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Uma Mahesh Reddy CISO COO Culinda Inc.

For over a decade, cyber-security has remained a major concern in the healthcare industry. Along with a continual increase in the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks, IT security incidents, compromised devices, and ex-filtration of healthcare data have all been steadily on the rise. Healthcare organizations are still finding it difficult to defend their network perimeter and keep cyber criminals at bay.

Across healthcare organizations, medical devices are not just integrating more into patient care and the overall delivery of healthcare, but are increasingly connected into networks and the internet, making them prime targets for cyber attackers. 

Trusted by hospitals across America, Culinda Inc is a cyber-security company specialized in securing connected media devices aka IoMT devices, using an AI platform and a security gateway. Here is more about the founding of the company and their effective services helping healthcare organizations all across the nation.

Culinda Inc.

The layout of the medical industry is changing. It’s now a world of digital medical records, online clinics, and intelligent devices. Keeping everything protected is a major part of the change. If you think hospitals are not exposed to crippling cyber-attacks, you are wrong.

We do our best not only to keep the devices protected but also to save the lives of your patients.

Culinda Inc is the world’s first IoT/IoMT security platform with block-chain based asset inventory. Culinda Inc started securing IoMT devices in Healthcare Delivery Organizations and is now planning their expansion into other industries.

To be fair, ideating was a comparatively easy part of their growth compared to some of the other hurdles they had to face. At times, healthcare organizations that had been using certain outdated services for years had a hard time accepting the new norms of healthcare security and the real need for better products and services.

As Culinda Inc started their operations, one of the first barriers they had to overcome was this very ideology at organizations that were using 20 to 30-year-old medical devices. But because Culinda Inc was looking toward the future and understood the rising need for IoMT security in the next decade, it was easy for them to get over this hurdle, probably better than their competitors.

And the result of this dedication? Well, their medical devices are now trusted by hospitals across the nation!

The Products and Services-

Medical device vulnerabilities left unaddressed significantly increases the risk of patient harm. Connected medical devices are often already several years old by the time they are introduced into healthcare operations. As a result, the software and firmware of most medical devices are outdated, unpatched, and vulnerable to cyber-attacks the moment they get turned on and placed into healthcare operations. With Culinda Inc, securing IoMT devices, is no longer a battle, but a reality.

Here are how their services provide benefit-

  • Deep Insight- Knowing who and what is communicating and connecting with any medical device. With Culinda Inc cyber attackers will never go unnoticed whether they attack from outside your organization or inside.
  • Inventory- A complete and holistic view into all connected medical devices. Culinda Inc provides a holistic and real time view into all medical devices on the network! A best in class system allowing ease of management and enabling security across IoMT devices. The company believes, knowing where your medical devices are and what they are doing is just half the battle.
  • Protection- Leveraging AI and Human Intelligence to protect against cyber attacks and other risks. Eliminate security concerns with IoMT devices across your organization by using Culinda Inc Protections.
  • Sustainability and Audit Reports- Culinda Inc provides itemized reports on all materials received. Each report is customized to fit each client’s specific requirements. 

They also provide quarterly sustainability reports for your records. Each report tracks landfill diversion accomplishments while helping substantiate each client’s corporate goals and philosophy of protecting the environment.

Our goal is to turn our extensive experience into solutions that are able to categorize all your devices, discover any threats, and block all of them.

Blockchain for inventory and security-

Connected Medical devices aka IoMT devices often find themselves in different locations or organizations throughout their life-cycle. A single IoMT device can be placed and utilized in different hospitals or buildings and rooms throughout its functioning life, across a single or multiple organization. When a single device can move between locations in distributed organizations or even hop from one organization to another, it becomes hard and sometimes impossible to track and know the true history and status of the device.

Culinda, the first company to incorporate IoMT data with blockchain technology, has solved this problem. With the use of their blockchain technology, Culinda Inc is able to provide the consistent and continuous asset information and security history. The use of blockchain technology by Culinda ensures proper asset management and tracking, simplified vendor management, streamlined governance and compliance, as well as a dependable record of history on the device’s quality assurance testing.

Expanding success-

Culinda is the world’s first IoT/IoMT security platform with blockchain enabled asset inventory, network threat detection and prevention specialized in securing connected medical devices in hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the United States, using an Artificial Intelligence platform and a security gateway.

With their recent acquisition in progress, Culinda has now evolved into securing all IoT, ICS/SCADA, Autonomous Vehicles, as well as IoMT. The new acquisition has expanded the number of device types that can be secured, by Culinda, out-of-the-box to over 500 million different device types. Being a security focused platform and services company, Culinda’s acquisitions are focused on becoming the best in the industry at security architecture, device discovery, reverse engineering, firmware/malware, and security testing. The company is very pleased with this latest acquisition and was happy to announce their expansion and reach into autonomous vehicles, telecom, and other IoT enabled industries.

Uma Mahesh Reddy- Leading the Way-

Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur at heart, Mr. Uma Mahesh Reddy is an experienced CISO and IT leader with a demonstrated history of working in the software and healthcare industry. He has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in contract negotiations and operational efficiencies. He is skilled in Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), Security, Management, Business Strategy, Vendor Management, Software development. Mr. Reddy is a strong information technology professional with Master’s in Information Technology(Security) degree from Central Queensland University, Melbourne Campus. 

“It is hard being an entrepreneur. You are constantly running at 100 miles per hour and on top of it challenges thrown at you from different direction (funding, technology, team, customer needs, business growth to name a few) that you come across have to be handled. Lot of mistakes will be made in the process but you have to find a way to bounce back. I think partnering with right minded people as co-founders is very key, if you don’t get their support in what you do and when you make mistakes etc.., then that venture is heading to failure if not recognized and addressed”

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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