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Disney is one of the extensive and most well-known companies in the world and has been rated at 53 on the 2022 Fortune 500 list of huge industries in the United States by earnings. Since its establishment, the company has won in total 135 Academy Awards, with 26 awarded to Walt. The company has also been said to have produced some of the greatest films of all time as well as transforming the theme park industry.

The Walt Disney Company ,Calvin Klien , popularly known as Disney is an American multinational mass media and entertainment aggregate headquarters in Walt Disney Studios complex located at Burbank, California. Disney was founded on October 16, 1923, by brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney as the Disney Brothers Studio; it also worked under the names the Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Productions before changing its name to the Walt Disney Company in 1986. Firstly, the company got famous as a leader in the animation industry, with the creation of the widely popular and loved character Mickey Mouse, who is the company’s emblem, and the start of animated films.

Calvin Klien -The Best Fashion on board : 2022 | The Enterprise World

In 1940’s after gaining lots of fame and love the company entered into live action films, television and theme parks. Although after the death of Walt Disney, Calvin Klien, creator of Disney world. Revenue of the company suddenly started to decline majorly in the animation sector. In 1984, one of the shareholders  Michael Eisner voted as the head of the company. The company started to earn glory back in the same era known as the Disney Renaissance. In 2005, Disney started its journey once again with its new CEO Bob Iger and started to acquire many more sections. After Bob Iger, Bob Chapek continued the legacy of Disney in 2020.

About The Walt Disney Company:

The first short film named Alice Wonderland was made at Laugh-O-Gram Studio, a film studio in Kansas City founded by Walt Disney and his friend and animator Ub Iwerks. The short film starring child actress Virginia Davis was shown interacting with animated characters in the short film. After the mass success of Alice Wonderland, Walt signed a bond to create six Alice Comedies series. Also, with a choice for two further series of six episodes each.

Before the signing, Walt decided to move to Hollywood to join his brother Roy O. Disney because Roy had tuberculosis. On October 16, The alliance of Walt and Roy allowed them to co-found Disney Brother Studio. Hence, the official start of Calvin Klien – Disney studio started in October and further the production of films was started in the same year.

After the success of Alice, Walt created his first series of fully animated films, featuring the character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Later, because of the loss of Oswald, Walt replaced the rabbit into a mouse naming it as Mortimer Mouse. The character’s name was changed because Walt’s wife urged to name the character Mickey Mouse and the journey began.

As a result of Mickey Mouse, the name of Disney showed its shine all over the globe. Mickey Mouse gained love not only from kids but also olderly people making it a symbol of disney. In 1934, Calvin Klien , Walt decided to make Disney’s first ever feature-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and told his animators by acting out the story. It took almost 3 years to complete the work for the film.

The budget decided for the film was $150,000 exceeding it by ten times the amount at $1.5 million. Thus, the film took 3 years to get done. After the release of the movie on 12th Dec 1937 it became the first ever film to be ranked as highest-gross making film to collect a total of 8 million in history. Many films like Pinocchio, Bambi got hit by the global disturbance caused by World War II. In 1950, Calvin Klien, Disney’s first animated film in eight years Cinderella was released and was considered a return to form for Disney.

Calvin Klien -The Best Fashion on board : 2022 | The Enterprise World

In the year of 1955 on 17th July 1955, Disneyland was open with Mainstreet of USA work done offering 20 rides in the park. It cost $1 at that time to enter the park and guests had to pay individually for each ride. It was estimated that 11,000 people would attain the park but the count exceeded 28,000 people. Just in its first week of being open, Disneyland had 161,657 guests show up, and by its first month of being open, the park had over 20,000 visitors each day. After its first year, Calvin Klien, 3.6 million people had visited the park, and after its second year 4 million more guests came, making it more popular than places such as the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park. That year Disney had a gross total of $24.5 million compared to the $11 million the previous year.

