September | 2021

The Best Healthcare Franchises To Open in 2021

The Best Healthcare Franchises To Open in 2021 features,

HealthCare is one of the leading sectors that emerged outshining other industries during the wake of the pandemic. This does not mean that the dream run is over for this industry, it has only just begun.

With increased and exponentially expanding awareness and concern towards maintaining health and fitness, innovations and opportunities in the HealthCare industry are coming up each passing day.

All those looking for investing in a HealthCare franchise, look no further, we have researched and thoroughly analyzed the top names in the HealthCare space providing franchising opportunities. These franchises will not only prove to be a great investment but also a major step towards improving the overall life and standards of the people.

These are some of the factors that make these companies top contenders of the HealthCare space and the best healthcare franchises to open in 2021.
On the cover story is the exceptional services and franchise of In-Home Personal Services (IHPS), which is a leading senior care service provider.

They are not only dedicated to helping the seniors, no matter how small or big the role they play in their lives, but they are also sincere and relentless in their efforts to bring the best to their clients.

In-Home Personal Services was started in 2004 with a vision to build a better senior care business model that impacted the lives of everyone involved positively.

The team of In-Home Personal Services has worked relentlessly to turn their vision into a reality, showcasing their extremely useful and supportive services, promising nothing but the best because it has always been more than a business to them; it has been their mission.

Find an insightful conversation with the CEO of Homewatch CareGivers, Jennifer Tucker, MHS. In 1980, Paul Sauer, founder of Homewatch CareGiversĀ®, discovered not only a need for in-home healthcare services for people to continue to live safely and happily in their homes, but he also laid the foundation for how such care should be delivered.

Today we call this person-directed care, which focuses on each individual and their unique needs as they receive compassionate care in their preferred surroundings.

In the search for the best HealthCare franchises, we interviewed the Founder of VLCC Group, Vandana Luthra. VLCC is one of the largest players in the beauty and wellness services industry in India, with the widest footprint of company-operated clinics.

We are one of the few players in the industry to have accomplished the transition from a Wellness & Beauty services company to a Wellness & Beauty services and products company.

The company operates across 310 locations in 143 cities in 12 countries across South Asia, South East Asia, the Gulf Cooperation Council region, and East Africa.

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