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Sanjay Puri- C1 India

Over the years, technological reforms have forced every industry to digitize business operations and processes to maximize value generation. The supply chain industry has been no different from the paradigm change and procurement being a subset has been drastically improved for the way procuring operations were conducted traditionally. Leading the transformational journey, C1 India is the pioneer and a globally trusted partner for complete SaaS-based/on-premise e-procurement solutions and services.

C1 India has been featured for the cover story of The enterprise World’s latest issue of ‘The Most Admired Companies of the Year 2021’ for their unmatched contribution in re-shaping the procurement sector in India and through their continuous zeal to provide technologically advanced procurement solutions since its inception.

The Company-

C1 India has made a revolutionary change in India’s e-procurement space. The company is a leading global provider of SaaS-based/On-Premises procurement solutions. With over two decades of experience in the procurement space, the company has grown to be a trusted partner, helping tomorrow’s enterprises to grow and empowering their clients across many industries to automate the procurement process.

Founded in the year 2000, the leaders of C1 India realized the benefits and revolutionary changes e-procurement would bring to the B2B market. They launched their suite of e-procurement services in a then-nascent market. And within 2 years of introducing their services, they formed their niche in the market.

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With over two decades of research in the changing trends, experience and expertise in the industry, C1 India has been a pioneer in e-procurement solutions. With new products and services under their umbrella, C1 India continues to lead the innovation curve with client feedbacks and constant research and analyzation of the market.

The Products and Services-

C1 India’s products and services encompass the entire gamut of end-to-end procurement lifecycle including, Indent Management, Tender Management, e-Auctions, Catalogue Management, Warehouse Management, Supplier Management and Contract Management. C1 India since its inception has been providing technologically advanced solutions that deliver a differentiated customer experience, accelerated cycle times, and helps customers in achieving numerous business outcomes.

We provide on-premise and SAAS based procurement solutions, incorporating industries best practices and guidelines which can further be adapted to the organizations’ unique requirements.

C1 India’s services enable enterprises to transform their bottom-line to a more sophisticated, strategic business unit to drive significant value, increase efficiency, optimize maverick spending, manage associated risks, leverage advanced analytics to gain actionable insights, and deliver a superior experience.

E-Marketplace Solution-

E-Marketplace solution allows the companies to build their B2B marketplace. This helps you to work and trade more effectively with your customers, suppliers and business partners by automating key business processes.

We aim to help buyers and suppliers build vertical-specific marketplaces, optimize revenue streams through a secure and transparent platform, enriched with advanced tools whilst fully integrating the end-to-end procurement solution.

C1’s E-Marketplace gives the entrepreneurs global access for trade and visibility.

E-Procurement Suite-

C1 India’s award-winning e-Procurement System empowers clients across industries to automate the procurement process through rich domain knowledge and a flexible & agile workflow based procurement engine. This is the most advanced e-procurement solution in the market to achieve 100% user adoption and automates the entire procurement process from catalogue management to order requisition all the way through fast approval workflows, PO delivery, and receipt of goods, spend analytics, and beyond.

Our e-Procurement suite encompasses the entire procurement functionality starting from indent management to contract management.

E-Sourcing Solution

C1’s e-Sourcing solution is a robust platform that delivers the ability to source both simple and complex categories with ease and ensures higher sourcing savings through increased visibility into the complete procurement process.

Whether it’s a complex tender or a simple RFP/RFQ proceeding, C1’s Tender Management System helps enterprises to execute an effective tender management strategy without any hassle and ensures top-notch security, transparency, increased efficiency, and mitigates all associated risks.

Their Auction Management System is a technologically advanced solution for managing the most complex and challenging negotiations with utmost transparency in real-time to ensure that you’ll get the right price for the right item at the right time.

Auction On-Click-

AuctionOnClick.com is India’s market-leading e-marketplace space for all kinds of bank auction assets (NPAs) ranging from residential & commercial properties to all types of motor vehicles. The portal lists all the properties that are to be auctioned across the country. The venture aims to empower investors by helping them to seek investment opportunities through credible and legitimate auction sources and better insights for listed NPAs via banks and financial institutions.

We are committed to delivering investors, sellers, and banks the opportunity to meet their respective auction and investment goals.

Future Endeavors

Integration of new-age technologies with the procurement system: In the coming future, C1 ‘s procurement solutions will be a driver of corporate goals and an enabler of business innovation and digitization. Real-time data insights via predictive analytics, blockchain, IoT and AI technologies will make procurement simpler, smarter, and more strategic than ever before. They aim to make their procurement solutions as robust as possible by integrating the latest cognitive tools and technologies. Which will make the procurement experience more intuitive and capable to proactively deliver actionable information to the end-users.

