Camp Automation- Simple, All-In-One GTM Platform

Camp Automation- Simple, All-In-One GTM Platform Dr. Shiv M Kumar

When you enter a market, one of the most important things to do is market your product. When you market your product the right way, you gain yourself, repetitive customers, and trustable customers. This is the way you can scale your business. There are many ways for you to market your product. Right from the very traditional ones to the newly emerging techniques. 

But whatever the product, one needs to deploy strategies that help growth. One of those is the Go-To-Market marketing strategy. Simply put, a Go-To-Market or GTM strategy is a plan that decides the fundamental steps for a product to be incredibly useful in the market. Camp Automation’s GTM is something that applies not only to the products and services of a company but to also a lot of other things like re-launching a company or even when entering a completely new market area. 

Featuring for the Cover Story of The Enterprise World’s this issue of Top 5 Marketing Tech Companies 2022 is Camp Automation, a one-stop GTM Platform.

The Company-

Founded by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) grads, Camp Automation LLP is an AI and Automation technology company to digitally empower businesses to launch products, nurture relationships & scale revenues. Founders have 20+ years of global experience in brands like Microsoft, Tally, Capgemini, and BMC Software.

Camp automation is an all-in-one AI technology platform for Digital Go to Market (GTM) needs. The platform offers AI Digital GTM through all routes to market (a) multiple marketing channels, (b) direct sales, and (c) indirect thru partnerships – backed by an AI-powered GTM Planner.

Cutting Through the Complexities-

Launching a product, getting the first 25 customers, and retaining the customers – with frugal resources, are common challenges faced by start-ups. But taking a step ahead from that and confirming the initial scope of Minimum Viable Product [MVP] to launch as quickly as possible, was a major challenge the company faced. 

While they acquired the initial set of customers, there were challenges in retention, as businesses perform marketing programs sporadically. This trend resulted in subscribing to the platform whenever the need arises. “Fail fast and fail-safe” is good to know, but hard to practice.

But with their zeal and dedication to move forward and create a market space, the company succeeded in marking its steps. There were two important growth triggers that helped Camp Automation to propel forward- one at an external/macroeconomic level and one internal to the company. 

On the external side – the explosion in the digital space, hastened by the pandemic, forced the businesses to do digital engagements with their customers, consistently. 

While this was happening, internally the company tried to get its acts together on various fronts – sales, development & support. Based on initial feedback, the team put a structure and processes in place and aligned their functions to this external demand. 

“We advocated the digital GTM platform a perfect place to perform digital engagements, in an always-on way.”

Camp Automation took this opportunity to roll out 3 programs viz., (i) an inbound drive to create awareness about Digital GTM, to attract and convert customers, (ii) to appoint Digital Marketing Agencies as our partners to deliver services around Camp, and (iii) to signup top universities to deliver MarTech education to MBA students, using Camp as Cloud Lab. These programs triggered the growth of Camp Automation in the last 12 months.  

The below charts show the company’s growth-

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“Our mission is to help businesses succeed, by launching products, nurturing relationships, and growing businesses.”

The reason the company is standing strong in the market today with its mark is that it harnessed its core competencies. The founding team collectively has over 50 man-years of Go to Market (GTM) experience.  

Camp Automation delivers value to its customers by simplifying the GTM process, backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to plan the right campaigns for the right market, automate it with ease, and measure outcomes and ROI well. Simple experience is not replicable.

How does a Good Marketing Strategy work for a Company?

“We believe what David Packard said, “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department”.

CMOs are storming the boardrooms thanks to data-driven marketing, as marketing strategy influences the overall business. A good marketing strategy is the lifeline of the company as it states how a $ in marketing converts to $$$s in business revenue. 

To make it easier for SMBs to create a marketing strategy, Camp Automation has built a free-to-use Camp GTM Planner, and packaged years of marketing experience in the AI algorithm, that helps any entrepreneur/businessperson to draft the strategy in a step by step guided way. 

The Products and Services-


Camp automation is an all-in-one AI technology platform for Digital Go to Market (GTM) needs. The SaaS platform offers (a) AI Digital GTM Planner, (b) multi-channel marketing automation, (c) sales app for field sales & inside sales teams, and (c) Partner app for co-selling and co-marketing.

