Call Journey: Delivering an Interactive AI Platform with An Advanced Ecosystem

Call Journey: Interactive AI Platform Paul Humphrey

Vendors create contact centre platforms to help contact centres of different sizes, shapes, and industries manage their operations. These platforms use cloud-based or on-premises services to give the best possible customer experience.

Skills-based routing, intelligent routing, voice analytics, insights, and digital agents are among the most sought-after contact centre features. Many contact centre platforms also provide omnichannel features, which enable contact centres to go beyond traditional phone service and human agent assistance and promote and nurture consumer involvement.

Customers may be supported across social media, text or SMS, video, email, audio, and voice over IP (VoIP) technologies using omnichannel technology, which can be integrated with other communication platforms. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other critical systems can be integrated with contact centre platforms to provide workforce management (WFM) and quality optimization.

Paul Humphrey, the CEO, and Co-Founder laid the foundation of Call Journey as he wanted to provide a platform that will help in delivering interactive AI to deepen and enrich the way that organizations understand their customers and people. The company is a global leading AI Speech analytics organization, with an advanced ecosystem – VoiceAI, that captures and analyses each and every conversation had with an organizations customer to produce nuanced insights in a simple, searchable, and actionable format, thereby helping organizations improve their customer experience, business performance, risk management, and compliance.

Call Journey is renowned for being a CX/EX disruptor, that has helped in changing the way companies gained crucial insights into their customers and their employees. It has also partnered with global leading firms like Microsoft, SAS, and Genesys. 

The Plethora of Services 

The company’s passionate interaction experts have combined the best in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Acoustic Emotional AI in order to create an industry-leading analytics ecosystem.

Voice AI is just one of the services offered that unlocks the critical intelligence from each and every customer interaction, producing nuanced insights in a simple, searchable, and actionable format and delivering value to organizations at various stages. With the help of the services offered by Call Journey, organizations can expect improved revenue generation, customer experience, risk management, and enhanced compliance management.

Some of the other notable services offered by the company are:

  • Intervention AI – Live Engagement: Intervention AI analyses calls in real-time providing enriched data streams at an utterance level, that can be used for agent prompting such as integration to knowledge base systems or triggers and alerts for management.
  • Speech AI & Conversation AI – Post Engagement: Speech AI transcribes speech-to-text leveraging the highest performing and most accurate interchangeable Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engines available depending on region and dialect, enriching the data stream with enhanced call attributes. Conversation AI generates rules and filters that can be flexibly applied with no practical limit allowing organizations to dissect the data for any use case.
  • Coherence: Unstructured data is complex and difficult to analyze. Call Journey’s Coherence leverages a range of artificial intelligence and machine learning logic to create structure and neatly put the piece of the puzzle together deriving the reason for a customer contacting your organization and the core topic discussed. Coherence organizes the complexity of unstructured data to produce true insights.
  • WordBench & Data Bridge – Data Visualisation: The key to analysing voice data is the preferred method of data visualization. As voice data has many interested parties – from contact centre leaders to senior management and data scientists, Call Journey provides complete flexibility in the form of a proprietary cloud solution in addition to a BI connector tool and pre-configured templates for many common BI tools.

Upsurge in the Graphs 

During the establishment of the company, Call Journey did quite a few “soft trials” with customers to get real live feedback on our product and approach. It was during this research that it found out that almost all contact centres had common issues of gaining more effective insights into their customer experience and to how well their agents were managing that experience. The feedback from all of the “trial” customers was indeed helpful as the company could successfully create efficient services from the data and insights gathered from the trial conversations.

Throughout the last few years, Call Journey has been tremendously grateful to enjoy significant customer growth. Thus, the customer numbers graphs of the company are up significantly and the coverage of almost all different industries represented in the fortune 500 space has accelerated significantly as well. Moreover, over the last couple of years, the volume of customers utilizing contact center conversation data outside of the contact center has also grown at a huge pace. Additionally, the graphs measuring customer measures (NPS and renewals) and employee engagement (EPS) have trended at a very high level. 