High-tech space of Cyber Solutions and Shall deal in Cyber Security & AI (Artificial Intelligence) based Products & Solutions: C1 is foraying into a new vertical in the high-tech space of Cyber Solutions. The world, today thrives around information and data plays a critical role in our personal lives and drives our businesses. While moving further into the digital age, it has become imperative to not just protect our information from outsiders but also draw meaningful and actionable intelligence from the vast amount of information and data available to us. Soon, C1’s Custom Big Data Analysis software would be able to ingest huge amounts of data and provide analysis in the form of charts and visual relationship analysis. The software will have a customized module to ingest data from multiple Open Source databases available on the net. Government organizations, as well as corporates, are under a constant deluge of unstructured data in the form of word docs, power points, pdfs and much more. It’ll leverage state of the art Machine Learning algorithms to develop a curated solution for entity extraction and disambiguation from all types of unstructured data.

Important applications could be as under:-

  • Predictive Policing for Law Enforcement Agencies – Used from Intelligence Mining to Criminal Investigation.
  • Early Warning System for Financial Fraud Analytics.
  • Social Media Analytics – Facial Biometrics for Security and Surveillance.
  • Client-Server Call Data Record Analysis for large amounts of Data.
  • Full Indexing for Search, Discovery and Linkages.
  • Analysis of Historical Investigations and Reports – Analyze Timelines, Geospatial Features, Charts and Reports.
  • Multi-Dimensional Visualization.

Mr Sanjay Puri on the Benefits of e-Procurement and How C1 India is facilitating them-

Sanjay Puri- C1 India

Mr Sanjay Puri believes that e-procurement comes in as a boon to the companies. It has added value to the organizations with its streamlined and standardized procurement process. E-procurement has improved the rate of transparency and has also helped to reduce the risks of fraud and corruption. As all the processes that take place in e-procurement are automated, it has largely reduced the repetitive and tedious processes the management had to go through.

E-Procurement also helps companies to keep a clear audit trail. It provides real-time alerts and also helps in keeping relevant information neatly documented and time-stamped to improve the decision-making process by gaining meaningful insights. Accelerated delivery is the main benefit that should be sought by streamlining the procurement processes. Concisely it helps businesses to reduce expenditure, mitigate risks and save time. 

Know the Leader- Sanjay Puri- Leading the Way-

The C1 India team represents two decades of support and service experience led by some of the industry’s most innovative entrepreneurs and knowledgeable personnel.

Mr Sanjay has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. His expertise and visionary ideas are respected in the global IT sector. Over the years, he has worked across multiple geographies and has played a key role in the management of many companies in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East. “Sanjay’s vision as CEO is to transform the company to be a trusted partner who delivers outstanding customer service, fosters collaborative relationships, and provides significant value, and to be recognized as e-procurement experts in global markets.”

Sanjay has led cross-functional teams to achieve business objectives and has vast experience in managing business operations, P&L, business development, sales & marketing, client management, and project delivery.

Before Joining C1 India, Sanjay has played key organizational leadership roles in IT companies like Lexmark International, Aspect Software, Teleopti AB, Dimension Data and Tata Telecom. Sanjay holds a B.Tech in computers and a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management.

Over the years, with his exceptional services, vision and leadership, he has been a leader everyone seeks. His work and ideas have helped many companies to reach the point they are at today, and for this, he has been recognized with several awards and accolades.

He has been bestowed with the prestigious “CEO with HR Orientation 2019” award presented by Zee Business. The award was conferred on Sanjay in recognition of his “outstanding contribution to human resources development, leadership and capability building within the organization.

He has been awarded as “Business Tycoon of the Year 2020” by Corporate Review for his unbridled enthusiasm, excellent magnification and professional dedication in making a difference and taking the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem to newer heights.

What has made him the pioneer in the industry is his passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise and educating other people about the latest trends, tools and technology. He has written several articles providing quality insight on the procurement industry, e-procurement importance, how procurement optimization adds value to organizations, its digital transformation, and current changing technology trends, some of which have been given below:

The Team-

A leader is recognized by how he moves forward while taking his team with him. And Mr Sanjay with his exceptional leadership styles has proved that a company cannot achieve milestones if the team does not work together. Employees are the most important factor for the success of any company as they drive the revenue by the best of their efforts and contribution.

Our competent workforce is our greatest asset as they’ve helped C1 India to build the business and the brand we are today.

The company has been fortunate to have the right human capital and culture to push its growth engine. C1 India proudly labels its employees as the brand ambassadors for influencing customers and enhancing growth prospects with their deep expertise.

C1 India rigorously tries to inculcate the calculative risk-taking ability and offer complete support. Their team thrives on excellence and perfection. This dedication and hard work of the team has helped the company to maintain its leadership in the procurement domain and it has also helped their huge clientele to yield the results that profit their business. The key reason behind this is their constant up-gradation of skillset and innovations that give their services an upper edge.

Building team morale is one of the most important aspects of building a team. Motivation is not the only factor that comes in the frame. It is also important for the employees to be on their toes and find ways in which they can provide better services to their clients and gain an advantage in the competition.

To achieve this, C1 India offers a wide array of opportunities to its employees to bank on. This makes sure that the team resonates with the values and mission of the company- that of achieving excellence, delivering value, accelerating growth and fostering innovation.

We are a team of 200+ talented and enthusiastic people with distinctive and unique skillsets.

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