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Success – Change your Habits

We see many people fail, but we barely give it a thought. Why so? Why do they fail, even at the simplest tasks? It is usually because they set bigger goals without planning how to achieve them. Many people try to quit a habit, but can’t quite put together a framework in place to do it, which is why they don’t succeed. Here are a few templates to help you build a plan, change your habits and guide you from start to end. 

To begin with, you need to first identify your goal. It is one of the things one would want to change about their lives. It is not an easy job, but it’s important. Make sure that the goal is realistic, achievable, and reasonable. Now once you have set a goal in your mind, the next step is to target a habit you can build which will help you get a step closer to your goal. Now, how to choose a habit that makes sense?

Track your Habit. Yes, to change your habits you need to track them. You need to do things differently and record the progress for each day. For example, you can cross off the boxes in your sheet and keep a record. 

Support for Change your Habits

You can ask for support. It is proven that we can do things better when we are not doing them alone. Accountability is the strategy here and it is proven to be successful. Thus, having an ‘accountability buddy’ will surely increase your chances of getting something done. 

Now that you have stepped into this process of changing your habits, you are bound to be faced with a few setbacks. There might be days when you will feel like giving up, or some days when there would practically be no results. But you need to keep in mind that it is just a setback and not a complete failure of your challenge. If you face a setback, you need to bounce back up just as strongly. 

Have self-compassion. If you fail at one step towards your goal, the last thing you can do is feeling negative about it. Let’s say your goal was to have a healthy diet for 30 days and you could do it for 28 or say 29 days, you have still succeeded. After all, a goal is something to be reached or at least to be aimed towards. 

Lastly, when you are feeling like you have achieved nothing, you can remember your motivation behind the challenge. Overcoming a challenge will surely boost your confidence and you can feel motivated again to take the next step and change your habits. 

With these templates, you can take up any challenge at any time and achieve all the goals and change your habits. Just remember, the beginning might be a little tough, but the results are all worth it. After all, 

“When going gets tough, only tough gets going”

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