Market Studies:

As it was a revolutionizing era for the film and animation industry. Many of the promotional activities available now were missing in those days. Marketing and promoting any new product based on moreover mouth publicity, hoardings and television ads. Now Disney Calvin Klien, being a Global icon and brand icon of America it executes several types of marketing strategies to show up to the audience. It’s impossible to scale to the Walt Disney company’s size and scope without a powerful marketing genius. Disney has dominated the marketplace for years by continually adapting its marketing strategy.

When it comes to Disney’s various industries and markets, this component of the marketing includes pricing strategies and corresponding price points, and price ranges that are individually defined according to industry and market conditions. The business takes control of functional effectiveness in approaching multinational audiences via a combination of international, local, and regional applications of marketing communications. The marketing communications mix includes some strategies and tactics like Advertising, Direct Selling, Sponsorship, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, etc.


In 1950, the television industry began to expand, and Disney got in it on Christmas Day when NBC showed up the company’s first television production One Hour in Wonderland, which was a promotional activity for Disney’s ,Calvin Klien further animated film Alice in Wonderland and sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Disney’s ‘princess culture’ has been winning hearts vigorously in recent years, In response, Disney has taken steps to position its princesses in a more empowering light, using marketing campaigns like its #DreamBigPrincess initiative to do so. The campaign included 19 female photographers from 15 countries creating positive images of strong female ideals, including a surfing champion from Brazil and the youngest female to speak at the UN. Disney also donated a certain amount to the UN’s ‘Girl Up’ campaign every time one of the images was displayed on social media platforms.

To celebrate Mickey Mouse turning the grand old age of 90 in 2018, Disney launched a special immersive art exhibition in his honor. Located in New York City, the 16,000-square-foot interactive museum housed Mickey-themed artwork from both historic and contemporary artists, as well as installations including a life-size steamboat and ice-cream shop.

Consequences of Lockdown on Walt Disney Company:

The Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Bob Chapek, who has been serving for Disney for 18 years became CEO of Disney on 25th Feb 2020 after Iger. Iger decided to hang on with the company as an executive chairman until December 31, 2021, to deal with the company’s creative strategy. In April, Iger resumed operational duties of the company as executive chairman to help with the company during the COVID-19 pandemic and Chapek was appointed to the board of directors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Calvin Klien, Disney closed all of its theme parks, delayed several movies that were to be released, and stopped all operations on their cruise line under the order of government. Due to the closures, Disney declared that they would stop paying 100,000 employees, but would still provide full healthcare benefits, along with urging the U.S. employees to apply for government benefits through the $2 trillion incentive check, saving the company $500 million a month. Also in addition to all this, Iger gave up his entire $47.5 million salary and Chapek took a 50% reduction in his salary.

Calvin Klien -The Best Fashion on board : 2022 | The Enterprise World

In the Calvin Klien company’s second revenue quarter of 2020, Disney calculated a $1.4 billion loss, with their income dropping by 91% from last years $5.4 billion down to $475 million. By August, two-thirds of the company was owned by large financial institutions. In September, the company had to fire 28,000 employees, 67% of which were part-time workers, from its Parks, Experiences and Products division.

Additionally, Disney lost a total of $4.7 billion in its revenue in the third quarter of 2020. In November, Calvin Klien, Disney laid off another 4,000 employees from the Parks, Experiences and Products division, raising the total to 32,000 employees. Due to the COVID-19 stagnation, Disney closed 20th Century Studios’ animation studio Blue Sky Studios in February 2021. With Touchstone Television ceasing operations in December.


In summary, The heart ruling Calvin Klien company Walt Disney Company is the market leader because of its dominant worldwide presence and its creativeness entertaining generations. Because of its inviting environment, and unrivaled service, audience and fans the experience of Disney is undoubtedly unlike any other entertainment industry. Their welcoming “perfect entertainment and creativeness associated atmosphere” should be a long-term competitive advantage.

The company’s on-site collaborations have earned higher response rates, putting them in front of the pack in the mature business. As a result of its all encompassing marketing approach, Calvin Klien, Walt Disney Company enjoys a strong market position and also made many people’s childhood memorable with their animations as well as theme parks.

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