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The real estate industry is undergoing a transformative shift.  Gone are the days of static brick-and-mortar structures.  In 2024, innovation is taking center stage, with forward-thinking companies pushing the boundaries of design, sustainability, and technology.  This evolution is driven by a new breed of leaders –  visionaries who are redefining what it means to create exceptional living and working spaces. Magnom Properties pushes industry boundaries and pursues excellence through its distinctive approach to world-class sustainability, innovative smart solutions, and luxurious opulence. It crafts unforgettable experiences that epitomize iconic development in the year 2024.

Maged Marie (CEO of Magnom Properties) holds memberships with the Egyptian Businessmen’s Association and the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham Egypt). Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the first Egyptian commercial astronaut.

The Visionary Journey of Maged Marie

Maged was surrounded by art from a young age, thanks to his mother’s talent as an artist. He strongly believes that art is what takes architecture to the next level. This belief inspired him to pursue a career in the real estate sector, where he could envision and create iconic structures that embody luxury and innovation.

Growing up as a self-made real estate developer in Egypt, Maged always had a grand vision of leading the Arab world towards a greener, more sustainable future. He has always been driven by ambition and the belief that anything is possible with determination and hard work.

Maged’s ambition knows no bounds. He aims to inspire youth by pushing the boundaries and stepping out of his comfort zone. His announcement of his intention to become Egypt’s first commercial astronaut with Virgin Galactic was motivated by his desire to show that breaking barriers is achievable with determination.

This same philosophy drives Maged’s career in real estate. He sees endless possibilities in the sector, believing that the greater one’s vision, the more magnificent its realization. With advancements in technology, Maged knows that even the most outlandish dreams can be brought to life in the real estate industry.

For Maged, the beauty of the real estate industry lies in its limitless potential. With the right vision and determination, he believes that anything is possible, and he is committed to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the sector.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Magnom Group was founded in 2000 and in 2021 Magnom Properties, Rawabi Holding’s real-estate arm, came into existence. Magnom Properties is a dedicated team of developers operating in Egypt and across the Middle East. Its goal is to establish itself as a leader in delivering iconic developments that set new standards in the industry. Its ambition is to become renowned for creating high-end luxury buildings that are smart and sustainable and represent the future of architecture.

While striving to push boundaries and envision a smarter tomorrow for all stakeholders, Magnom Properties is also deeply committed to its corporate social responsibilities. Its collaboration with the esteemed Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS + GG Architecture) on projects like the Forbes International Tower exemplifies its commitment to building greener, smarter cities while raising the bar for modern construction standards.

Magnom Properties firmly believes that economic and environmental sustainability can and should go hand in hand. The primary objective is establishing the company to minimize its carbon footprint, enhance the environment, and integrate intelligence into the built environment. Through its work, the company aims to contribute to a more sustainable future while delivering exceptional developments that inspire and innovate.

Zero-Carbon Future with the Forbes International Tower

Maged Marie, the visionary founder of Magnom Properties, has been instrumental in redefining the real estate sector with his innovative projects. The upcoming Forbes International Tower, set to be developed in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Egypt, is a testament to Maged’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to sustainability.

By collaborating with Forbes to envision the environmentally responsive Forbes International Tower, Maged aims to push the boundaries of modern construction and pursue a zero-carbon strategy. This ambitious project reflects his vision for the future of architecture, which emphasizes sustainability and the integration of cutting-edge technology into the built environment.

Maged recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic global real estate market. He understands that economic, social, environmental, and technological factors will shape the industry’s future in the MENA region. With a portfolio of innovative projects on the horizon, Maged is leading Magnom Properties toward a future where modern methods of construction, sustainable building technologies, and smart technology integration are paramount. Through his leadership and vision, Maged is poised to make a lasting impact on the real estate landscape in the region and beyond.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Magnom Properties faces challenges in realizing the ambitious goal of achieving a net negative carbon footprint for the Forbes International Tower. Overcoming hurdles requires a shift in approach, including adopting new technologies and materials, and fostering collaboration across sectors. The slow adaptation of the construction industry and the lack of standardization in low-carbon practices add complexity. Additionally, tapping into clean hydrogen presents further obstacles. However, through strategic partnerships and meticulous planning, Magnom Properties is committed to environmental stewardship in the real estate industry.

