Carolina Susana Bula: Building a Culture of Service with Legal Excellence 

Carolina Susana Bula | Culture of Service with Legal Excellence | The Enterprise World

Effective leadership necessitates a focus on individuals and their advancement. Far from being merely a philosophical ideal, people-centric leadership is a strategic imperative that yields tangible benefits for both individuals and organizations alike. By prioritizing the development and well-being of individuals, leaders can establish a sustainable framework for long-term success.

Speaking of ‘people-centric’ leadership Carolina Susana Bula, LATAM General Counsel at Iveco Group embodies a commitment to fostering growth, empowerment, and collaboration within her team. Her leadership approach reflects a shift towards a more human-centered paradigm, facilitating mutual benefits for individuals and the organization. 

Challenging the Status Quo

Carolina Susana Bula attributes her lifelong inspiration to her parents, who instilled in her the values of resilience, ambition, and making a positive impact on others from a young age. Throughout her childhood, they encouraged her to challenge herself, think beyond boundaries, and leave a lasting impression wherever she went.

One of Carolina’s most significant challenges arose when she embarked on her career journey at Iveco. Joining the company as a trainee at the age of 20, she found herself navigating a male-dominated industry, a circumstance she describes as “disruptive” given the prevailing attitudes towards diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) three decades ago.

Despite the obstacles, Carolina Susana Bula persevered and rose to the position of Legal Manager at Iveco Argentina by the age of 24. She acknowledges the pivotal role played by the supportive and forward-thinking professionals who surrounded her. Their unwavering belief in her abilities and their ongoing support provided Carolina with the opportunity to learn, develop, and excel in her role. She seized the chance to grow professionally and personally, determined not to disappoint those who had placed their trust in her.

Strategic Partnership Perspective

Carolina Susana Bula embodies the ethos of leading by example, working diligently alongside her team members, and willingly tackling tasks that others might avoid. Her mantra, “If you seek a different outcome, you must take a different approach,” reflects her steadfast belief in pushing boundaries and embracing change.

In her role as Legal Director for Latin America, Carolina Susana Bula is committed to challenging traditional stereotypes associated with lawyers. Her primary objective is to foster a perception among internal clients that the legal department serves as more than just advisors; they are strategic partners dedicated to achieving business objectives ethically.

At the heart of Carolina’s approach is the guiding principle, “We do what is right.” This simple yet powerful principle underscores her commitment to integrity and ethical conduct in all aspects of her work. Through her leadership and dedication, Carolina Susana Bula strives to redefine the role of lawyers within the organization, driving positive change and promoting a culture of integrity and excellence.

Principles of Effective Communication

Carolina Susana Bula holds a strong belief in the power of effective communication, emphasizing the importance of clarity and positivity when advocating for change. According to her, articulating the reasons and objectives behind proposed changes is paramount. By clearly communicating the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of these changes, not only can stability and profitability be maintained, but they can also be enhanced.

In Carolina’s perspective, fostering innovation in daily tasks and prioritizing simplicity over complexity is fundamental. She underscores the significance of encouraging and promoting new approaches to work as a means of driving progress and facilitating change. Additionally, Carolina Susana Bula highlights the critical importance of securing support from key stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of initiatives.

The Evolution of Talent Development

The Iveco Group underwent a significant transformation following its spin-off from the CNH Industrial Group, effectively marking a re-foundation of the company. Central to this transformation was a comprehensive overhaul of its Human Resources approach. As part of this initiative, Iveco Group introduced a new methodology for identifying and nurturing talent within the organization.

At the core of this change is the implementation of a new Leadership Framework, designed to establish a shared understanding of leadership principles across the organization. This framework serves as a guiding tool for outlining the behavioral competencies expected from all employees, irrespective of their position, level, or managerial status.

The Leadership Framework is structured around three key dimensions, each aimed at fostering specific outcomes:

  • Excellence, representing how tasks are executed (“DO”)
  • Influence, reflecting interpersonal relationships and collaboration (“RELATE”)
  • Intellectual Agility, emphasizing critical thinking and adaptability (“THINK”)
Carolina Susana Bula | Culture of Service with Legal Excellence | The Enterprise World

By delineating these dimensions, the framework provides clarity on the behavioral expectations and development pathways for Iveco Group employees. It serves as a common language for articulating the essence of leadership within the organization, facilitating alignment and cohesion across diverse roles and functions. Through this approach, Iveco Group aims to cultivate a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation, driving sustained growth and success.

