5 Best WordPress Hosts in 2023, According to Reddit Users

5 Best WordPress Hosting in 2023, According to Reddit Users | The Enterprise World

One of the most important steps of starting a new WordPress website is finding a WordPress Hosting provider that you can depend on. There are thousands of companies out there promising the best hosting service, but not all of them deliver on it.

Spending hours searching review sites may not yield the best choices since the vast majority of those are owned by affiliate marketers who would basically recommend any company that pays them high enough commissions.

In order to locate more objective and less biased reviews, you can refer to non-affiliated review websites like G2, TrustPilot, and TrustRadius. Another great place where you can find genuine user reviews is Reddit.

Many webmasters go to Reddit asking for recommendations of different services and products, including WordPress hosting services. Not all companies recommended by Reddit users are necessarily good, but you usually find plenty of useful information and firsthand experiences to help you make an educated decision.

This article highlights five of the best WordPress hosting providers that are vouched for on Reddit. The following is a summary of those;

1. KnownHost: Best performance and support at a low cost

5 Best WordPress Hosting in 2023, According to Reddit Users | The Enterprise World
Main Features
  • Shared and managed WP plans
  • Fast LiteSpeed web server
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Unlimited traffic
  • cPanel with staging tool
  • Malware protection
  • Automatic backups
  • Quick support (US-based)

KnownHost is one of the most reputable web hosting companies on Reddit. You’ll mostly find positive reviews of them that particularly praise the excellent support service provided by their US-based staff.

You can find different options to host a website with KnownHost, and they all come with a good amount of server resources without breaking the bank.

For a small website, their shared web hosting plans should be more than enough. For a larger site or a small business project, you should consider either their managed WordPress plans, or the more advanced VPS and cloud hosting options.

2. Pressable: Best for small business and e-commerce

Main Features
  • Fully managed WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud servers with NVMe SSD
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Free CDN
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Staging environment
  • 24/7 professional chat support
  • Run by Automattic

Pressable is a top-notch WordPress hosting provider that offers a fully managed solution for small businesses and professionals. This company is run by the same people behind the WordPress.com blogging platform.

Managed WordPress hosting is characterized by fast performance, increased security, and more thorough support that handles most of the technical tasks for you. And that’s what you can expect from Pressable.

This is a premium service that is designed for busy small business and e-commerce sites, and so the plans are priced accordingly. When compared to other providers in the managed WordPress for small business niche, these guys lean more toward the affordable side.

3. SiteGround: Best for beginners

5 Best WordPress Hosting in 2023, According to Reddit Users | The Enterprise World
Main Features
  • WP-optimized servers
  • Managed automatic updates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Daily backups
  • Custom cache plugin
  • Custom security plugin
  • Helpful support team

This web host has been standing firm and growing steadily in an ever-changing industry. They make it super easy for a beginner to launch and manage a WordPress site using their user-friendly control panel.

Whether you are creating a personal blog or a WooCommerce online store, SiteGround’s WordPress Hosting plans give you plenty of space, resources and extra tools to help you get the most out of the service without wasting your time and money on third-party plugins.

4. A2 Hosting: Best for hosting multiple sites

Main Features
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • LiteSpeed server and cache
  • High memory (RAM)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Imunify360 security protection
  • Multiple server locations

A2 Hosting is one of the big boys in the web hosting industry. They’ve been around for many years and they have a good reputation for offering stable WordPress Hosting solutions for clients of all types and sizes.

Their range of web hosting services includes entry-level shared hosting for small WP sites, managed WP hosting for larger sites, VPS hosting for agencies and developers, and dedicated hosting for enterprise clients.

The WordPress plans from A2 Hosting utilize their Turbo servers, which are optimized for faster performance (up to 20 times faster than standard servers). These servers come equipped with powerful AMD processors, fast NVMe SSD drives, LiteSpeed web server, and custom server caching systems.

5. Krystal: Best UK-based WordPress Hosting and support

5 Best WordPress Hosting in 2023, According to Reddit Users | The Enterprise World
Main Features
  • Skilled UK-based support
  • High-performance servers
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast managed WP platform

Krystal is a UK-based company that specializes in premium, green web hosting services. They don’t just serve customers from the UK, they also have clients from different locations around the world.

Their shared hosting is fairly priced for the solid performance and skilled support service you get in return. You can choose from three data center locations in the UK, USA and the Netherlands.

If you need something with more server power and higher speed, check out their premium managed WordPress solution that is built on their own Onyx cloud platform. They promise faster performance than some of the top providers out there, including Kinsta, WP Engine, and others.

Criteria for Selecting the Best WordPress Hosting

Each WordPress website may have its own specific hosting requirements that must be taken into account when choosing a provider. Besides those, there are some general features and factors that should be on your radar screen.

The following are a few key criteria to consider as you search for a WordPress hosting provider. These were part of the methodology used for selecting the web hosts mentioned above.

1. Server Performance

Different things can affect the performance of the hosting server. Some of the most important specs to look for include NVMe SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server, as well as dynamic and static caching systems.

2. Uptime Guarantee

Most website owners would agree that uptime is a critical factor for choosing one WordPress Hosting company over another, and also for migrating from one web host to another. If you have a small business website, you should pick a service that guarantees an uptime of at least 99.9% — that’s what all the companies selected above commit to.

3. Security

WordPress is one of the favorite systems for hackers to target with different types of attacks and exploits. Automatic updates of the core, theme and plugins help keep your site secure, but that’s not enough. Secure hosting services should have advanced tools in place for maximum security, such as a firewall, malware scanner, brute force protection, and so on.

4. Backups

No reliable WordPress host will tell you to backup your site’s files and databases on your own. Automatic backups should be included with any plan at no additional cost.

5. Support

The question of how good or bad a web hosting company is usually comes down to one thing: the support service. If you don’t receive prompt and useful solutions to any issues you encounter, then you’d just be wasting time and money.

The companies listed above are among the top rated in the technical support category based on feedback gathered from user reviews on Reddit and other trusted sources.


The WordPress hosting market is oversaturated with countless providers that make big promises and guarantees. To make your choice even harder, most of the reviews that appear at the top of search engine results are written by (often) biased affiliates who may not always have your best interests at heart.

A lot of tech-savvy users refer to online communities like Reddit and various webmaster forums seeking honest advice and recommendations. From the numerous WordPress hosts that are positively reviewed on Reddit, this article featured five of the most outstanding recommendations for your consideration.

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