are Five Design Tips for Your Company Logo:

1. Be Literal

It’s easy to get wrapped up in finding the most unique design to wow your clientele, but different isn’t always what’s best. Your logo is the way for people to recognize and remember you. Sometimes the best way to do that is with an obvious logo. If your company has to do with storm damage repair, a lightning bolt could work. If the word plumbing is in your name, a symbol related to plumbing could be just as memorable as something else.

2. Keep it Simple

The most modern style for logo design is minimalistic. People are looking for businesses that they can trust to be up to date, and a simple logo design can do just that. Custom signs should be easy to read and easy to recall, and what’s easier to recall than a simple, one-concept design? There are plenty of other opportunities inside of your business to put your creativity on display. Your branding may not be it.

3. Use Contrasting Colours

Did you ever think that art class you took in grade school would come in handy? The truth is that colour theory can be found everywhere you look. From architecture to selling products, the right colour combinations can make or break a design. A company logo is no different. Some of the most eye-catching logos have contrasting colours such as red and orange with blue, for instance. Your colours are just as important as the logo itself.

4. Use Geometric Shapes to Make Your Logo Stand Out

Another point to consider is that while seeing your company logo in front of your business when visiting or while driving buy is key, so is making an impression online. What stands out in person doesn’t always make sense on the Internet. Using boxes and circles or other geometric shapes to contain pieces or all of your logo can ensure the logo still looks just as stunning and legible no matter the background colour on the web.

5. Bold, Clear Contact Instructions

Your choice of font can have an impact as well. Choosing a clear, easy-to-read font can mean the difference between someone merely glancing over your instructions and actually understanding them in the same pass. You can use free online tools like this font logo designer to help you find your perfect fit.

Everyone is on the move all the time, which means that when they are searching for a business to solve a problem they have, they need the information quickly and efficiently or they’ll move on. A company logo or custom sign that is able to display boldly and clearly how to get in touch with you can be the difference between a customer choosing you over a competitor. Whether it be a phone number, website, or e-mail, be sure to find a way to incorporate it into the design naturally.

Summing Up

Company Logo is the very first impression of your business entity. Be it your existing, new or prospective client, the logo plays a very important factor to generate the brand image of your business. Hence, it is important to design the logo carefully and aligning it with purpose of your business. This article talks about different ideas to design the logo for your company.

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