Vaibhav Aggarwal: The Farsighted Innovator Transforming Businesses in India

Vaibhav Aggarwal Blade-BRAINS Group

In a modern world dominated by technology and growing benchmarks for mobilizing financial growth, enterprises continue to find ways to grow and be relevant in the market race. While striving hard to achieve desired growth, businesses may face difficulties that can demolish & make ineffective all their efforts.

Enterprises in India have tremendous potential to lead the global economy. What they struggle with is to get the proper business solutions that can solve their problems and add a push to their growth, sometimes multifold!

Keeping this in mind, a person on a mission to transform Indian businesses, Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal established Blade-BRAINS Group®.

Blade-BRAINS Group’s wide spectrum of business solutions includes marketing consulting, brand consulting and advisory, statutory consulting, financial services & advisory, HR management, etc.

Blade-BRAINS Group®

Blade-BRAINS Group® includes 12 Entities. The group was conceptualized with an incredible theme “Innovation and Customer are First” by Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal and adopted the tag line “The Do More Team”.

Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal always wanted to do something for the nation, and the roots got him back to the beloved motherland.  While working abroad he was endeavoring to utilize his expertise in communication, and when compared to his overseas consumer experience, he saw that the Indian market was only waking up to the west – while the Indian consumer wanted, & had the means to buy the best from the west, the companies/businesses were not able to sell and present the offering in a package where they could maximize the revenue and capitalize on the market potential.

The Blade-BRAINS Group® focuses on comprehending the convoluted snare of issues that a Business, Enterprise, or Individuals has. It offers arrangements that are a simple FIX as well as create a way to steadiness and embrace a “Business Sustainable” and a “Business Continuity”.

Blade-BRAINS Group® helps with exhibiting the bliss of the business to the intended interest group and working with a drawn-out view on things, while not losing focus around short-term and mid-term objectives or vision of the business leaders. The transformation of that vision into a successful mission operation is the key to the longevity of the businesses as well as individuals.

Having headquartered in New Delhi, Blade-BRAINS Group®, puts stress on the concept of “Under Commitment and Over-Deliver” for its clients while on the projects. As a working philosophy, the group takes on only 2-3 consulting assignments in a month only to give their best and fullest to deliver the highest quality.

Their work itself manages a responsibility of business improvement for them. 98% of the gathering’s industry is a reference or by listening in on others’ conversations and the gathering has accomplished a customer consistency standard of 90%. Group edge cerebrums say, their customers are not just the customers they resemble companions for them.

Their customers completely trust the Group that they will complete the work at the highest caliber and inside the set time.

Blade-BRAINS Group® started by offering two business services to large enterprises, for which it is grateful to few industry friends in HR & Brand Consulting.  Blade-BRAINS Group® was one of the few “New Kids on the Block” that offered service with integrity. Whenever they reached out to a client, they always insisted on signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the client and always kept clients confident of data privacy.

Today, the group has expanded with business interests spanning across Brand Consulting, HR, Learning & Development, to a very successful IT, Digital Advisory, Telecom, Legal & Statutory, Intellectual property, Image Consulting & PR, Financial Services & Management Consulting practice.

Under the leadership of Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal as the Group Chairman, Blade-BRAINS Group® helps its customers across a plethora of industry verticals including but not limited to Statutory & Public Policy Issues, Enterprise Crisis Management, Intellectual Property Rights besides legal consulting, Strategic Business Management Inputs, & Leadership Coaching & Mentoring. To summarise, the group offers assistance for global 1000 in the management of Internal & External Stake Holders, not limited to Customer Outreach only. Many small & medium enterprises also benefit from over 200 years of collective work experience and sound knowledge of the market at Blade-BRAINS Group & its group enterprises.

The Blade-BRAINS Group® has a presence across 8 Countries and has friends across multiple global locations.  The Group also has a Startup Advisory in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Vision for a New India, in which “The Do More Team®” firmly believes.

Early Days

The excursion of turning into a conglomerate and growing up as an organization was difficult and the group has needed to battle it out. Some, since they never had profound pockets to begin the business, and some, because of Industry section obstructions that exist for another market contestant in those days.

Mr. Aggarwal comes from a humble background. A family of Service class people only had enough to support a family. Of course, not forgetting to mention that his parents sent him abroad to study and allowed him to become a “global citizen” but then he came back to his country. His father was a bureaucrat but one with a lot of integrity.

