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Premier Virtual- Hiring Happens Here! | Steve Edwards | The Enterprise World

Looking at the post-pandemic world, virtual job fairs are the one thing that appears to be here to stay. Virtual job fairs give aspiring candidates an opportunity to learn more about a specific company or some particular career path from the comfort of their own home. Another advantage of these fairs is that they help candidates expand their knowledge about a profession, increase their professional network and connect directly with recruiters. 

Featured on the cover story of The Enterprise World’s Best Virtual Event Platform In 2022 is Premier Virtual, “Hiring Happens Here”.      

The Journey of Premier Virtual-

Steve Edwards, the CEO and Founder of Premier Virtual, hosted in-person job fairs for nearly nine years. But with online job boards  and an era of social media taking over, he realized that most job seekers preferred to apply online than waiting in lines. 

With this emerging trend he pivoted from in-person to virtual in 2019 and launched his own platform to host virtual hiring events. 

“Being a recruiter, I knew exactly the features required to make hiring easier, more efficient, and effective.”

Challenges and Victories- 

Steve Edwards boot-strapped the operations of Premier Virtual with his partner Gary Chambers. Software development is expensive and you are constantly making upgrades and changes.  In addition, there is new competition coming into the market every day.   Some of them are well funded and can advertise heavily.

However, Premier Virtual maintains its competitive advantage because of the advanced features and ease of use of the platform and its customer support which are superior in many ways. 

“We want to be the absolute best virtual hiring platform in the industry and that’s what we strive for every day.”

The world was struck with the COVID Pandemic in March of 2020. A catastrophic event that shattered many traditional ways but also made way for companies to think beyond that and alter their course of services. 

The pandemic forced many companies to pivot to virtual recruiting, and Premier Virtual was there to provide the best all-in-one virtual recruiting platform.

Their Products and Services-

Premier Virtual is a multi-functional SaaS platform that is designed to bridge the hiring gap and enable virtual hiring events. From simple career fairs to nationwide hiring events. Premier Virtual is a powerful tool that connects employers with job seekers, streamlining the hiring process and reducing time and cost to hire. 

Premier Virtual has built its all-in-one virtual recruitment software for licensing; a virtual hiring platform with greater utility for both the parties involved, the job seekers and the employers alike. The HR managers today are ready for the next big step in the process of recruitment and Premier Virtual’s platform can help them save time and money. 

Since the launch of the company in March 2019, the Premier Virtual platform has powered over 6,000 virtual hiring events, that has helped over 65,000companies connect with over 600,000,000 job seekers. worldwide.

The company has grown significantly since it launched in 2019. From being a small organization of just three employees in the initial year, Premier Virtual has now grown to a team of more than 20 people. This stellar journey has garnered them several awards and accolades including the 2021 Best Companies to Work in Florida. 

Around 200 workforce development boards across the country have licensed the Premier Virtual platform to power their virtual job fairs. In addition Premier Virtual also has licensing agreements with The National Guard, The U.S. Army and a growing list of military accounts.

At the same time, many individual companies, colleges, and other organizations are also coming on board. And that is what truly marks the success of Premier Virtual as a leading company in connecting recruiters and job seekers through virtual mediums. 

“Covid-19 got our name out there, but now people have embraced the technology and how much more efficient it is. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of what virtual hiring events will do for employers and job-seekers alike.”

The three main services the company provides are- 

  • Virtual Recruitment Event Software
  • Virtual Interview Software
  • Virtual Hiring Room

With the announcements of new releases, Premier Virtual continually adds and upgrades features to enhance the current services. By doing so they have made their platform an all-in-one virtual recruitment software for all your hiring needs. 

“Our platform allows recruiters to host virtual hiring events, pre-screen candidates, easily communicate with group video and one-on-one chat and video, download reports for easy follow-up, as well as offer 24/7 access to job seekers through the use of our Virtual Hiring Room.”

The Road Ahead-

Virtual is here to stay regardless of Covid spikes.  Recruiters prefer virtual, and are much more productive with virtual hiring and candidates prefer it as well.  You can significantly cut down costs and time to hire because so much of the initial, pre-screening process can be done from the comfort of your home or office.  There is nothing you can’t do in the hiring process that can’t be done virtually, increasing efficiency and effectiveness at every step. 

“Right now, we are adding new integrations with ATS systems that allow companies to seamlessly download all of the data.”

As more come on line, the team can service more sophisticated employers that rely heavily on these tools. The company has also expanded its Virtual Recruitment Suite to make it easier for enterprise and private employers to leverage the platform in different ways. Premier Virtual offers the best value for the technology and tools they offer, but will always want to offer the right tools, and not add features that are not necessary. 

Steve Edwards- Leading the Way-


Being a small-town Wisconsin guy, Steve joined the Army right after high school. He was in the 82nd Airborne, mostly jumping out of planes. While this experience was worth everything, he knew for sure that this was not the place where he would make his mark. 

After his successful stint with the Army, Steve moved to Florida and graduated from FAU. He started his journey by working in sales, and with his skills he was able to quickly rise the ranks. In the year 2000, Steve joined a recruiting firm, and that is where he found his calling. After hosting in-person job fairs throughout Florida and the Southeast for almost 9 years, he realized that there had to be some better way to help companies recruit qualified employees. 

And that is when he decided to take his recruitment business virtual! 

After officially launching Premier Virtual in 2019, no one anticipated what was to come, even in their wildest dreams. And then in March of 2020- Covid hit. 

This global pandemic had forced everyone to consider another way to work their jobs. And that is exactly when the virtual hiring boom  started.  

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