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Raare Solutions LLC is a Marketing Operations and CRM Consulting firm that uses the data clients own and acquire about their customers, their purchasing behaviour, their demographics, their uses online behaviours, the signals that they give as they browse the web, the engagements that they have with salespeople, the things that they write about online, and brings all of that together. What results is a customized “customer journey” with a brand, conceiving, launching, and tracking that journey via multiple channels of engagement that drive sales, ensures continued loyalty and results in delighted customers.

The Data Crunching Marketers – Raare Solutions LLC

Personal, behavioural, and demographic data are used to create an experience that drives customer action. Raare Solutions LLC brands itself a data-focused marketing/CRM agency, but that’s only one part of their offering. Raare Solutions LLC ensures that the messages that their clients wish to convey, through imagery, copy, offers, and services, get to the right people at the right time, through the right channel, then tracked and measured every step of the way.

Initial Challenges Faced By Raare Solutions LLC And Its Team.

The initial challenges began by finding the right people to join the team. To the management and leadership of Raare, it’s not just about skill set, it’s about attitude, and aptitude, so that people enjoy what they do, and get along as a team. That results in delighted, loyal clients.

The Raare Solutions LLC Team tries to create respectful, productive relationships with everybody they work with. They do this because the team found that this enables them to become a valued and treasured partner with other agencies and other clients.

It can sometimes be challenging to take over from another supplier and continue work done before, but again, Raare Solutions LLC and its team believe that if they respectfully approach the engagement, they help reinforce that they are not there to disrupt for the sake of change but do their best for their clients. This brings out the best in everyone—clients, team members and partners. After all, we are all there to help the organization succeed.

Reasons Behind The Long-Standing Success Of Raare Solutions?

 Their motto is to be smart, to be ethical, to be fun, and be easy to work with. And that goes for their clients, partners, and even the suppliers they use for their own operations.

 Right from the start, Raare Solutions LLC has been very cautious and meticulous about how they use resources. They spend their capital on employees and keeping them happy, engaged and productive. It’s about how Raare and its team approach problems with pragmatism, intelligence, and passion to solve problems for their clients efficiently.

 Raare works with some of the most valuable customer data in the world and they take that responsibility seriously. They function as a conduit to customer truth and customer direction. They don’t mince words, don’t sugar-coat things. They always work with the best interest of their clients in mind.

 Raare takes pride in making it as easy as possible to do business with them. Whether it’s a client, partner, supplier, etc., the team tries to make sure that they are easy to work with, and collaborate with, not externally but also internally. This enables them to grow as a team and a company, establishing an immense reputation in the market, and retaining their long-standing success!

Services Offered By Raare Solutions And What Sets Them Apart?

 Customer Engagement Strategy and Marketing Operations are the heart of their service offerings. They work with clients and partner agencies to craft compelling customer journeys over multiple channels. In marketing operations, they bring journeys to life with data acquisition, segmentation, transformation and execution across email, digital, social, SMS, apps, direct mail or special services.

 Raare Solutions LLC also designs customer engagement strategies and customer engagement “journeys” for their clients. This lays out the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of customer interactions with a brand, ensuring that all touchpoints are personal, relevant and above all measurable.

 As the strategy and the journey come together, marketing operations brings it all to life. Raare assists with this too, supporting clients in everything pertaining to the customer engagement experience, from selecting new platforms for transitioning or transforming to new digital or marketing engagement platforms.

 Beyond that, Raare Solutions LLC has an extensive network of partner agencies and platform partners that can supply everything from traditional creative agency services to new marketing technology and CRM platforms. This lets the Raare Team operate at a level equal to much larger agencies.

 From a data company perspective, what they do is something unique, especially for an agency of their size. Companies many times larger provide data marketing services. But, because they are smaller, Raare can adapt to change. They can function in a nimbler way, which resonates with organizations who need flexibility in a rapidly changing environment. This enables them to provide bespoke, effective solutions to their clients with proven results and high satisfaction.

Leadership At Raare Solutions

Raare Solutions LLC is helmed by CEO and Founder Esther Poulsen, a leader who exhibits an extraordinary and caring personality, who is as concerned and thoughtful toward her team as she is toward her clients. With three decades of career achievement, she brings technical acumen, strategic innovation, and diverse experience, merging it with the services and culture built within Raare Solutions. All this makes Raare an amazing place to work and grow, and a great, innovative marketing agency to work with!

 Esther began her career with an education in the art and science of communication and interaction, attending the Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But throughout her college days, she had great interest in and a knack for using computers in communications. She started working on bulletin board systems back in the early 1990s, eventually becoming a system operator of large services in Pennsylvania, and even being one of the first people to meet and marry their husband through meeting up online! 

