Branding matters – the key to setting your business apart in the digital age

Branding matters to set your business apart in the digital age|2023| The Enterprise World

If you had to name a few famous brands, you’d certainly have no issue coming up with a long list of names that everyone recognizes. Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Mercedes, Facebook, and Nike are just a few examples of world-renowned brands that have become embedded in popular culture. There’s no denying that Branding matters to set your business can conjure vivid images in our minds and help us make instant associations.

But what exactly branding such a powerful tool in the business world? Is it the catchy name, the nicely designed logo or the visually appealing colour scheme that determines people to choose one brand over the other? The truth is there’s a lot more to branding than meets the eye.

The branding process encompasses a wide range of assets and elements, including the ones we’ve already mentioned, that together create a distinctive identity for a company or person and shape a positive perception of them in people’s minds. As branding experts at Verve Agency explain, Verve Agency, good branding sets the foundation of a personality that people in and outside the company will want to make part of their lives.

So, why aren’t all businesses successful at branding? Unfortunately, a lot of companies fail miserably when it comes to building their brand, either because they don’t have a thorough understanding of what it entails or because they focus their efforts only on a few particular aspects and don’t know how to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Branding matters to set your business apart in the digital age|2023| The Enterprise World

Here Are Some Particular Aspects Which Helps us to Know that Branding matters to set your business;

1. Branding done right

The best way to explain what branding is all about is by looking at a few companies that have managed to master and refine the art of Branding matters to set your business over time. And probably the most relevant example in this respect come from none other than Coca-Cola, one of the bestselling brands of all time.

Coca-Cola’s story starts with finding a unique market-tested formula for a beverage that was tailored to meet consumers’ preferences. Then other ingredients were added to the recipe: the core logo written in the timeless Spencerian script used by accountants back in the day to set themselves apart from competitors, the strangely appealing contour-shaped bottle design, a special focus on maintaining high standards of quality imposed on all retailers. But Coca-Cola didn’t become a global success overnight.

Branding matters to set your business apart in the digital age|2023| The Enterprise World

They prioritized quality and consistency and put in the effort to create attractive marketing campaigns for over five decades, built around the idea of a drink that refreshes the body and the spirit, and that’s what helped them reach the status they enjoy today.

However, Coca-Cola is not the only company that has managed to unlock the secrets of good branding. Other companies like Airbnb or Starbucks also serve as great examples of successful Branding matters to set your business, proving that time is relative and that building a strong brand doesn’t always take decades.

Airbnb figured out there’s a niche of global travelers that would enjoy a more authentic accommodation experience, and so they managed to promote their short-term homestays across the world.

Starbucks capitalized on the unique coffeehouse concept and the promise of a neighbourly ambience where everyone can enjoy their favorite drink. Each of these brands worked hard on building a unique identity around an original idea and that’s what helped them thrive.

2. Standing out from the competition and boosting your brand in the digital age

The digital age is a double-edged sword for businesses. On one hand, tech advancements have made it easier than ever to get a business off the ground. On the other hand, the competition has increased considerably as a result, making it a lot harder for businesses to stand out from the crowd. That’s also why a growing number of companies seek the services of a digital branding agency to help them establish a strong presence in their niche or industry. 

These days, people are flooded with an overwhelming amount of information from a wide variety of brands through different channels and businesses are now fighting for customers’ attention in the digital arena. Newspaper ads and radio and TV commercials have been replaced by social media ads and influencer marketing.

Statistics are also quite revealing in this respect. According to the latest data, 55% of marketing efforts happen in the digital realm, while online ads account for nearly 27% of business searches.

Branding matters to set your business apart in the digital age|2023| The Enterprise World

Therefore, good Branding matters to set your business, and is absolutely crucial if you want to remain relevant in this highly competitive environment. First of all, having a solid brand can help you create a good first impression, and in today’s crowded market, you only have one chance to convince consumers that your products/services are worth it.

Branding matters to set your business, it also provides a sense of direction and consistency, which is extremely difficult to maintain in a day and age where everything around seems to change at lightning speed. Ultimately, branding can serve as a mark of quality and reliability, helping you promote your brand in a passive way, not to mention it can boost your marketing efforts considerably.

It’s also understandable that branding is done a bit differently in the digital age. Since everything happens in the virtual realms, you have to adapt your branding strategy to the current context.

That implies focusing on a series of actions that target the digital aspects of branding, including building an online platform and ensuring great user experience, exploring new mediums of communication to deliver your branding message, leveraging social media platforms and posting quality content that highlights your brand’s personality, and running effective digital marketing campaigns to boost your online presence and attract more customers to your business. 

Building a great brand in the digital age is not an easy endeavor, but the benefits it provides ensure that your efforts will be generously rewarded, so make branding your main focus if you want your business to thrive.

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