Chachapoya: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams to Transform Enterprises 

Chachapoya | Gavin Cockayne: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams | The Enterprise World

Chachapoya Consulting, LLC was founded in the summer of 2015 by the Founder and Managing Director, Gavin Cockayne. After several decades in tier-one consulting with IBM and PriceWaterhouseCoopers and another decade-plus

In the rapidly maturing Cloud HR world, he decided to take those skills and experiences to the market.

Since then, the organization has grown through acquisitions and a collaborative Partner Strategy with other providers. With three decades of tech industry experience, Chachapoya is a holistic provider of SAP SuccessFactors Solutions. It has 75+ certified consultants, 250+ satisfied customers, and is at six different global locations.

Chachapoya | Gavin Cockayne: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams | The Enterprise World

A Timeline of Chachapoya Consulting Journey

  • 2015: Chachapoya Consulting, LLC, founded with a focus on Digital Transformation Strategies
  • 2015: EA Labs India (Pvt.) Ltd. founded as the Global Delivery Arm of Aasonn Inc., a core SAP Partner
  • 2017: Rizing Inc acquired Aasonn as part of SAP SuccessFactors Partner Consolidation
  • 2019: EA Labs India (Pvt.) Ltd. became a wholly owned entity as Rizing Inc decided to consolidate Global Delivery in SE Asia
  • 2020: Chachapoya and EA Labs merged to become a leading provider of SAP SuccessFactors solutions

Today, Chachapoya Consulting is an SAP Silver and a Boomi Certified Partner. The company received recognition as 2020 Consulting Organization of the Year from  HR Tech Outlook in 2020 Consulting Organization.

Three Pillars of Chachapoya’s Long-standing Success

  • Focus: It is 100% dedicated to the SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem. It has a team that has been together since 2015.
  • Family: As an organization, Chachapoya is very much a family-centric organization. Not only do we support each other through challenging projects, but we make time outside of the work environment too.
  • Relationships: It is not just a transaction-based organization; it values Relationships. Like its team members, many customers have been with them for years. It values trust and relationships.

More about the Key Offerings

Chachapoya’s main focus is on the SAP SuccessFactors marketplace. Its team is certified both functionally and technically in its suite of products and technologies.  

Chachapoya | Gavin Cockayne: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams | The Enterprise World

How does it help?

  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS: Leverage extensive experience to elevate your deployment from start to finish.
  • APPLICATION MANAGED SERVICES: Manage changing times and technologies.
  • HR HELPDESK: Design HR service organizations to be highly responsive with HR HelpDesk.
  • INTEGRATIONS: Build custom-tailored SAP integrations
  • BOOMI TO CPI MIGRATION: Handle the migration process from evaluation to implementation.

Chachapoya’s number one revenue line is around Application Managed Services (AMS), which offers several services from ticket-based support to dedicated resources on a monthly per-diem to overseeing technology operations with monitoring capabilities.

It provides ongoing stabilization and support of the Adoption, Consumption, and Enhancement solutions in business change. From a custom Health Check to a tailored priority list, the company will expand a Customer’sSuccessFactors footprint, improve processes, and reduce data errors.

  • Global, 24/7 capability
  • Full SuccessFactors capabilities
  • Third-party integrations
  • Rate arbitrage & affordability
  • Certified resources across all products
  • A highly synergized team

It offers a detailed and Prioritized Opportunity Map, Configuration and Implementation, Processing Assessment, Integration Monitoring, Alert Handling, and Troubleshooting.

In addition to the traditional view of AMS, it provides Adopt, Consume, and Expand (ACE) capabilities to customers looking to increase the adoption of the SFSF solution that has been deployed and expanded by deploying further capabilities of the suite they have purchased.  

Gavin adds, “Our relationship approach allows us to truly leverage the SFSF product capabilities to match the ongoing and changing priorities of our customers. We have supported Merger Acquisition activities, rolled out the product to new regions, and added new functionality.”

Chachapoya | Gavin Cockayne: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams | The Enterprise World

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is categorized into Strategy and Deployment and Adopt, Consume, and Expand. The respective categories include various sub-categories which help to achieve the end goal. They are Strategy and Roadmap, Identity, Implement, Enhance and Innovate, and Roadmap Re-jig. 