Clients used to be tough with them as having a foot in the door was a bit challenging. The group never had a client list initially to boast of or swanky offices that others had. But they certainly believed in what they presented. And that gave them the ability to sign an account.

It is not the Work or the type of work that matters for delivery. It is a path that is undertaken for the delivery of work assigned.

Mr. Vaibhav Agarwal

The triggering point for growth

The Blade-BRAINS Group® experienced the pace in the growth of the business while working with high-end clients, because they were doing HR & Brand Consulting as their focus areas, there were requirements always there. Remember, back then the market was just opening up. Millennials started getting heavy salary packages. Real Estate inventory grew and was selling.  So, clients always used to ask if they could deliver something related. The group that has never turned it down took and received queries and visioned it as an opportunity for growth.

One thing led to another, they kept re-investing the money earned into new business lines, which were related to their core and kept growing. It is pertinent to mention here that Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal so far hasn’t taken any Salary from the business and is “all in”. A commitment we rarely see in leaders.

Their Offerings

Blade-BRAINS Group® offers the following:

  • Advisory Practice
  • Marketing Consulting
    • Digital (Online) – Consulting & Services
    • Offline
    • Go to Market Strategy
    • Consumer Relations
    • Activations
  • Brand Consulting & Advisory
    • Including Consumer Insights
  • Statutory Consulting
    • Intellectual Property
    • Legal
    • Litigation Strategy
    • Arbitration
    • Due-Diligence
    • Corporate Intelligence
  • Financial Services & Advisory
    • Financial Modelling
    • Risk Mitigation & Analysis
    • Debt Recovery
    • Tax Advisory
  • Management Consulting
    • BCP – Business Continuity Planning
    • Business Consulting
  • PR & Communications
    • Crisis Management
    • Corporate Communications Design
    • Media Buying
    • Image Consulting & Management
  • Learning & Development
    • Content Solutions
    • Training Services (Delivery)
    • Training Designs
    • Need Assessment
    • Executive & Leadership Coaching

Two New Services will shortly join the group’s portfolio. The group has innovated on these additions – Unique offering what nobody in the world has done before.

About the Do More Team®!

The concept of a “The Do More Team” is very important for the success of any organization. The team which is responsible to carry forward the light of hope for the customers had to display a non-partisan and transparent approach towards carrying forward the business. Especially that the boundary between being friendly and being patronizing, does not need to be crossed.

Mr. Vaibhav says, “Uniqueness of the team is critical to the business. But it’s not their skill set – but their ability – an ability to adapt to changing environment and ability to keep patience during the execution of an assignment are the two key players in making them successful”

Factors behind Blade-BRAIN Group’s long-standing success

Any organization grows when they have a streamlined vision and mission. These two components are critical to the success of an enterprise.  All along, they kept an open mind towards business growth and never looked back.

Values in the organization were always prioritized ahead of revenue. So they were able to maintain consistency of quality of delivery, maintain a culture of “eye to detail” and “Customer Service”. That ensures a certain level of commitment which created unparalleled confidence in their clients for they became sure that if the group works with them, it will not just work with them but will also take care of & ensure the fulfillment of their professional responsibilities.

E.g. One of the Blade-BRAIN Group’s clients landed in a problem with the government for food policy and was hounded by the Media. The customer’s faith was in jeopardy. The group’s Crisis Management team not only shared a Media Strategy but also used their good offices within the multi-Stakeholder situation to douse the fire and reach an amicable solution on the issue.

Such dedication towards the client’s satisfaction and a vision to solve problems made Blade-BRAINS Group® what it is today, a global business leader!

Creating pathways for business growth

Mr. Vaibhav Aggarwal has kept a track of the global tech developments. Team Blade BRAINS says, “At Blade-BRAINS Group® we feel that it is only the ability to adapt to the latest tech, besides knowledge, that will make any organization grow, and grow faster, not rashly. So we do not just have internal security measures in place in terms of documentation, but also have our own organization’s private cloud, where we access data of both internal and external stakeholders. E.g. we don’t send attachments; we send links to our clients for files, which auto-expire after a certain period and are not public.”

During COVID, the group did not feel the pinch in terms of operations as everything was already designed in a manner that enabled the transition which was easy and smooth. The pinch is only in terms of some businesses that slowed down a bit but that is a general condition and is not limited to them only. Blade-BRAINS Group® has always envisioned making an ecosystem, without the need for any knee-jerk reactions during execution.

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