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FAX App - Best Way to Send a Fax from your iPhone?| 2023 | The Enterprise World

Using faxes may seem to stay in the previous century but it doesn’t at all. People keep using this technology for exchanging documents of any kind. Moreover, you don’t need to buy a fax machine for it. Your iPhone is totally capable of doing this job for you By Using FAX App.

If you are interested in faxing from iPhone then the first thing you need to know is that this is real and possible without issues. Your mobile device is capable of substituting a fax machine and sending faxes. So let’s reveal how you can make it and illustrate the simplest guide.

The second thing to know about FAX App with iPhone is that your mobile gadget isn’t ready to send faxes right now. That’s because it doesn’t have an appropriate application installed beforehand. The faxing feature isn’t the priority one for iPhone users so the Apple company didn’t include it in the original software package.

For this reason, you have to select and install a third-party app to be able to fax from iPhone. If you need a really stable and flexible application then try to download Fax App and take advantage of its features. Thanks to the Fax App, you’ll be able to send and receive faxes on the go. It has literally no limits in the faxing world!

The FAX App is free for non-commercial purposes. This application has an extremely high rating among App Store users – 4.7 stars based on 2,600+ reviews. The development team IT Research mentions the following advantage of their creations.

Basic faxing features : FAX App

– fast faxing. You are able to send and receive faxes by making just several clicks only. The procedure is way too simple to cause any issues;

– easy arrangement. Users may arrange and save their documents according to their preferences. It will help to find and use files with the maximum convenience;

FAX App - Best Way to Send a Fax from your iPhone?| 2023 | The Enterprise World

– guaranteed confidentiality. You aspire to trust the application you plan to receive and send a fax from iPhone. So the FAX App development team did it the way you can rely on this application without doubt;

– 24/7 availability. If your iPhone is with you then you have the opportunity to send and receive faxes. No extra equipment is needed!

Users are able to send different types of files with this application. For instance, you may work with ID and passports, certificates, photos, books, newspapers, notes, letters, etc. There is literally no difference between what you want to fax with iPhone. Just make several simple actions and use your mobile app.

How to use the FAX App for faxing

Now you know that this software allows you to send faxes to fax machines or customers having similar software on their devices. The same is fair for receiving faxes as well. Well, how can I fax from my iPhone, you may wonder. The process is very simple: enter the phone number, attach a document, and you’re done! You may also track your faxes if you want to.

Thanks to numerous great FAX App features, customers may rely on it for business and personal tasks. Here are the key honorable mentions of such features:

– user-friendly scanner. Thanks to an in-built scanner, you can create a digital copy of any file. Just make a shot of the document, crop the useless parts, and save it to your device. Now you may share it as you planned;

– import files. If you already have files you want to send to someone on your iPhone then you may skip the scanning procedure. Just upload any PDF, PNG, JPG, or another document and send the fax in several seconds;

FAX App - Best Way to Send a Fax from your iPhone?| 2023 | The Enterprise World

– easy process. You aren’t limited to documents or places to receive and send a fax from iPhone. Usually, the procedure takes up to several minutes and doesn’t cause any issues even if this is your first time faxing ever;

– track history. There is a special directory where you can check all your income and outcome faxes. It allows you to control your activity and come back to the exact file you may need at the moment;

– electronic signature. You may simplify your e-signature by using your finger and nothing else. This is a simple but very efficient security method for fax on iPhone that makes your files be stored as solid as possible;

– free number. You need to have a fax number to exchange documents, and this app gives it to you for free. It allows you to send and receive faxes in Canada and the USA. Besides, you have an opportunity to change your number once per month.

It’s important! This app is free but it includes in-app purchases as well. If you prefer using subscriptions you may turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription. Keep in mind that auto-renewal is activated by default. Deactivation is also available in your account.

FAX App - Best Way to Send a Fax from your iPhone?| 2023 | The Enterprise World

As a result, faxing with your iPhone will become a minute-taking action and bring you essential advantages. So use the appropriate FAX App to send and receive faxes like a pro! You need to try it once to estimate all the available benefits for your personal performance.

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