An innovative initiative by emerging leaders towards the technological revolution.

TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd.

TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. – An innovative initiative by emerging leaders towards the technological revolution

Innovation is different from creativity. Creativity just means thinking new things while innovation means doing new things. The main difference between creativity and innovation is that creativity is thinking of something new and innovation is the implementation of something new. We are in need of a common language for innovation. It needs to be relevant to each of us, it must be current, appropriate, accurate, and highly visible throughout the entire organization. This article is all about an innovative initiative taken by the emerging leaders to be a part of the change.

A disruptive startup: TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Tigi HR Solution is a top-notch recruitment consultancy in all over India. It was initiated in October 2016 by Dax Bamania and Kashyap Dave. The company works with the mission to create maximum employment and leaders in society. Tigi HR Solution (Start-up) got awarded by the top leaders of India and recognised as the Most Trusted & Most Preferred Recruitment Company in India by Business Connect and VyaparJagat.

Tigi HR Solution is working with the foundation of 3D’s – i.e. Decent, Dynamic and Dedicated. Automation and Technology have been rapidly shifting the dynamic in every sector, and HR is no exception. Tigi HR Solution always stay ahead in this game because they have a constant eye on the latest trends and what tools are available for HR professionals. As being a disruptive startup they work with highly futuristic technology and they believe in the change by preliminary understanding the demand. Now let’s take a look at some emerging leaders who played a vital role in building this firm.

Dax Bamania – Founder and C.E.O. of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Dax Bamania is not from any IIT, IIM or NIT but yet he pursues the identical perspective. He has attended workshops across the globe and got trained by renowned and great personalities of the world. He is recognized and nominated with many awards and certifications as well. Also he is bestselling author of Productivity Promoter book, along with Founder and CEO of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd., he is also an investor and growth partner for many other businesses.

He says that tough times hardly last but tough people do. In addition he is strongly connected with spiritual aspects and as he says that his spiritual life is based on 4S’s as Seva, Sangha, Sadhna and Sadachar which helps him to balance his life in better way by joy of giving.

Kashyap Dave – Co-Founder and Director of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Again Kashyap is also not from any blue-chip institution of India but undoubtedly he has a versatile and empowered mindset which makes him capable in achieving his desired goal. Kashyap Dave has started his journey at the age of 22 and at this age realised that India which is home to more young people than any other country is running out of time to harness the potential of its youth to drive economic growth. Kashyap Dave is highly motivated, focused and visionary personality towards his work for tomorrow. 

Kashyap Dave and Dax Bamania together make TIGI grown, now Tigi HR Solution has 1000+ potential clients and setting-up the franchisees across PAN India to fulfil his vision and mission. 90% of the clients are from IT, AI, Automation and Robotics industry only.

A new phase of technology:

AI and automation would bring a tech revolution. The rapid development of AI is not only a scientific breakthrough but also impacts on human society and economy. In between 2011 to 2018 more than $50 billion were invested in artificial intelligence-related startups. And in the year 2020 alone $62.4 Billion is invested to bring the technological revolution. McKinsey predicted that one-third of U.S. workers could be automated away by 2030 and that between 400 million and 800 million people globally could lose jobs to automation, but now the need will increase for intelligent, creative and technical people who can create and align with technological revolution.

Successful entrepreneurs know how to follow the most significant trends in the scope of their businesses. Some people create trends, and there are people who understand the trends. As being a very flexible company Tigi HR Solution has also taken part in this revolution. They are going to undertake an automatic calling system which will communicate with their prospects and understand their requirements and later will send the data to the team to get it fulfilled. Chatbots and automatic lead nurture will soon be essential tools for the firm.

Inconveniences due to the revolution:

  • The technological revolution will lead to destroying human jobs.
  • It would not become affordable(price factor) for each and every one.
  • There would be a lack of accountability as humans are being replaced.
  • There has always been much furore about safety issues associated with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithm involves analyzing the humongous amount of data that require an immense amount of computational power.
  • The number of educated unemployed persons will increase.

Is it mandatory to change with the trend?

Yes, change is inevitable but sometimes man finds it difficult to accept it at once. But to connect with the people’s need every enterprise must need to apply innovatory approaches as Tigi HR Solution did. Some of them are facing challenges because they have no clear benefits of the technology and hence they got kicked out of the business. There will be a question of survival if there is lack of flexibility in decision making. Thus, acceptance of automation will take your enterprise to the next height.

How to motivate early and quick technology adoption?

  • Welcome new thoughts and continue open discussions.
  • Build new routines.
  • Group endorsement.
  • Learn, analyze, and apply.
  • Try new tools and techniques.
  • Connect to the demand of the market.
  • Don’t complicate it, keep it simple.

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