Here’s How to Market Your Brand (Almost) For Free in Australia

Here's How to Market Your Brand (Almost) For Free in Australia

Here is the truth – every business owner wants to establish its name through public exposure. But, the modest budgets of SMEs make it challenging to advertise their business on multiple platforms. 

Having said that, you cannot expect to scale your business without promoting it. And hence to market your brand has become important. Here’s why:

  • It helps build and market your brand trust among customers.
  • Publicity can help build and market your brand image.
  • It is more affordable than other marketing strategies.
  • It helps increase awareness of your company’s products and services.
  • It increases the number of touchpoints to reach a broader market.

So how do you do that? This is where many business owners are stuck. With so many marketing options, it is easy to get confused. 

This is where we step in. We have shared 4 ways to market your brand that don’t require a significant investment. Take a look.

1. Create Your Official Website

Creating an official website for your business is one of the most crucial and noticeable ways to draw your customers’ attention. Businesses with no website may get left behind as potential customers cannot find them in the online world.

An official website will help you to share information about your business, services, or products. Use it to give a personal touch that most people appreciate. You can create a blog library to include other helpful information on the services or products that your prospective customers need to know. 

Websites don’t cost a lot, and you can build your website using popular platforms like WordPress and Shopify. 

Note: There are chances that others might use your images, videos and other digital content without your consent. In such a case, you can take help from trademark infringement Australia lawyers to ensure you claim what’s yours in minimum hassle. 

2. Have Social Media Presence

Like having a web presence, a company without a social media presence will find it difficult to survive in the current era. Social networks today are a vital business hub. You can see it more like a global mall – people not only hang out at these platforms, they also love buying products that are effectively marketed. 

You wouldn’t want to miss your pie from millions that business owners make from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, would you? Moreover, posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. will give your company the chance to stay in contact with potential customers, boost and market your brand recognition and increase sales.

Creating social media accounts is as easy as sipping coffee – only a bit less delicious. Note that it’s not necessary to join all social media platforms but instead do some research to determine which ones are the best to meet your needs as a business

Here are some bite-sized tips to stay ahead in the game:

  • Create a business account or page on social media networking sites.
  • Post information about your services and products. Be aware that it’s not a selling pitch, rather a storytelling one.
  • Utilise catchy headlines, compelling posts, special offers, and share images to draw customers’ attention.
  • Include contact information and hours of operation in your profile.
  • Get feedback from customers.
  • Make sure to respond to customers’ comments to keep them engaged. It shows that you’re genuinely in touch with your audience and can help build rapport and trust with prospective customers.

3. Online Business Directories

An accessible directory listing is another way to show Australian people that you’re available to do business. Although not that popular these days, it is an excellent way of providing another point of contact to potential clients. 

It usually includes a brief description of your business, contact details, and the URL to your site. Submitting your company’s information to the most frequently used local free Australian directories may help potential customers locate you.

4. Search Engine Local Listings

Signing up for an account on Google My Business and Bing Places is simple and free. It provides access to an online map for Google search results, allows reviews from your customers, and can help your business show up as a result of Google searches.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial for a small business owner never to compromise with publicity in the initial phase of business. It is the first step to let the world know about your business and share your products and services in the marketplace.

Go team!

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