Iveco Group’s Journey Towards Excellence

Iveco Group is dedicated to revolutionizing the automotive industry and spearheading the transition to a sustainable future. IVG consistently strives for innovative solutions and fosters advancement in its offerings of products and services. Iveco Group surpasses expectations and continually push boundaries.

For Iveco Group, leadership embodies the effective delivery of results through collaboration. With the introduction of this new tool, the organization aims to facilitate discussions on strengths and areas for development, identify actionable steps for growth, and tailor learning solutions accordingly. Moreover, it serves as a guiding compass for defining and executing initiatives aimed at bolstering collective leadership competencies and learning portfolios.

By prioritizing development and empowering leadership across all levels, Iveco Group endeavors to instigate enduring change and evolve into a forward-thinking entity. Through this approach, the organization seeks to authentically embody its values and fulfill its purpose, positioning itself as a beacon of progress and innovation within its industry.

Creating the Future

Innovation lies at the core of Iveco Group’s identity, intertwined with the fundamental principle of sustainability. For Iveco, innovation entails the introduction of methodological novelties that bring about a transformative shift aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and meeting the demands of sustainable mobility.

The innovation process at Iveco Group is meticulously structured, centering on a defined set of procedures geared towards fulfilling the needs of product development, design endeavors, and production methodologies. While creativity is encouraged across all levels of the organization, only ideas that meet rigorous criteria of technological and economic feasibility are progressed to become tangible product developments, ultimately realized for the benefit of customers.

Iveco Group hosts eight brands within its organization. Its product lineup consists of: 
1. Light, medium, and heavy commercial vehicles under the brand IVECO.
2. Powertrain solutions offered by FPT Industrial.
3. Buses from HEULIEZ and IVECO BUS.
4. Financial services provided by IVECO CAPITAL.
5. Specialty vehicles offered by IDV, ASTRA, and MAGIRUS.
Carolina Susana Bula | Culture of Service with Legal Excellence | The Enterprise World

Three Pillars of Legal Leadership

Carolina Susana Bula, reflecting on her journey at Iveco as Counselor, firmly believes in the pivotal role of in-house lawyers as Strategic Partners of the Business. She is dedicated to fostering this role within her teams, focusing on three strategic pillars:

  • Culture of Service: Carolina emphasizes the mission of in-house lawyers to align with the business vision and collaborate in developing strategic business plans. Utilizing their competitive advantage—their legal knowledge—they assess risks across different scenarios, weighing benefits against disadvantages and anticipating consequences. 

To instill a culture of service, Carolina’s Legal Latam Team immersed themselves in the Disney Service Culture. By drawing inspiration from Disney’s renowned commitment to excellent service, Carolina Susana Bula aims to imbue her team with a sense of value and purpose, setting clear expectations akin to Disney’s focus on creating happiness for every guest.

  • Innovation on Simple Things: Carolina embraces the notion that innovation is about approaching tasks differently and exploring new avenues. She champions the idea that innovation doesn’t necessarily require cutting-edge technology but rather a willingness to rethink daily processes and seek improvement.
  • Lean Legal: Inspired by the “lean concept” pioneered by Toyota, Carolina Susana Bula advocates for a lean approach within her Legal Latam Department. The Toyota Way embodies a comprehensive management philosophy centered on continuous improvement, respect for employees, and delivering long-term value to customers and society. Carolina aims to integrate this concept into her department, striving to create value for stakeholders through streamlined processes and optimized efficiency.

For Carolina Susana Bula, introducing disruptive ideas is a challenging endeavor, as garnering commitment from all parties involved can be daunting. However, her authenticity, enthusiasm, and accountability, combined with her extensive tenure at Iveco, have fostered a strong sense of trust within her team. United by a shared goal of making a meaningful impact within their company, Carolina and her team work collaboratively to navigate the complexities of innovation and change.

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