Collaborative Approach to Real Estate Innovation

At Magnom Properties, strategic collaboration and innovation are recognized as essential drivers of business growth in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. With the rapid advancement of technology, staying abreast of developments can be challenging. Therefore, Magnom Properties emphasizes the importance of partnering with industry leaders to expand their reach and capabilities.

This commitment to collaboration extends to Magnom Properties’ internal team. The company prioritizes the cultivation of talent that brings innovation and a collaborative spirit to the table. By fostering a culture of teamwork and creativity, Magnom Properties ensures that it is well-equipped to envision and plan developments that meet future needs.

Strategy for Future-Proofing Developments

Magnom Properties operates with a steadfast commitment to long-term sustainability in all its endeavors. For Maged Marie, this principle is paramount in every real estate investment and project development. He firmly believes that the work undertaken today must have a lasting impact on future generations, exemplifying the transformative potential of real estate development.

In alignment with this vision, Magnom Properties no longer focuses solely on present needs but strives to envision and create future-proof buildings. By anticipating and adapting to future trends and challenges, the company ensures that developments stand the test of time and continue to meet the needs of evolving communities for generations to come.

Thriving in a Changing World

In today’s dynamic landscape, Maged emphasizes the importance of visionary leadership. He acknowledges that strategies that were effective in the past may not suffice in the current industry climate. Therefore, having a clear vision coupled with the agility to adapt and innovate is essential.

Furthermore, Maged believes that sustainability and the early adoption of smart technology are integral for any effective leader looking to prepare for the future. By championing these principles, leaders can position themselves and their organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Magnom Properties recognizes that the real estate market is intricately connected to the broader economy and global trends. To navigate this dynamic landscape successfully, the company prioritizes staying informed about industry developments and maintaining a comprehensive market vision. Understanding the interplay between the real estate market and the surrounding economy is crucial for making informed strategic decisions.

In crafting long-term strategies, Magnom Properties always considers the future outlook, ensuring flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. The company’s success is attributed to its ability to leverage advanced technologies to drive innovation in its ambitious projects. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, Magnom Properties has achieved significant returns on its investments, cementing its position as a leader in the real estate industry.

At Magnom Properties, the pillars of quality, reliability, and sustainability form the foundation of the company. These core principles extend beyond construction and development, shaping the way Magnom Properties fosters enduring and dedicated relationships with clients, stakeholders, and industry partners alike.

Investing in Talent

Magnom Properties initiated The Youth Empowerment Program (YEPI) in 2022 to support recent graduates for three months. The program focuses on equipping participants with the necessary skill sets relevant to their fields of study. In collaboration with Egypt’s leading academic institutions, Magnom Properties offers internship opportunities to cultivate the next generation of talent.

Through YEPI, young individuals have the chance to gain practical skills and insights within Magnom Properties, setting them on a path toward a promising career that contributes to shaping the nation’s future. The program aligns with the Sustainable Development Strategy: Egypt Vision 2030, aiming to nurture and empower youth while providing them with job opportunities. The company takes pride in witnessing the growth and success of the program’s participants, who emerge as highly skilled and motivated individuals ready to contribute to the country’s advancement.

Magnom Properties is proud to highlight its impactful collaboration with UNICEF, focused on empowering adolescents and youth. This partnership aims to bridge the digital divide by providing internet access and digital training to young girls and boys nationwide. Additionally, Magnom Properties is offering a diverse array of skills development opportunities to enhance the socio-economic prospects of the next generation.

Model for Sustainable Real Estate

Sustainability has been a core value for Magnom Properties since its inception. Its approach to real estate projects prioritizes creating environments that promote optimal living conditions for future generations. By embedding environmental and social responsibility into its strategic planning from the outset, Magnom Properties ensures that profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. They firmly believe that environmental stewardship and economic success can coexist harmoniously.

Magnom Properties received dual honors at the esteemed 2023-2024 International Property Awards held in London. The groundbreaking Forbes International Tower, boasting a futuristic lifecycle and zero-carbon footprint, was recognized as the Best Commercial High-Rise Development and Best Mixed-Use Development. These prestigious global accolades underscore Magnom Properties’ innovative prowess and exemplary position within the international real estate industry.

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