Multi-channel marketing automation features social posts, social ads, Data Management Platform (DMP) integrations (for attraction and lead generation), web tracking, push notifications, landing pages, progressive forms, lead points, buyer journey stages (for nurturing, lead qualifications, and marketing conversions), and auto-assign leads to sales or partners basis criteria and lead temperature (end-mile conversions)

Sales app helps inside sales or field sales to perform their job. See incoming leads, swipe and make calls / send WhatsApp messages, manage meetings, carry a digital briefcase, and book deals. 

Partner co-selling and co-marketing involve lead assignments, lead registrations, access to partner asset libraries, manage Market Development Funds (MDF). Camp caters to the new emerging area of Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA), for effective co-marketing. 

“Camp Automation provides an integrated and seamless way to manage front office functions – sales, marketing, and partnerships, similar to ERP for the back office.”

With Camp Automation, businesses can launch products, nurture relationships and grow business. With best-practice templates readily available, companies can quickly test scale elements before bigger investments. Multi-channel digital presence can be established and lead leakages can be arrested. For the indirect model, using our hub and spoke architecture, enterprises can enable the channel partners to execute campaigns, share content and visualize pipeline.

GTM Services: 

Camp Automation offers GTM services around the Camp platform, to help SMBs gear up by adding marketing muscle. In 2 or 3 quarters, SMBs are equipped well, and we hand them over to their internal teams. 

Professional Services: 

Growing businesses need to integrate Camp with other software they are using for their business needs. Also, they have customization needs. Camp’s professional services provide them with integration and customization, apart from the out of box integration it has with 40+ applications.

5 Steps of Camp Automation-


Camp Automation is simple. Get started from day one. The tech platform allows you to start small, and scale as you go along. We will share training videos, and organize a 1:1 session to clarify doubts. Once your team is ready, simply upload a list, send out a campaign, do social posts, and more. Every small step you take takes you to greater heights.


You subscribed for sales and marketing technologies. A set of actions will help in good use of these tech platforms.  Get expert help in organizing your contact database, design templates that reflect your brand, and set up the initial always-on campaigns.


You got sales and marketing technologies, but do not have the internal resources to run consistent campaigns. CAAS or Campaign as a Service is meant for you. We become your extended marketing team, to plan and run campaigns on your behalf, and share leads & meetings.


You got great technologists, creators, and out-of-the-world products. The GTM services by our team help you to focus on your core strengths. We will manage the planning to execution of your business GTM. Set the objective, allocate budgets, outline boundary conditions, and we will get it moving.


The business world is changing at a fast pace, with multiple factors affecting it. Over 9000 technologies were introduced in the sales & marketing area. Innovations such as AI, 3D printing, AR, 5G are changing the landscape. The Camp Academy equips students and budding managers with GTM technologies that are becoming mainstream, with university partnerships.

Dr. Shiv M Kumar (Director)- Leading the Way!

Dr. Shiv M Kumar, a doctorate and a fellow of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM, Indore) has over two decades of marketing journey in leading organizations and Fortune 500 brands to the ladder of success. He brings his expertise in this field by evolving strategic plans in the areas of Marketing and Alliances. 

Within 1 year of operations:

  • Launched MVP and got the first 20+ Business Customers.
  • 300+ users in our platform, using it regularly
  • 900+ campaigns run on our platform, tracking over 3 million digital footprints.
  • Recognized as “Top 10 Market Start-ups of 2021” by CIO Review magazine.
  • Signed up large account relationships with Asian Paints, Sodexo, and Western Digital.
  • Partnered with IIM Indore, IMT Hyderabad, and Jaipuria – to roll out data-driven marketing courses to PGP/EPGP students. 
  • Finalist in Elevate 2022 Karnataka

What Makes the Team Unique?

Camp Automation is a small team of employees who are independent and responsible. With flexible timings and a 5-day work week, Dr. Shiv M Kumar makes sure that the employee morale is high and that they are able to strike a perfect balance between personal and professional lives. Moreover, Camp Automation has created a learning environment, for people to learn and employ their skills, in the job at hand. 

“A well-informed workforce, that is of high caliber, willing to learn and experiment, in a flexible environment – is what makes our team unique.”

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