Aglaia Capital – Revamping the FinTech industry

Aglaia Capital - Revamping FinTech Industry Ángela Álvarez

Women are taking the business world by storm. In this edition of The Enterprise World, Enterprising Women of the Year, we celebrate some of the most dynamic and visionary women entrepreneurs of 2021.

In the spotlight is the story and company of Ángela Álvarez. She is the Founder and CEO of Aglaia Capital. 

Aglaia Capital was founded with a strong vision and focus to revolutionize traditional Corporate Finance. The company also works in revamping and providing unmatched services for transactional technology for the financial industry with blockchain.

The company has been evolving and growing since its inception under the exceptional leadership of Ángela Álvarez. She is one of the most promising and imminent names in the industry, known for her indomitable leadership and unrivaled expertise.

Ángela is not only a true leader and entrepreneur to her core but also an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs alike.

What inspired Ángela, and how Aglaia Capital was found?

Aglaia Capital was founded with a strong belief – To contribute to solving some of the issues found in the industry and Ángela’s professional journey. She was set out to create something that will have an impact to create a better world.

Her wish is to imprint a vision and a personalized approach to the deals on the industries she has worked in as well as combine the discipline, knowledge of investment banking with technologies such as blockchain. 

Ángela wished to develop a platform with blockchain for making a more efficient and scalable business of providing funding, and making investments, and imprinting a customized and most dynamic approach on the most traditional deals. 

Also, Aglaia Capital and her team wanted to make an impact on the world, as the way of doing business around values also constitutes their essence, such as innovation, sustainability, integrity, diversity, and impact to make a better world. 

Ángela believes in a fair code of the way of doing business where ethics and balance among the parties will be present through a transparent and trustful way of proceeding, and she wanted to express those values through her company as well.

Serendipity, passion, and vision have been also a constant in my professional and vital path as well as a paradoxical thinking, and some people that I have found along my path have brought me in a way or another where I am now.

Ángela Álvarez

What Aglaia Capital offers, and how the company is a class apart?

Aglaia Capital was born with a strong focus on traditional Corporate Finance, and on transactional technology for the financial industry with blockchain, and both have been evolving since inception.

Aglaia Capital has two main areas. One is focused on advisory Corporate Finance, M&A, and Private Equity, focused on selected niche funds and investors, off-market deals, mainly in Spain and Europe, selectively in other geographies, specializing in Financing structures, Hotels, Real Estate. Financing structures for Real Estate and Corporates, as well as off-market deals of hotels, Real Estate, and Distressed Assets, have been their core, which they are continually adapting according to the situations.  

In traditional Corporate Finance, they are usually focused on a niche base, with investors and off-market investment opportunities. Their advice is personalized, independent, and they usually analyze the opportunities with a lens of investors and know well the ecosystem of investors and financing providers, and what they are interested in.

The second area is focused on Fintech, Blockchain, and Digital Assets. They are insiders in the Tech and in the Financial Industry which makes a difference for maximizing the value. On Digital assets, they provide advisory on the token generating events, covering also the legal and technical area through our affiliated teams.

They are also a Fintech company, addressing the whole cycle of the operative with digital assets. They are about to launch our Permissioned Platform for tokenization, based on decentralized finance Aglaia Capital DeFi Platform, which allows to get funding and invest easily, while participating in the new financial infrastructure, mainly focused on the digitalization of securities, deployed in the Ethereum Blockchain. 

This Platform for tokenization is the result of the evolution of the traditional Corporate Finance and private capital markets businesses combined with blockchain, as a way to solve some of the issues faced by the industry.  

Team of Aglaia Capital

They are proud of being focused on technology without losing humanity, and of integrity. Ángela believes in diversity, as a competitive advantage in this complex world, and in developing the capacities and the natural unique traits of the team, as a way to contribute to the rest, as well as on governments codes based on consensus and better practices.

Innovation and Creativity are at the essence of Aglaia Capital, and its the natural fuel for its continuing development. Most of the Corporate Finance deals, and in particular, digital assets and Token generating events projects, as well as the creation of the Tokens, require a good dose of both in every member of the team.

The CEO of Aglaia Capital

Ángela Álvarez is the Founder and CEO of Aglaia Capital. She has developed her professional career chairing executive international positions, and Boards in big entities and global banks, in Corporate Finance, Mergers, and Acquisitions (M&A), Investment Banking, mainly focusing in the Financial, Real Estate, Hotels, Restructuring, and Alternative Financing sectors, as well as in Fintech Blockchain that attracted her interest years ago as a way to solve most of the issues that found in her industry.

She founded her company Aglaia Capital to imprint her vision on her industry and combine traditional Corporate Finance with Blockchain. She also founded Aglaia Capital DeFi Platform, a Permissioned Blockchain Platform deployed in the Ethereum Blockchain, with a particular focus on tokenizations of securities, and digital assets, which completes the offering of a new generation of Corporate Finance, Alternative Investments, and Private Capital Markets. She has an affiliate company, a Private Office, and Corporate Finance boutique in London. 

She is an active speaker at Economic Forums, active in the international M&A, Fintech and Blockchain space, passionate about decentralized technologies and cooperation business models, Featured as Top Fintech Influencer, Top Women Leaders, Top CEOs, and Elite league of innovative entrepreneurs, among others, as well as being awarded and her company with some innovation and other excellence awards since its inception.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

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