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CANGO Mobility-Tailor Made Solutions | Bianca Barbu | The Enterprise World

Since the invention of the steam-powered engine, the automotive industry has come a long way. With over two centuries of continuous development and industrialization and also an increase in disposable incomes around the globe, the need for this market has increased too. This has brought forth a kind of environment suitable for the growth of other industries and has thus become a crucial aspect of growing economies worldwide. 

The markets today are brimming with strong competition, and are emerging with new technologies. One of them is automotive telematics. In simple terms, telematics is a communication technology made for the automobile industry that is primarily based on information flowing to and that is generated from the vehicles which are connected via wireless networks. This technology is a sweet convergence between wireless communications, location technology, and also vehicle electronics, all of which have successfully pushed the automobile industry into the new age of information. 

Featuring for The Enterprise World’s cover feature of this issue of Most Trusted EV Technology Solution Providers To Watch – 2022 is CANGO Mobility, your one technology partner for Vehicle-to-X solutions. 

The Company- 

CANGO Mobility is a company that primarily provides automotive and telematics solutions and has been in the industry for more than 12 years now. From the very start of the company, the team has proved its ability to look at problems from a different perspective and provide innovative solutions. 

This approach has led to the company providing customers with some of the most reliable, cost-effective and intelligent solutions for the clients. 

“With a stable team that accumulates more than 20 years experience in the telematics field, CANGO can be anybody’s   number one technology partner for Vehicle- to- X solutions.”

Challenging the Challenges- 

Challenges are a part of the journey. Without any challenges, there wouldn’t be creative minds and sustainable and workable solutions. Every company goes through a phase of growth, where the main factor that stimulates this growth is the challenges. 

For CANGO Mobility, challenges have been a part of the very first day, but with grit, integrity, creativity, and innovation, they have always sailed forward. Due to the team’s high flexibility, responsibility, and extensive customer support, the CANGO team is fully committed to doing so for its customers and partners, without any exceptions. 

Also, the challenges related to development and custom solutions have made them experts in their field and made them become what they are today. 

“We are very confident in our knowledge and know that we have gathered a lot of experience from the use-cases that we worked for, that is why we became a reference in telematics industry and we are working with the top 3 telematics suppliers’ providers in the world.”

Stable, Strong Growth-

It is hard to put the finger on the map and say that this is the point from which to company started to grow. It is not a single race, not even a sprint. The company has been continuously growing and in the same time continuously learning. CANGO Mobility has a strong position in the market, and it is recognized for the quality of the solutions that they are offering. 

“We are focused on data quality and data accuracy, and we make sure the solution is customized and developed on exactly the client’s needs.”

And the best comparison is; that every single human that wants what is the best and works and invests in this way: best house, best car, best clothes, best cell phone, etc. CANGO Mobility works with lifetime quality in the mindset as they want their customers to treat their fleets with the same responsibility and respect as they treat themselves in their personal life. Quality products mean long-term investments and benefits. 

A Graph of Exponential Growth-

The team is very proud of the fact that their CANGOclick- the device that can read the CANbus information without cutting the wires, so in a non-intrusive way was sold in more than 1 million units all over the world, in different projects from logistics to mobility. Also, this product has a lifetime warranty and so it is used by some OEMs in their production process. 

“Our graphs started to change few years ago when we firstly received Best Practises Frost and Sullivan Award for CANbus solutions.”

The game changer was when the company got this distinction for two different years, which only proves how well the team has maintained the same level of quality, support, and trustworthiness. Just this previous year, CANGO Mobility received the award for Best Fleet Service from Informa Automotive. 

“We strive hard to be the long-term players and partners and always take any challenge as a new opportunity for growth.”

All of CANGO Mobility’s values and way of making business are based on a strong foundation and with great knowledge and background in the field. Everyone in the CANGO Mobility team works with the customer’s dedication in mind and commitment to deliver. 

One of the core values is innovation- the team offers a new and unique solution according to the client’s requests. Innovation enables them to focus on beating their competition and serving the clients better. One of the main things that the team is known in the market is availability. 

“We listen all our clients carefully and understand each project is important no matter how big or small is.”

Their Products and Services-

CANGO Mobility is an expert in Canbus and other vehicle data networks. The company’s solutions are used in the telematics industry, fleet management, transportation, logistics, mobility, car-sharing, public transportation, delivery, etc. The main differentiator is that besides the hardware that they have developed the team is now able to license their knowledge, and their data base, to any 3rd part device no matter what type is. 

“We call it CANbus library and it is a small software component that it is installed in our client’s hardware.”

As complicated as it looks it is actually very simple to be used as everyone knows the principle of smartphone: device- operating system- applications.

The Next Big Thing-

The company is all ready to step into the future. As the market is affected by components shortage and all the companies are complaining about that, CANGO Mobility is ready for the future by offering the CANbus library.

In this way, the company has managed to retrofit many solutions that were already installed in the vehicles without adding any additional hardware. The main advantage of using the CAnbus library is that a device is already prepared for upgrade and update with different other applications like driver behavior, car sharing applications, anti-theft application, and trailer data. It is like Rubik’s cube or like a modular system. The client’s device is the body, the CANbus library is the core and then the looks are given by the future apps. Bespoke approach! 

The team has identified many needs in terms of support and assistance and is working on some solutions to make the installer’s life easier and strengthen what means knowledge transfer and licensing process. It will be a unique approach and will also be dedicated to companies that are not yet CANGO Mobility clients. 

“Openness is the key to the future.”

Bianca Barbu- The Leading Force- 


When Bianca first entered in this industry, she had no clue what even telematics means. With a strong background in Banks and Stock and Exchange, she has specialized in Marketing and Business Communication. She joined CANGO Mobility 11 years ago, after serving her fair share for three years in the insurance industry. 

“It was and still is a men’s world, so I have to find my place in it.”

After years of rooting in the industry, and training herself in every possible area, it is now safe to say that Bianca is well-anchored in this world, and with her feet on the ground. With the many events that she participates in, she surely has had a very proud journey so far. 

The CANGO Mobility Team-

CANGO Mobility team is unique because it still has in it the componence; the people that were there from the very beginning. The unicity comes from the fact that the team puts accent on young people and appreciates and values their ideas. They are the future and in order to innovative and always ready for the market you need to keep up with the latest and ultimate developments. 

There are so many examples of companies that were founded by young people, and they are successful so the CANGO Mobility team is always refreshing their vision and manner of working by considering what the youngest persons in the team are saying. One important aspect in the company is that everybody knows the details for the projects that the team is developing. 

“Even if we are talking about a single line of software coding the team that is working on that has the big picture in mind and it is always thinking with one step ahead.”

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