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Nagesh Kunamneni Founder & CTO BizCloud Experts

Cloud computing has proved to be very advantageous in the recent years. All kinds and sizes of businesses are now using cloud services, making the overall respondents using cloud a 96 percent. Thus cloud computing has proved to be beneficial for all kinds of companies. Data security, efficiency and cost reduction, its scalability, mobility are just some of the benefits of cloud computing.

Helping organizations build smarter solutions with their exceptional services are BizCloud experts. Established in the year 2012, BizCloud Experts is a company that is accelerating the way companies transform in a digital economy.

We create and build #SmartSolutions that allow for faster, more positive outcomes, one project – one initiative at a time.

Nagesh Kunamneni – Founder & CTO

Whether you are in the middle of executing large development, migrations or creating new solutions you may/will need help in executing these projects. With BizCloud’s certified architects, application developers, infrastructure engineers, they can help you throughout your entire journey.

The company is currently executing projects related to IOT, Alexa, IOS/Android Apps, Contact Center, Refactoring Legacy C++ applications to run on virtualized environments, building new Web-Scale applications using ruby on rails, EmberJS, Kafka, NodeJS etc.

BizCloud Experts_Our Solutions

The Products and Services-

The company provides services and tools to help build new solutions or migrate existing solutions to a micro-service based architecture which run on serverless computing. Bizcloud Experts help transform the IoT, mobile and web application backends to serverless using the right mix of talent and cloud services.

In addition, central management of commonly deployed IT services is provided to help achieve the compliance requirements. Their services include-

  • DevOps Services-

With BizCloud’s DevOps services the companies can plan, engineer and deploy solutions rapidly on cloud. Here is how it works-

  • Planning

BizCloud Experts will engage with customer team for the following:

  • To assess environment readiness for  cloud computing
  • Work with customer teams to design a project plan
  • Define detailed test and acceptance plans and finalize any project specific deliverables/outcomes
  • Solution Engineering & Automation

To simplify the data center transformation and accelerate the journey to Enterprise Cloud, BizCloud Experts have standardized our deployment expertise on devops namely:

  • Implementation

Based on the project plan, we work closely with the IT residents for the following:

  • Validate BOM
  • Configure the infrastructure with security best practices
  • Deploy required hardware/software on the environment

Contact Centre- New Digital Experience with Amazon Connect-

Today’s business drivers require a new Customer Experience. BizCloud Experts can transform your enterprise contact center with Amazon Connect into a dynamic, personalized customer experience that delivers your business outcomes. The team can migrate your existing infrastructure to Amazon Connect, and provide the solution to integrate with Amazon Lambda, Amazon Lex and other Third-Party solutions.

BizCloud Experts can provide you with a Customer Digital Experience, delivered by a Cloud based pay as you go infrastructure, which is scalable, and tailored for your business needs.

The Bizcloud team works with your team to build a Proof of Concept to showcase many of the advanced integrations available. Our team will conduct discovery sessions to understand where your organization wants to take your customer journey and implement that vision quickly and efficiently, including:

  • Build a Proof of Concept to showcase a customer provided Use Case
  • Develop API Gateway / Amazon Lambda serverless integrations into Amazon Connect
  • Create Workflows to match your business rules/requirements for interacting with your customers
  • Design customized reports to deliver Analytics matching your KPI’s
  • Setup and deploy your production Amazon Connect environment
  • Customize integrations with Third Party solutions (SalesForce, Zoho) or your custom applications

Web/IoT/Mobile Applications Development-

BizCloud Expert’s core competency is providing consulting services for solution architecture and design web and mobile applications development, DevOps, IoT services and cloud management.

They help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and cloud adoption initiatives. Working with their clients, to help create new experiences that blend business and customer domains, and improve operational efficiencies, organizational performance. The benefits of this include-

  • App modernization: Bizcloud brings in their expertise in modernizing legacy applications and hosting them on cloud adhering to industry best practices.
  • Cloud native applications: They build secure, cost-effective, scalable cloud based architecture to host the application
  • Serverless & IoT: They build serverless backend (API Gateway/Lambda) for mobile applications and enable connected devices using IoT
  • Micro-service based architecture: They design micro-service application architectures using AWS API Gateway / AWS Lambda to improve agility, resilience and productivity
  • Monitoring: Automate, Gain visibility and Control across the infrastructure using Cloud Formation and Cloud Watch.
  • Migration: Enable strategic transformation to cloud using a well-planned lift-and-shift and modernization approach.

With the exceptional services Bizcloud Experts’ clients are quite distinguished and the company has a worldwide reach which is evident from this map.

BizCloud Experts_Global Team

BizCloud The Team-

The success of the product and ultimately the organization depends entirely on how it is all executed, which lies mostly in the hands of the leader. When the leader sets the tone for the company, and all others comply, the organization runs smoothly with an impressive growth rate. Setting the tone technically means drawing out the values, the competencies for the organization, that then identify with their mission and goals.

BizCloud’s core competencies that have helped them achieve all their goals much easily are-

BizCloud Experts_Brand Strenghts.

Every project the team handles is challenging; they believe that they ought to be the problem solvers. This keeps BizCloud’s employees motivated as they are constantly working with emerging technologies. 100 % of the staff attends at least one industry event like reinvent every year and they also have University outreach programs with RIT and UT, Dallas which are led/guided by the company’s employees and last but not the least they try to have at least 1 social event or get together every month.

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