Paul Humphrey’s Guidance, Values, and Ethos

Paul has been the CEO of Call Journey and has worked in several industry verticals. He has a strong background with over 30+ years of experience and he has delivered high caliber results across the significantly competitive areas of IT/Telecommunications, Financial Services, Energy, Media, and Human Capital Services thereby helping many individuals and organizations through professional services consulting.

Apart from being a consultant, Paul has led teams of up to 15,000 people which included teams involved in start-ups, early-stage companies, and large enterprises, and has led large-scale teams across Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, IT, and Operations. Because of his customer-focused and action-oriented mindset, Mr. Humphrey is known to be passionate about the people in his organization or business unit and their growth, development, and engagement. Being a part of the Call Journey family, Paul expresses his gratitude for having to lead a team and the staff. 

Paul has values-driven culture within the business that focuses on a few key areas such as:

  • Customer commitment
  • Vulnerability
  • Transparency
  • Self-Improvement
  • Collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Curiosity

He added, “In both work and personal life, I believe being your authentic self is crucial, being open honest, and transparent and supporting people of all walks of life do be their best self (that last one’s a bit cheesy but true). I believe that if you create an environment where people can feel “psychologically safe” through living and demonstrating a cultural focus that supports this, you can do anything.”

Empowering the Workforce

Paul believes “Leadership” is mainly about managing expectations of boards and investors whilst ensuring there is an environment and framework in which the other business leaders can excel and customers can be served in a high caliber way. Paul is a follower of Daniel Goleman because his views on leadership and emotional intelligence are exclusive. He believes that great CEOs at their core are “people” leaders, they intrinsically know how to drive, motivate, and empower PEOPLE. If it is not their natural “style” or their true self to be people-centric, then he thinks that is a huge challenge to become a successful CEO.

On questioned upon work pressure, Paul stated, “The ability to work under extreme pressure is crucial – I have a saying that the true face of a leader is exposed when the Bunsen burner is turned on! Being calm under pressure and unwavering in ethics and principles in this scenario is crucial. Equally, the ability to make tough decisions and drive down sometimes unpopular paths is crucial.”

Lastly, the ability to be an awesome chess player is crucial – having the IQ to see moves, risks, challenges, and opportunities ahead of time and the EQ to mobilize people (again the organization’s biggest assets) to execute the moves.

Noteworthy Triumphs of Call Journey 

For a start-up to quickly position itself as a leader in the speech analytics space and to become the preferred vendor for the global giant and contact centre technology leader Genesys, has been a great achievement. Since then, Call Journey has helped organizations across all types of industries and geographies realize massive benefits through enhanced CX and Ex insights.

The company’s customers now are across many different countries including the U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Italy, and Belgium. With all of these key achievements, Call Journey’s true biggest achievement is changing the lives of our customers and their businesses through crucial insights. 

Call journey’s client profile covers both the private and public sectors. With customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Italy, and Belgium, its global coverage is expanding. From an industry perspective, its customers represent all industries in the fortune 500 with Financial Services and Health Care fast-growing sectors. Call Journey also has customers across Utilities, Telco, Media, Software, Manufacturing, and Agriculture. Furthermore, the customer size spans from large enterprises to SMB and SMC and in the public sector, it has a good volume of Local Government and State Government entities as well.

Call Journey’s Take on The Ever-Changing Trends

The company we listen very carefully to its customers as they drive trends, not companies. Companies respond to their customer demands, needs, and requirements and Call Journey is absolutely a customer-first organization. It has many customer forums and regularly meets with all of its customers to track closely their progress and requirements thereby making R&D essentiality. 

The company has a “do it quick” philosophy in that it wants to fail fast or win quickly with the company’s R&D initiatives. It plans well ahead and ensures that Call Journey is always “pushing the envelope” in terms of its thinking. It doesn’t just innovate or develop new features and functionality for the sake of it, the R&D program is carefully planned and prioritized leaving enough scope for flexibility when/if required. 

“Fall down Seven Times Stand Up Eight.”

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