Unicampus- Your Campus at Your Fingertips

Unicampus- Your Campus at Your Fingertips Srinivas Gyada

Education is an imperative part of a child’s future, and educational institutions play a crucial role. Keeping abreast with new technology trends, these institutions would benefit more from an efficient and effective system. This is where an all-inclusive ERP Software comes into play. With a well-curated ERP solution for campuses, educational institutions can better manage their activities, making the entire process seamless. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World, this issue of The 5 Best K12 Technology Solution Providers in 2022 is Unicampus, a platform that brings your campus at your fingertips.

The Company-

Unicampus is an all-in-one comprehensive, end-to-end ERP platform empowering educational organizations to embrace the digital-first. Unicampus provides a simple mobile app to access students’ scholastic activities at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. With Unicampus, you can manage all your branches centrally; view financial information, examination results, attendance details, etc. 

“Our robust architecture keeps all your details inaccessible to unauthorized users, so your data is sound and secure.”

It has some very interesting features like GPS Tracking System, Exam Scheduler, Fee management, Online admission with inquiry, Leave management, Time Table management, etc. and, their on-cloud service with a pay-per-use model will keep educational institutes connected to the campus 24/7. 

Cutting Through the Complexities-

With the onset of digitization, even though almost all of the industries have adapted to it pretty aptly and quickly, it has been a challenge for companies to bring the decades of traditional format to a digital platform. This was one of the primary challenges faced by Unicampus. 

Educational institutes have believed in the traditional format of things, and the company faced resistance from them to go digital. When Unicampus started, this idea of ERP software for educational institutes was scarce. 

This idea came with resistance from the staff members, faced apprehensions of the management in terms of technical training that would be needed, of the budgetary concerns, raising a question of how beneficial would this be to the institution? This was a challenge,  especially since most institutes didn’t know how to use the software. At the start, capital and brand building was major challenge. 

“So, we were all prepared to create awareness, ensure training and a comfortable mindset even before the implementation to make it a seamless experience.”

Despite the challenges, Unicampus has had a successful journey thus far having implemented their ERP software in many schools, educational institutes and earned the recognition and gained the trust of many customers by becoming the most widely trusted software across the nation. 

The Growth Quotient-

Unicampus is an innovative company backed by technical expertise. Word of mouth, references from existing customers propelled Unicampus to reach great heights. We understood early on that customer centricity was very critical to our growth. Satisfied customers, continuous investment in technology led to the growth of our company.

“We have ensured we deliver modules that the customers need.”

Since 2017 the company has seen every year almost 30-40 schools onboard Unicampus, and this has been encouraging growth pattern. To this streak of success, Unicampus has also added Government schools and Universities to their customer base, and this triggered a good growth tangent for the company. One of their major customers, a leading school with 25 branches, has continuously engaged with Unicampus and this was a turning point.

“We have long-standing association and engagements with all our customers, from inception till date.”

One of the main reasons for the company’s success is the product capabilities, the unique model they offer to the educational institutes, and continuous support to all of their customers. Being a customer-centric service, Unicampus has always made sure to deliver the best solutions to their customers and exceed customer expectations. 

In recent times, when Covid disrupted every industry Unicampus helped educational institutes, and students with modules that ensured seamless collaboration, uninterrupted working and learning continuity. With highly powerful, customization features their products, support and services have helped schools and institutes leverage new technologies to navigate the new world, post-Covid.

These three steps have built a successful foundation for Unicampus’ success- 

1. Perseverance

If you don’t have the perseverance to see it through certain difficulties, then the business will not survive.

2. Understanding that success or failure isn’t permanent

If you let failure go to your head, you will give up too soon and ruin the prospects of having a successful business. So, we need to keep our feet on the ground, be watchful, celebrate successes, learn from failures and keep working hard towards our goal.

