Anywhere365: Streamlining Contact Centre Operations to Reduce the IT Costs

Anywhere365 - Contact Centre Operations Gijs Geurts

Anywhere365: Streamlining Contact Centre Operations

Working from home or other remote places has become the new normal for many individuals in the last 18 months as businesses across the world strive to adjust to guarantee they can stay operational while keeping their staff and customers safe throughout the epidemic. The first concern for many firms is to guarantee that their staff can continue to work productively, communicate and cooperate successfully with co-workers, and provide high-quality services and experiences to consumers. 

To do this, businesses have moved away from legacy IT infrastructures and office-based phone systems and towards cloud-based enterprise communication and collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams. This has allowed them to link everyone in the company to a single platform, allowing employees to easily communicate with one another as well as external partners and clients.

Many businesses, however, continue to struggle to deliver seamless and efficient customer service. IT help desks are busier than ever and contact center personnel is spending more time dealing with time-consuming consumer concerns, diverting their attention away from higher-value duties. This is exacerbated by the fact that clients are difficult to please, seeking immediate responses and individualized services that feel suited to their unique wants and tastes. As a result, now is the moment for businesses to rethink how they handle client discussions, shifting them away from the conventional contact center and instead of directing them to anyone in the company is most qualified to handle them, whether it’s in customer service, sales, IT, or the executive team. 

Gijs Geurts, Founder, and CEO of Anywhere365 founded the company and the services provided by the company are designed to natively integrate with Microsoft Teams and empower businesses to interact with customers across any channel, from anywhere and at any time. 

A Wide Array of Services

In early 2021, Microsoft’s Connected Contact Centers program recognized Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud as the first solution of its type for Microsoft Teams. The solution assesses and routes client inquiries from different channels to Microsoft Teams using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Microsoft Azure. Routine client inquiries are handled by AI speech bots and chatbots, which may send more difficult inquiries to real customer care agents or knowledge workers if necessary. Call receivers are picked based on data from the customer relationship management system, as well as the abilities of the caller. 

Customers may be contacted by employees using any device, channel, location, or time zone. They also get contextual information about the caller, which allows them to tailor the service and rapidly handle the issue. Users may also make use of a variety of features and functions, including call recording, real-time translation, customer interaction timelines, wallboards, and more. Instead of jumping between separate point solutions, they can access all of these features, as well as client data, from one page, saving time and money. This increases staff productivity and efficiency while also guaranteeing that firms can provide personalized services that meet or exceed client expectations. 

Furthermore, Anywhere365 Dialogue Cloud monitors client interactions across all platforms, giving company executives a complete customer history as well as real-time reports to monitor service levels and assess customer happiness. The program is also ISO27001 certified, suggesting that it is safe and meets industry standards. 

Under the Leadership of Gijs Geurts

Gijs believes in the motto, “Leadership is choosing your own path. We don’t copy-paste philosophies and solutions from competitors, we create our own and change ‘normals’ in the market doing so. For example, our licensing model. We don’t charge per agent, but rather per concurrent dialogue, optimizing flexibility for our customers.” 

Founded in 2009, Gijs has helped Anywhere365’s clients to engage their customers effortlessly across any communications channels, from any device, location, and any time. The employees of Anywhere365 work on more complex dialogues in order to ensure first contact resolution of any issues. Moreover, the team comes with solutions that enable not having to switch between different point solutions, which will result in faster call handling, saving costly time, and over-delivering to the customer’s expectation.

Key Achievements and Futuristic Approach 

Anywhere365 has rapidly grown since the inception of the company and has expanded its reach to Europe and North America. The adoption rates for its clients are noteworthy. Anywhere365 believes in providing the ultimate and best solutions to its clients. The customers of Anywhere365 love the usability of its products and solutions. 

Generally, the clients belong to several and renowned international enterprises, including a couple of dozens of Fortune500 companies. When questioned about the essentiality of R&D, Gijs stated, “We continuously invest profits back in the development of new features, UI improvements, and data center resilience.” 

It’s not about growing your contact center seats; it’s about reducing unnecessary dialogues.”  

“We always go the extra mile; we dare to venture, and we believe that details make the experience. This is how innovation happens.”

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