Through the rest of the decade, object-oriented programming, visually based application design, and the Internet spread throughout corporate IT as the cost of processing chips and memory plummeted. She started teaching herself to code, and over time began building applications. She shared them with the companies she was working with and began being recognized as someone with a strong affinity toward application design and development.

 Her reputation enabled her to be hired by a large telecom company as a junior application developer, absorbing what she learned from a highly effective team of colleagues and building more skills. She worked her way up to become an application designer, application programmer, and then a system architect, progressing into larger enterprise architecture projects and managing large, complex implementations.

In 2002, Esther launched her first consultancy. With her experience in creative and technical domains, she brought a unique blend of artistic, strategic, and technical acumen to her client engagements. She credits this from the opportunity to learn from passionate, committed developers and architects during her time in telecom, while learning the discipline and the commitment to technical excellence and how critical it is to project success.

Over the next decade, Esther worked as an independent contractor, building a reputation for elegant and pragmatic solutions in IT, Marketing and CRM. In 2013, she transformed her business from a private, single person consultancy to a structured company with her first employees. This continued to grow and expand over the years and she now runs a 25-person organization with team members living around the United States.

 In 2020, Enterprising Women Magazine selected Esther as an Enterprising Woman of the Year. Her company has also been honored over the years with awards such as “Best Places to Work in New Jersey,” “New Jersey Fast 50” for growth companies, Inc 5000, and awards from partners and industry magazines for achieving excellence in the Marketing Operations domain. She is a frequent speaker about topics from marketing to entrepreneurship.

We Asked Esther: What Makes The Team At Raare Solutions Unique?

“I believe that what makes everybody unique is the passion that everybody brings to the table,” she shares. “Our Raare Motto is: Be Smart, Be Ethical, Be Fun, Be Easy to Work With. Our team genuinely likes and care for one another. When we get together, we laugh…a LOT. I love that! It comes from enjoying each other’s company and contribution, and the respect everybody has for one another as professionals.

 “I was tremendously blessed to have an amazing mentor in my early career. One thing that I’ve never forgotten was this: You could be the smartest developer. You could be the most brilliant architect. But if you can’t play in the sandbox, meaning working well and respectfully with others, then you don’t belong on the team. I’ve taken that seriously and incorporated that into what the team does from day to day to make sure that there is a good sense of culture, a good sense of self, and that people healthily approach work,” she adds.

Esther continued: “The people I’ve hired have come from Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. They took a chance to come and work for a small organization like Raare, and I consider that every day. I look at the pictures of all the kids my employees have, the lives they build, and I bear that responsibility for making sure that everybody finds great work with a good work-life balance and that they work at a place that they can be proud of.

“And I’m so blessed to have found amazing people! They’ve been just an absolute joy and an honor to work with. We’ve created a great remote working model and have strengthened it since COVID. I think because everybody takes our company motto to heart, it makes our place a unique place to build a life at work and at home. Even when people leave Raare to pursue new career opportunities, I find it important to ensure they leave with good feelings about their Raare experience and a sense of shared achievement.

We value diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our team members come from multiple countries, cultural backgrounds, traditions, and life experiences, and this brings fresh eyes and ideas to our team and our clients. We’re not afraid to ask hard questions. We’re not afraid to challenge one another. And I respect and appreciate everybody’s perspectives!

We Asked For Esther’s Views On Constant Corporate Vigilance. Is It A Need Or A Strategy?

“I think it’s both,” she answers. “I think you need to have constant vigilance to pay attention to your finances and to your business operations. I think that is essential.

“But…is it a strategy? If you’re not monitoring numbers, you can generate waste and drift from your original expectations, from the way you want your business to run. I made that mistake early on myself, and it took time to identify and correct.

“I often tell people when they say, what do I wish I had learned? When I was in college, I said, I wish I had taken more accounting courses. It would have made starting up these businesses a lot easier and more profitable. I would have made fewer mistakes. So, I believe having those money fundamentals right is critical to run a business successfully and profitably. I advise young entrepreneurs to make that the priority, so that vision doesn’t get derailed by inefficient decisions and finances.

“In terms of strategy, making sure that your business is run correctly gives you the mental latitude to not stress as much, to spend your time on what’s next. What’s going to be my next business venture? What should be left behind? What do we wish to be? What’s our next product line or what is our next service line? Therefore, I believe you need to have a blend of both vigilance and strategy to make a business work in the long term.

Esther’s Take On The Rat Race In The Market. How Does She Cope With It?

“Perspective is everything,” she says. “Because when we get to the end of our lives, whatever age we are, wherever we might be, ultimately the measure of success isn’t necessarily in how many hours that we worked. It is the time we used to see the world, work with people, learn about people, make friendships, make families, work in our community, making our world better!

“That, ultimately, is the measure of a human being, and our humanity. And I think it’s essential that in the grand pursuit of entrepreneurship, towards building a business, building an organization, we don’t forget our humanity at every step of the way.”

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