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Premier Virtual: Steve Edwards, the CEO and Founder of Premier Virtual, hosted in-person job fairs for nearly nine years. But with online job boards and an era of social media taking over, he realized that most job seekers preferred to apply online than waiting in lines. 

With this emerging trend he pivoted from in-person to virtual in 2019 and launched his own platform to host virtual hiring events. Steve Edwards boot-strapped the operations of Premier Virtual with his partner Gary Chambers.

Software development is expensive and you are constantly making upgrades and changes.  In addition, there is new competition coming into the market every day.   Some of them are well funded and can advertise heavily.

However, Premier Virtual maintains its competitive advantage because of the advanced features and ease of use of the platform and its customer support which are superior in many ways. The world was struck with the COVID Pandemic in March of 2020. A catastrophic event that shattered many traditional ways but also made way for companies to think beyond that and alter their course of services.

The pandemic forced many companies to pivot to virtual recruiting, and Premier Virtual was there to provide the best all-in-one virtual recruiting platform. Premier Virtual is a multi-functional SaaS platform that is designed to bridge the hiring gap and enable virtual hiring events.

From simple career fairs to nationwide hiring events. Premier Virtual is a powerful tool that connects employers with job seekers, streamlining the hiring process and reducing time and cost to hire. 

Premier Virtual has built its all-in-one virtual recruitment software for licensing; a virtual hiring platform with greater utility for both the parties involved, the job seekers and the employers alike. The HR managers today are ready for the next big step in the process of recruitment and Premier Virtual’s platform can help them save time and money. 

Since the launch of the company in March 2019, the Premier Virtual platform has powered over 6,000 virtual hiring events, that has helped over 65,000companies connect with over 600,000,000 job seekers. worldwide.

HeySummit: HeySummit is the easy-to-use virtual event platform that helps you grow your audience and monetize your passion. Founded in 2019, we found ourselves in a strong position to serve the heightened demand for online events that the global COVID pandemic created. 

When HeySummit first launched, Virtual / Online Events were less popular (though they were starting to rise in popularity). As a consequence, we found that most of our time was spent educating customers on why running a virtual event can be an incredibly impactful way to grow your community and monetize your passion. 

HeySummit core platform helps its customers set up, promote and run virtual events. Our core strength is helping our customers think about the entire end-to-end process, the wider experience, and the monetization opportunity.

Perhaps our core strength (from a product standpoint) is that we’re technology agnostic when it comes to video streaming and replays. 

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