  • Chachapoya leverages extensive experience to elevate deployment from start to finish.
  • Assuming Better Practices as the baseline for proven, efficient, and rapid deployment 
  • Allowing deviations only when approved by a Change Board, scope, budget, and timeline
  • Understanding Day 1 is not the end! We will help you Adopt, Consume, and Expand (ACE) your SuccessFactors solution
  • Partnering with your stakeholders as trusted business advisors
  • Providing tactical 24/7/52 support and domain expertise for your evolving strategy

Through Chachapoya’s “Expert Services,” the company provides strategic advisory services around the SAP solutions:

  • Early-stage Design Thinking, HR Strategy Roadmap, HRIS landscape architecture
  • Why not SuccessFactors?” – It firmly believes that the SFSF solution and the supporting Partner EcoSystem are second to none.
  • Provide expertise in Vendor management through its relationships within the SAP fabric and overall EcoSystem.
  • Data Privacy and how it impacts the Business as it operates globally
  • Change Management

It has a proven experience with HR HelpDesk and Service Delivery capability. It has invested in this area as part of its approach to the Changing ways of work due to COVID-19.

Chachapoya | Gavin Cockayne: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams | The Enterprise World

Chachapoya’s HR HelpDesk offers Custom Add-ons for ECSC to improve the UX. It has all the resource needs, including Employee Central, C4C Sales & Service, and CPI’s turnkey project team. Its largest deployment is 100K employees, consisting of over six deployments.

We’ll design your HR service organization to be highly responsive with HR HelpDesk.

With our team, you can utilize HR Helpdesk to:

  • Build a positive employer brand by providing quick answers for employees
  • Set up service level agreements and HR delivery to be in line with employees’ expectations
  • Define ticket routing rules to channel tickets to experts 
  • Resolve tickets ASAP
  • Facilitate auto-escalations to ensure fast handling 
  • Automatically shape the audit trail within the ticket to improve HR service delivery.

Chachapoya is probably one of very few SAP Partners that offer both Boomi and SAP BPT services. Boomi was the original integration layer supported by SuccessFactors Employee Central, superseded by the internal SAP BTP capabilities. It supports older customers with their Boomi deployments; and helps migrate those who want to move onto the SAP platform from Boomi.

Their BOOMI TO CPI MIGRATION offering handles the migration process from evaluation to implementation with four steps 

  • Evaluate Landscape
  • Find Opportunities
  • Finalize Strategy
  • Migrate
Chachapoya | Gavin Cockayne: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams | The Enterprise World

Conquering Challenges along the Way

As with any new venture, a fundamental challenge is a marketplace and brand awareness. Whilst Gavin’s brand was well known given his previous roles, bringing Chachapoya to the forefront and emphasizing it was an entity of more than one was more challenging than anticipated.  

And, with the onset of the global Covid pandemic at the time of the acquisition fundamentally changed the way of work.

Thriving in the Times of Surviving

For Chachapoya, the pandemic was a game-changer. The organization quickly adapted to the ongoing changes and molded its work to the needs of the hour. Hence, the pandemic was a trigger point for the growth and success of the company. 

The global Covid pandemic and the “Work from Home” concept became the key drivers to growth, while Chachapoya was knowledgeable about the overall IT space of co-located remote teams. Covid launched the WFH phase that transpires into today’s “Work from anywhere.

Accelerating to New Heights

For a small niche business, there will always be challenges. Be it, “How do you grow? Do you expand organically within the market that you know well, or do you look at other tangential segments?” and more.   

As stated, Chachapoya focuses on the SAP SuccessFactors marketplace and the overall ecosystem of SAP HXM. It watches the trends within the broader HR Technology space and looks to adopt and adapt to the newer trends. As the product evolves and releases more capability, it evaluates how it can leverage coupled with its teams’ skills to enhance its customers’ world and experience. 

Expanding Offerings and Tapping into New Territories

Ultimately, Chachapoya will bring commercial applications and products to market. The company thinks sooner rather than later. It has been exploring some diverse but fascinating components. A customer asked Chachapoya to develop a bespoke solution for them, and it has expanded that footprint and direction to a solution that it is using in-house today and continues to refine and expand its capability. 

It also plays in the Virtual Reality space and how it is utilized within the HR world, especially for small and medium businesses.

The Many Responsibilities of an Entrepreneur

As a leader or entrepreneur, Gavin thinks one has to push and pull from the front. Set the vision. Set the pace. It is not in the game of creating a new category of HXM products but in enhancing the experience with those products. 

As it is expanding with emerging technologies, Gavin added, “For me, a large part of the entrepreneurial definition lies in generating a capability that is greater than the sum of its constituents. To bring multiple partners and ISV solutions together to satisfy the transformational journey to the cloud.