3. Shared belief and team spirit

Developing a well-functioning team is fundamental to a successful business. It is important to choose good people to work with and learn to maintain a good working relationship. Understanding how to motivate and challenge staff while understanding them as people and working with their strengths is an important skill to develop.

The Products and Services-

Unicampus offers products that help schools and colleges function systematically without any kind of errors, delays, or glitches.  The software automates all your to-do activities such as Admissions, Accounts, Leave Management, Lesson Planning, Library Management, Mobile App, Payroll Management, Performance Monitoring, Role-Based Access Control, Staff Appraisal, Staff Management Module, Transportation, Time Table, Staff Information, Student Information, etc. 

Not just that parents, faculty, and students can easily interact and virtually collaborate from any corner of the world. 

“Our software is designed to handle the business requirements for educational institutions of all sizes.”

Built from the ground up, this cloud-based solution offers the highest level of reliability, security, and customization for even the niche requirements of institutions.

As a Cloud-based, mobile-friendly school management system, Unicampus’ technology is best in class that offers a complete school ERP software that makes it easier for institutions (whether a single school or a group of schools) to collect, streamline and use the available data  efficiently. 

What Makes Unicampus Different?

The Covid 19 has accelerated the demand for the education ERP market, the need for automated management to carry out business processes in academic institutions. 

Unicampus’ ERP software demo available is to facilitate a smooth learning process.  Ultimately, everyone, today is looking at navigating the new digital normal. Even educational institutions have realized that automating processes such as fee collection, admission, staff attendance management, etc., is now imperative to improve operational efficiencies.  

“And, that’s what Unicampus offers. It helps every stakeholder of the organization/institute connect, teach, validate, and receive feedback.”

Unicampus ensures the best product and best customer support to all its clients. The team’s response to customers and their queries are prompt. There is a proactive approach they believe in, which has helped the company serve their customers better. 

Today, educational institutes using Unicampus have error-free, seamless financial management. So, managing the daily finances is not only easy but secure and accurate. Their modules such as Online Fee Module, Student and Staff Management Module have ensured safe, real-time, paperless sustainable work for institutes. The mobile app for parents is yet another great feature.

Our customers speak for us

Our customers are leading schools and colleges and we have had long associations with them through the years. Some of our esteemed customers are NIT, Warangal, Mahindra University, GD Goenka Public School, D.P.S, Alphores Group of educational institutes, and Montessori Schools in AP, RGMIT- AP, and more.

Srinivas Gyada- Leading the Way


“Entrepreneurs are idea people, always searching for opportunities for innovation and finding new ways to tackle old challenges.”

Srinivas started his professional journey in service and support but eventually found his calling in Sales. With 22 plus years of experience and exposure across diverse industries- all of which have been pivotal in honing his skills, business acumen & ability to work seamlessly with diverse teams & stakeholders. Besides, Srinivas has had a proven track record of building successful sales funnels and exceptional client interactions. 

“In my journey thus far, I am a firm believer of making a difference, love taking up new challenges, solving complex problems & seeing them through completion.”

Unique Team-

Srinivas maintains a unique approach towards his team, where the company practices an open-door policy. While technology is a great enabler, it is the processes, people, and culture that make a difference. We believe in autonomy, giving employees the freedom to innovate, create and learn. 

Srinivas’ Message to the Budding Entrepreneurs-

“Many entrepreneurs point to mistakes as being their best teachers. When you learn from your mistakes, you move closer to success even though you initially failed. So, learn from mistakes. 

Build a great team. No one succeeds in business alone, and those who try will lose to a great team every time. Build your great team to bolster your success. 

Act. The world is full of great ideas, but success only comes through action. The easiest way to get started is that you quit talking and start doing it. That’s true for your success as well. 

Take the risk. We never know the outcome of our efforts unless we do it. So, take risks as it would help you to know that you wouldn’t regret failure, but you would regret not trying.

Customer focus and innovation is possible only when we do what we love with the extra zeal, go through the challenges, and everything that comes with running a successful business.”

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