ICC World Cup Outrights for Betting in Future Tournaments 

Betting Outrights for ICC World Cup in Future Tournaments | The Enterprise World

The ICC World Cup is the most significant cricket tournament globally. This tournament is played every four years, where some of the biggest international teams come together to share different fields and compete against each other. While the prediction of World Cup 2023 has already been made, it is also necessary for you to familiarise yourself with all the tournament outrights to predict who the winner could be.  

The tournament outrights will help you bet on the predicted winner of the matches. At the same time, it will give you an idea of the World Cup odds and which team could win the future tournaments.  

Team-Based ICC World Cup Outrights for Future Betting Odds 

Discover all the team-based outrights participating in the ICC World Cup and what their future betting odds will look like with the list given below: 

1. India 

Betting Outrights for ICC World Cup in Future Tournaments | The Enterprise World

India is among the best teams to be playing the ICC World Cup for a long time. And it has come quite close to winning the World Cup several times while being a champion once. It has some of the highest chances of winning the trophy again, so it is one of the teams you can consider for World Cup betting 2023.  

Betting Outrights: 3.20 

2. Australia 

Australia is a team that is certain to perform well in the future ICC World Cup because of its remarkable track record. Since it has already won the trophy five times, it has a considerable chance of winning it again. Hence, Australia has some of the best betting odds to win World Cup.  

Betting Outrights: 5.00 

3. England 

Betting Outrights for ICC World Cup in Future Tournaments | The Enterprise World

England will be the defending champion of the World Cup, and it has great players on its team. But it does not always have the most consistent performance. Hence, it is still debatable whether it can give an equally better performance than the last time.  

Betting Outrights: 4.00 

4. New Zealand 

New Zealand is a team that is yet to display its full potential. It has commendable players, but there might be something lacking with the strategy or tactic of the team since it has yet to win or become a runner-up in the tournament.  

Betting Outrights: 8.50 

5. Pakistan 

Pakistan is again one of the strong teams in the ICC World Cup, which has the potential to perform incredibly well. It is led by one of the most capable captains, who has displayed remarkable performance and aggression on the field. But it still has some improvement compared to many other teams.  

Betting Outrights: 8.00 

6. Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is an incredible team that has amassed many supporters. It has some of the most skilled players in its team, coming with great tactics. Because of these two reasons, it has become the runner-up of the ICC World Cup twice. Sri Lanka is among the teams with many expectations for its performance in future tournaments.  

Betting Outrights: 26.00 

7. South Africa 

South Africa is a great team. Their 2023 squad consists of talented and skilled players who are a legitimate threat to many opponents. They have the potential to perform remarkably well.  

Betting Outrights: 11.00 

8. Netherlands 

Betting Outrights for ICC World Cup in Future Tournaments | The Enterprise World

Among all the teams playing in the ICC World Cup, the Netherlands is the one that needs the most improvement. Even though it has qualified for the World Cups, it has yet to make a mark to be considered a memorable team.  

Betting Outrights: 500.00 

9. Afghanistan 

Afghanistan is a team of rising stars who have played in several matches and proven themselves formidable opponents in tournaments. You can bet on this team. However, they have no records of consistent performance, so the team can be unpredictable in a tournament.  

Betting Outrights: 34.00 

10. Bangladesh 

Bangladesh has some great batsmen and bowlers who have proven their capabilities on the ground. They have an amazing capacity to outshine some of the best international teams. And they can be one of the possible runner-ups in the future. 

Betting Outrights: 51.00 


Betting outrights and odds helps you understand which team you should support in a future tournament like the ICC World Cup 2023. If you’re looking to bet on cricket World Cup events, , it’s also important to know which platform you should bet from. Whether you choose to bet on a single team, player, or a moment of a match, betting from a safe and secure website is important. One such platform is Fun88, which gives you various options and benefits to bet on every part of the cricket tournaments.  

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