Neeti Dewan – An author, an entrepreneur, and a dynamic businesswoman

Neeti Dewan a dynamic businesswoman

In the search for admiring and dynamic businesswomen, we talk about Neeti Dewan.

A community leader, Ms. Dewan is the Chair of the Atlanta Women on Boards 2020, serves on the Board at Harvard University, Kennedy School (WLB), and has served on the Board of the National Association of Women Business Owners as CFO. Neeti Dewan was recognized by the Los Angeles Business Journal as a “Woman Making A Difference”, and by the National Diversity Council as “Most Influential and Powerful Women” in Pennsylvania and Atlanta. As the CEO of her consulting firm, she received the “Small Business Accountant Advocate of the Year Award.”

Neeti Dewan is a co-founder and board director of SYMMR, a SaaS platform company

Neeti Dewan is an inspiration for young women entrepreneurs and established businessmen/businesswomen alike. Neeti Dewan is the author of the innovative and revolutionary business book, “From Executive to Yogi in Sixty Seconds.” The book has been hailed by one top executive “as the tool Corporate America has been waiting for to help motivate and retain its best employees”, while another has said that her book “teaches executives how to lead with passion and engagement towards profitability. ” Her next book will be out later this year – “High-Level Leadership, Low-Level Stress – How to win in business without losing your mind.”

In an interview with Neeti Dewan. Let’s hear her valuable insights and know more about her professional journey.

Brief us about the company, what inspired you to start the company?

The Executive Yogi – Everywhere I go, I hear from people just how much stress they have in their lives. They can’t enjoy their day-to-day lives and are torn between their careers and family. I started this company to help people regain the joy in their lives, create unparalleled success in their careers and business, and achieve financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones. 

Neeti Dewan also serves as the Global Head of Tax for Club Car, LLC. Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, Club Car is a global manufacturer of golf cars, utility, personal transportation, and other low-speed vehicles, including all-electric models, and related aftermarket parts and services. In addition to its leadership in fleet golf cars, Club Car manufactures a growing line of products for consumers and commercial customers, including hotels and resorts, college campuses, airlines, theme parks, and rental companies.

What are the products or services the company focuses on? How are your services different from those in the market?

My first book is titled “From Executive to Yogi in 60 Seconds”, and my upcoming book is “High-Level Leadership, Low-Level Stress – How to Win in Business Without Losing Your Mind.” 

  • Our training helps executives take control of their lives. Our focus is on learning how to manage your mind, and once you learn that, then it’s much easier to manage your job, business, family, people, situations, and anything that life springs at you. It teaches people to be bold in life and take charge of what they want to achieve in life, for themselves and others. It wasn’t this easy for me when I started her business journey. I had many stumbles and bruises before learning what works in business and in life to be successful. I now teach these success principles covered in her two books on leadership.

What are the key achievements of your business journey? 

I have worked and gained experience in global tax, finance, and strategy for over two decades. I have worked for some of the largest companies like ARAMARK, KPMG, PwC, Hughes, and ClubCar.  

I learned to combine the wisdom of the East with the business genius of the West to come up with a system that helps executives grow exponentially in their leadership journey.  

Proceeds from the sale of my books are helping create scholarships for underprivileged girls around the world. I believe that once you educate a girl, she in turn will not only be independent, but will also take care of her family, her siblings, and others in her community.

Some of the girls I’m helping come from rural areas, and their education would never be supported by their families. I am highly focused on helping as many girls as I can to gain the currency of this world – education, which allows you to make choices about your economic growth in this global economy.  

Neeti Dewan has also served on the Harvard University, Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board, boards of Tykhe Gaming, Sun Ray Enterprises, and several other companies.  

Any client experience you would like to highlight? 

Neeti Dewan joined Matthew Erwin ( and Eric Marjoram ( in co-founding SYMMR, a SaaS company whose automation tech portfolio includes a product designed to eliminate manual gaps between point-of-sale payments and back-office accounting, tax, and ERP. Sean Kieiwet, CTO at Priority Holdings; (; NASDAQ: PRTH), shared that “partnering with SYMMR enabled us to competitively diversity our MX Merchant app store and quickly bring value to our clients in parallel with our internal software initiatives. The SYMMR team is well-respected for their breadth of Fintech experience and has become a preferred vendor due to their software craftsmanship and roll-up-the-sleeves work ethic.”  

Which quote do you find the most favorite? 

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

As each of us gains success in life, we must be inclusive and share that success with others through service, knowledge sharing, and lifting others. That is the true meaning of success.  

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