Another component is staying current with industry trends, regulations, and technologies to stay up-to-date and ideally ahead of the competition and is responsible for the success or failure of the business. It is a great responsibility to have a family of 50+ employees and their families to feed. “Our decisions impact a lot more than just the bottom line,” Gavin concluded.

An Overview of Gavin’s Professional Journey

Born and raised in England, Gavin graduated with a Master’s Degree in Operations Research and went to work for one of the world’s largest brand companies in Europe, Proctor and Gamble. He got exposed to several initiatives in the Finance and HR business world in his role within IT. From there, he took a one-year contract in San Francisco to define and build an internal Financial Revenue and Reporting System for a global shipping company.  

Gavin has a long-standing career spanning more than three decades that has most recently focused on Cloud HXM and HR Digital Transformation. He is a recognized thought leader around SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and global HR transformation strategies with implementation experience ranging from regional mid-market organizations to globally diverse multinational enterprises. Hired into SAP SuccessFactors in early 2010, Gavin manages the global portfolio of Employee Central Customers.

In this role, he directly interacted with all facets of the business and reported directly to the CEO. His global experience with SAP SuccessFactors, both as an internal leader and now in the Partner Ecosystem, and from Sales to Implementation and Product Engineering, gives him an unprecedented network of resources.

Besides his current stint with Chachapoya, Gavin has worked with numerous organizations like HRIZONS LLC, SuccessFactors, IBM Corporation, Pricewaterhousecoopers LLC, Applied Business Systems, American President Lines, and Procter & Gamble. During his tenure, he has shouldered several roles like Vice President, Senior Vice President, Partner, Program Manager, etc. 

A Win-Win Situation

The merging of Chachapoya Consulting with EA Labs in the early part of 2020 was probably a key achievement, especially as it happened at the same time that COVID emerged. It had taken the “new” brand to two market events, and the world stopped! Now that it is less constrained in travel and in-person meetings, it is looking to jump-start its position in the marketplace.

The Unique Aspect of Chachapoya’s Team 

There is one unique component to the team, and that’s the nucleus of its employee population in Guntur, AP, and India. This team began in 2015 and has evolved and grown since then.  

Guntur is a regional hub and very much a “local” city. While some may disappear to the big city in search of career advancement we have a team that is geared to being close to their home, their friends, and family,” Gavin added.

Gavin’s Deets

Gavin reads a mix of fiction and non-fiction. He always enjoys reading books by leaders with whom he has worked. His favorite books are “Winners Dream” by ex-SAP CEO, Bill McDermott and “Experience Inc.” by SFSF President Jill Polpeka.  

Gavin shares the people he admires the most, “My wife gets on my case about this question. My knee-jerk reaction to heroes or people I admire is always one I am reticent to answer. There are a lot of people who have had an impact on my life from high school to today. They all imposed a “golden nugget” of some form or another.”

Gavin’s Take on Constant Vigilance

Constant vigilance” can be both a need and a strategy. It can be a need in situations wherein a potential threat or danger requires ongoing monitoring and attention, such as in security or safety roles. It can also be a strategy, as in the case of constantly staying aware of the latest market trends and technologies.   

He added, “I believe I am constantly vigilant in the latter perspective. Focused on building an organization that creates value for its management team, its team members and their families, and our customers.”

Dealing the Many Complexities of Work-Life Balance

Gavin shared, “There is always talk about Work-Life balance. I always talked about it and while I think I did a reasonable job this year has been the year that has made it all real. I have turned 60, which is only an age! I have been identified as having had a heart attack, although I didn’t know. And, I have had two colon surgeries to address a significant challenge caused by diverticulitis. Why do I bring these up? Because it has spear-headed a need to be more available. To help my son in his selection of colleges, and for my younger son to grow in his soccer world and to pass Drivers Ed!”  

Want to meet us?

We take immense pride in being designated as a Silver Sponsor for SAP SuccessFactors SuccessConnect 2023. Set up a time to come talk to us about your SuccessFactors Challenges and Needs. Whether you are,

  • Looking to implement net new
  • Having operational challenges with your current deployment
  • Wanting to consider migrating from Boomi to CPI
  • Needing tactical Application Managed Services, or
  • Evaluating strategic roadmap discussions,

We are equipped to help you. 

Lock in a time right now at Calendly – Gavin Cockayne

Chachapoya | Gavin Cockayne: A State-of-the-Art Organization empowering HR Teams | The Enterprise World

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